Mo MTL mo probs.

Octopus salad happy Octoberpus! Not the same as squid or calamari. Try an octopus salad one time in your life, this was baby octopus it tastes differently to grown up which is more tender juicy and is maybe the steak of fish if we ruled out tuna steaks. Oh yeah that reminds me yesterday I said Canada is the Americanized Europe.

This dinner was insane and so fun. Thanks Spaghettio! He never tried Impasto yet so used us as a means to eat the restaurant, glad to be of help. Then the power went out while we had our last drink and dessert because around the corner a five alarm (eight alarms?) fire raged through an mtl apt brownstone. We got all of it on camera. Cool night. Oh yeah the kitchen Instagrammed everything we ordered too so our food was like a movie star, famous food. Movie star of the internet. Blaha read that cigarette box disclaimer on the right.

See. I feel badly, these people were in blankets crying obvs it was their building. My bf is a disaster tourist, Euros get away with being inconsiderate so by default? THIS GUY.

What did one enabler say to the other? Drink up. Another good toast is to honour. Can’t come in ‘er come on her BAHAHAH gross. Also, true say.

Sweet potato gnocci it just melted into nothingness. “I died”. And don’t forget the most expensive thing I ever ate. The boys were playing Russian roulette over the menu. We went all in.

A jar full of delish evil.

the jar full of pickled eggplant was damn good I would eat a major bowl full of that.

My friend has a crazy vintage/modern post-modern sunglasses collection amongst a bevy of other wicked treasures. He also had GTA5 and that made someone pacified for a good while, a nice couch sesh yeah.

After a roof shoot. Down the Raymi hole.

In Leon’s glasses.

One of my top ten movies, ahead of Big Lebowski. He’s french too so it’s appropes actually my bf kinda resembles him too. He also orders milk a lot. Fwahah aw.

Okay I gotta go I’m getting nag attacked now peace. Enjoy the weather today how lucky are we!


Hi friendly fires. How you is? Good, great. Don’t care.

Lets take a journey through some normal shit that I do. Like cooking. This turned into a thai coconut fry but bf 86’d the kale cos he’s a dick. Beneath the zucc was green pepper.

Speaking of sickness ahmean thickness, this smoothie was wicked dense. But not as much as you, burrrn.

Prezzies for my aunt. Also a scarf you can see a bit of there.

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all biz for my plej

I went to dinner my last night in Canada last week at Bar Isabel and had an amazing time. You gotta be somebody to get a reservation there (otherwise sit at the bar) cos the place is so hot right now, good luck to you (call for a table). Luckily “I am a somebody” and colleague rocks the foodie scene too so we got a table no problemo. Recognized scores of other foodie peeps, chefs, elites, Toronto’s who’s who of who. I tried not to stare holes in to the side of one of Top Chef Canada’s head, colleague did that for me while I sucked on octopus tentacle.

Grant van Gameren is Bar Isabel‘s chef. He’s part of this year’s #FOC13 (Festival of Chefs) and will be at Cheese Boutique May 12 so if you’re “not somebody” or are a day person go sample his delicious makings at CB on MAY 12. I love when Cheese Boutique does Fest of Chefs because you have the opportunity for a more intimate encounter with your favourite chef(s) there. It’s hard to gab with ‘em during dinner service (impossible more like) and they’re typically shy, bashful, humble or bitchy so you don’t even bother saying hey no matter how full of yourself you are. We didn’t disturb Grant cos I had a case of the shy’s but now colleague is all why didn’t we? #FOC13 is in its 10th year so you need to check it out before a potential revamping read between the lines. I say no more.

All you little rascals out there are gonna love the lighting in Isabel. The dark atmosphere is great for people watching and the people to watch are well worth it. I most enjoyed watching other people at the bar watch the diners at tables, comprised of chefs with their own restaurant empires and other misc. industry persons.

I love new restaurants when the service is top tier, when they layer on the courtesy and friendliness. I’m just so addicted to nice. It makes you feel like you are all in this together.

Nice hang-out nook in the front and in the back too.

Always something to see out there from within 797 College.

Teeny tables leave more room for more people, smart.

I bumped in to Nick at the bar the second I stepped inside. He about fell off his chair at the sight of me like a freshly Aruba tanned ghost I was, boo. Hadn’t priorly spent much time in TSnot or seen him since winter so it was nice to run in to him. Damn I miss that tan and is this hug extreme enough or what haha.

Alright down to business, what is mommy going to drink? A woman scorned OBVIOUSLY.

…A Woman Scorned

Devil’s cut bourbon, amaro averna, campari, cinnamon/clove tincture, deathwish syrup, snake oil bitters.

Pretty gangster and who doesn’t love a huge ice block just for you. Nothing like bourbon to um, do things to your everythings lol and if you like to get gassed you’ll love the entire cocktail menu.

Round one. Chicken Wing Escabeche (SO GOOD) and an order of Grilled Green Onion & Romesco Sauce – super delicious. The wings are juicy and plump. I’m a wingaholic.

I enjoyed the fact that my shirt looked like my napkin. It’s the little things.

Party in the back. Not an empty seat in the place.

Spying I mean, life inspecting.

Oh my god this mixed meat plate was so good I can’t stop thinking about it all the way in Holland, seriously. Melt on your tongue meat sliced so thin, my absolute favourite.

**special treatment time** :) Grant sent over Sobrassada and Honey Crostini it was delectable, sweet, a bit spicy, perfect.

Of course I wanted to try the octopus, so I did and wasn’t disappointed I only wish we also ordered the horse because I’ve never tried it before. If you have it tell me how it is please thank you.

We got the Octopus, Chorizo & Stewed Peppers instead of the WHOLE Grilled Octopus & Potatoes because a whole octopus seemed insane and too much, I like to have a variety when I eat out when possible. I also love chorizo, it’s so versatile you can do so much with it and put it with anything so there you go bro.

Salted Chocolate for dessert. Wow just wow. Salt with sweet is ridonkulous and after a meal like that, the perfect ending along with a glass of red. I was good and nursed my cocktail throughout dinner.

There she is again by candlelight. I always make sure to get everything with flash and without and I seriously do not give a shhh about who I offend with the flash I think restaurant snobs and bad attitudes need to can it.

Be sure to follow @BarIsabel797 on twitter ah duhhhhhh. ps. I spy Shinan with a Top Chef.

These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

Ready e-world!

This makes me very happy. Each time I look at it.

Props of Raymi Luhren!

View out resto window.

Things were getting messy at this point and it was time to eat again thank god for this Mexican place near Pianos.


Rockwood bathroom I believe.

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I can’t do this alone don’t make me

Yesterday I ran around all day doing errands it felt and because I am a blogger things take longer like, getting offered free lunch when I was intending to starve all day on coffee like I normally do. I think writing this last sentence just broke me of my blogger’s block. Remember when I said I’m a blogger not a fighter I thought a smart person would say you’re a blogger not a writer. It is good to know that there are no actual smart people on the internet and nobody said that to me and got my feelings hurt. Phewf. ps. I have Lohan freckles. Only on my face though thanks to the sun.

There is no way I could wait til fall to start using this clutch, also, it matched my dress perfectly. Steve was like go with pink I was like no way Steve.

So I had a me-day. Why not. Sometimes you don’t gotta blog man. Those times we call, hangover. Man I wasn’t going to talk about how hungover I am today but who cares, we had date night and cube back-to-back so it was defskies a PBENAYSHE kinda day. Even when I am not working I am working, documenting, walking around in a circle while on the phone I think we will need a family phone plan based on our phone habits. He’s at the salon all day and calls me on his smoke breaks omg he’s calling right now and is singing red red wine to me lol okay balcony break brb. Hi I am back wow look at what Playboy said on twitter about me today I feel like Rihanna, my life is a dream life it is getting nuts!!! Good thing.

PBE also retweeted one of my quotes from my Raymi Bunny Bio that will be blogged on the Playboy Tumblr very soon. They told me their network will be exposed to me, broadcasted to their 33,364 facebook people omfg. Then in October a projected Raymi boom might hit when I get blasted on Cosmo TV’s network a friend/colleague said is a super good network so I am on pins a little bit. You think all kinds of funny things in this head space like I wonder if I get famous enough will Chadvil ahah Chavril I mean but I prefer Chadvil. I bet he has pain resolving Chadvil effects on Avril. I have to finish the thought, will we get invited to their wedding?! #GOAL. Tyler Stewart you better go too! It is our Canadian Nationalistic duties to. I will be caught up to you by the time they marry or break up.

My Aruba beach Caribbean sea collection. Yes I miss that place! I will tell Lois we should def go back in the fall I wonder if Victor will have his new palace rentals built by then for us. That’s Aruba money too I wish I kept more of it I dumped a huge handful of coins in my mom’s hands at the airport when I was desperate for a pop after my Academy Award winning diva tearsplosion when we were informed we might not get on our plane of the ghetto airline that seems like it flies once a day, Lois thought I was faking it. Oh no way man I was ready to leave that island I missed Steve like a mental patient misses freedom. Anyway mom I want my coins back. If you sit on this smoking nook you get to play with my coral.

Sorry my face looks like a diamond? Not sorry? What? I need to make more money so I can hire someone to do my blogging for me or do the other stuff I don’t want to do so that I can focus 100% on blogging, there is just too much to do and I am too easily distracted thanks to social media and email volume, tumblr, playboy, lifeing it up, events, acute hangovers. Maybe I will just drink less there’s an idea bozo. Okay we will be boring starting tonight. Promise. Save for an opportunity to rip it up with an A-List celeb, no drinky tonight heard it here first. And many times before that too.

One of my internet besties painted this of/for me, I have awesome Little Raymis I truly do. One day we will meet and hang and maybe go to Burning Man together, go check Liz‘s blog she is amazing and in to thparkles and rainbows and hoola hooping and crafts and has a handsome tattoo’d husband and she blogs her entire life hardcore like I do, she’s a sister for sure! Also please tell her to get the fuck on twitter already so I can insert her in to my network and increase my following and while you’re at it Little Raymis please stalk to me on twitter too, get in before I turn in to even more of a minor cewebrity. “Just saying”. I am also in a race with Crystal Head vodka to get to 4000 REAL followers asap. Or maybe I should just buy some like everybody else? Yeah right, that’s desperation.

Raymi is real, in fact, so real, that maybe, Raymisrael! That’s for all my Jewish fans you’re welcome.

Some more of what I accomplished yesterday. Steve is in love with his bag so much SO MUCH and a guy on the street stared at it when I had it on my back at the lights of King and Bathurst. He became positively mortified by his own stupid bag and I recognized the look of influenced all over. his. face. Do you like my gay fashion writer bougy persona? Me either. I hate being mean. It’s just that I felt like a straight baller with that hot doctor Miami Nu Vintage bag slung over my shoulder. Now lets go play nurse. I love Tarek, he’s just like “Do whatever, you’re good organic.” about my bloggy it girl style. Thank you so much by the way Tar-Tar (which I ate last night because I am fah-bulous) I think the Holiday purse for Madonna is a fantastic idea. Of course I sang-songed it “hol-i-day-ay!” you know I did.

:) CONGRATITUDE! Raymism of the Day.

More productivity from yesterday.

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I’m the director you’re the cast in my play

On something-night we went out to Gusto. Finally.

We’ve had a couple failed attempts making it to Gusto in time for the kitchen to still be open I mean and making The Thompson’s Counter diner whatever it’s called our fave sentimental haunt for a time there. Now I have a steak place! And if they heed this bloggy request, a pesto one.

Ethel! I said there’s NOTH-EENG in your teeth! You’re fine.

This is funny. I get asked a lot about my foodieness and they’re like, Raymi, you’re a foodie? Didn’t know. No I’m not I just go out to happening restaurants in the city 7 days a week. Have you heard of that hot new one? We’re going soon. No more from Blabbington til it happens I have a habit of big mouthitis much to the chagrin of my colleague. Whatever. People lie all the time on the internet (I don’t) and so what’s a teaser of a “is going to happen” going to the harm about really. I’m starting out honest.

We were naughty. I was hosed. We love the vin rouge!

It’s quite dark in Gusto. Had to fix the pupils on some of the shots. Not this one though, why bother. Also that guy is seriously in the middle of a point in his conversation LOL.

I loved sitting beneath this Final Destination death trap. Forgot about it instantly.

The chef adored us. I caught all the line-cooks checking me out actually. Our waitor was a little grabby too. Jesus Christ am I in heat or something, chill brothers.

We had such a good time. Tres romantique. Cry count? Can’t remember. At least 3. I cried when he had to go to work yesterday morning. GRUH-OAN oh shut up! He said it’s okay he cried at the bank Ahahaallolol. I tell Rebeccugh about all our crying and she is like:

Ahaha I love that cat so much.

More hairapy please. I am dating a hair guy and I look like a termite come on here people what’s the idea see! Poppycock! I just said all of that out loud. Steve says I should have my blog on tape, read some of my posts for you. Give me some posts you’d like to see me read all fired up for you and I will! Raymi Audio!

Love grilled bread. Too bad carbs are the devil. Once in awhile if it’s ultra thin and glistening see-through with olive oil ah ma gaaaaaaaaaaaad.

On a scale of ONE to Jewish, I’d clock us a hard eight.

So Hostel, and yet so cozy. J’adore.

Your parents on Date Night. Back to the Future.

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Be mine tonight if you can’t go home.

Saturday Dinner me this FatMan! Found my cougar avocado pit rrrring. You can all relax now.

I wore my Hello Kitty necklace to Guu and was like hmmm am I sure I want to wear this it seems a bit, pathetic? Then I forgot all about it and had a guu’d time and only looked down when I left and was like oh, right. Most of my life is comprised of I shouldn’t do this moments, then I do it anyway, and then I blog about it. Guu tweeted @ me by the time we left the resto and I didn’t even tweet @ them or anything while there. #Famous #Foodie #douchebag. *Dusts shoulders off*. That would be the ouchebag-day part.

Stuffed jalapenos. Vince was mindblown by these. They were super hot I was like wow. Hey guys, these things, WoW. Seriously. That’s bacon wrapped around them too.

Always down with the sashimi I dunno why it makes me feel skinny even though I ate ten thousand other not sashimi things. It’s all about the wasabi mayo and the fresh fish.

TV Hair. Addicted to this drink now, Almost out of the sugar free cans please send more Bunnies. Ps. I have to think of a bunny nickname for myself. Like Babs Bunny, but not Babs Bunny cos that is already taken. I’m a writer for Playboy now btw :) :) :) :) A blogger writer for their tumblr, aren’t they so darn modern! DREAM JOB.

After dinner parking lot fabulosity.

Oh that’s right I got sake-to-me’d. AKA Sake hosed. We gave’r on a sake flight, two of them!

I’m Raymsian. Go with it. You have no choice.

Yeah I could do with a bit of a make over but I also do not give a crap really. Try hards die hard remember that folks.

I felt a bit pornorific in that shirt and if I might have caught the eye or wonderment of a passing person’s Playboy logo recognition and reference to my person I might also have not done much to dissuade them from thinking Centerfold. Maybe.

I mean why not.

If I got implants allegedly I’d regret it.

Lets work on my face first.

Ginger sake is the best. I want a bottle.

For Dinner # 1 I had a Big Smoke burger, very very good, first time too. Summer is for burgers.

Missed the opening band, poolside, but met one of the guys and bought some crap anyway I love Poolside!! I love this bag too.


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