hit the road Jack

Hi ho bro friends and the rest, sorry for the ghost town here we’ve been busy seeing a lot of Canada, particularly rural Quebec, Quebec City, Montreal, Algonquin and some other parts of rural Ontario. The sis has seen quite a bit and adores the place of course. Funny how Euros love Canada and Canadians love Europe. Grass is always greener.

I’m just going to do this at random cos I’m supposed to be packing and doing my face but instead I secret blog *lets whisper okay thank you*. Those are wild blackberries. We went for a killer hike, I have a rash on my left boob from twigs that got through my shirt. We fought the forest and the mothereffer fought back that’s for sure. I’ve been on some pretty insane hikes but that one tops them all. Yesterday we went on another less full-bodied hike to some falls in Algonquin it was nice and I got a tan. I also have a lot of bug bites all over my body, they’re still at it.

That’s my new underwear guess which colour I chose for today, first who guesses right gets bragging rights.

After a mental hike anything tastes delicious even ravioli. We toasted marshmallows later on too.

Digging my hair. This is in Quebec at a cabin on a little lake and no one else was around that we saw, we screamed funny shit over the water and it echoed a billion times over. We went canoeing and kayaking too. MOUNTAIN WOMEN!!! Plus man.

Cottages aren’t a thing in Holland so this is the bf and sis toasting marshmallows for the fist time ever. Better late than never.

This is me being a me.

The water was cool I didn’t go in any further than this except for later on when I was drizzunk and kind of half fell in. Sigh. We are shoving our stomachs into one another to hide how fat we were at the time, great trick!

Bf ended up wearing these as underwear for the night cos who wants to go unpack in the wild and each time we went to the bathroom he was shocked at what he discovered bahaha.

Sitting in the quiet sun here was paradise, very serene, still. Ahhh nature.

The hike was intense because you got hit in the face arms body everywhere with thorny branches and leaves and needles every other second while trying to maneuver up and down and over rocks tree roots climbing over shit, I cried at one point I was so frustrated ALSO we saw 8 huge piles of bear crap two of which were fresh which was pretty scary, we had a bear horn to warn them but we forgot all about that once the hard part of the hike began.

Okay I got busted blogging gotta go xo.

I won the rematch round of this last night. Okay peace have a good Monday.

To tree or not to tree

I waited for forever for a photo of how camouflaged I was amongst nature. It didn’t ever really happen. Cool joke bro!

Christmas man was the best though. Time to cash out to some tv I’ll make a blerg post for ya tomorrow all about the all abouts kay, thanks, bye my babies are here :). Gonna watch the Bling Ring. I watched it a few days ago already but it’s one of those watch again type of things.

are you writing the book or is the book writing you

Hi what’s up. Hi, hi, yeah yeah. So I took a lot of photos the day before we left leading up to the day we arrived then we got busy living life here and these ones got left behind, but now I’m going to take a special T-O and get’er done with it.

Here’s an irrelevant cotton candy sky though first. That night was good I imagine, think recollect. Didn’t summer whip by for you too?

A gift we left behind, too much weight. My exercise ball too thanks dutch mum! Can’t wait to bounce on that thing and sit for immeasurable hours on end while I tone. Keep that posture postured, work out the kinks in my affinity for hunch.

Discovered that peach polish the night before should have bought it. I’ll find it again.

Baha with the scarf I look like that mexican mouse cartoon loser in a scene where he flies a plane and then all the foibles and hi-jinxes occur, right?

He makes me take landmarks of everything pictures and in his accent says, “take thees baby it is of very recognizable thing.” ha aw.

I’m like ten pounds lighter since this holy shit traveling nana potato.

Smoke hot box.

We had about an hour+ to kill.

I want to stay in a Yotel.

Dutch people have problems with the letter Y, they pronounce it Jotel. Jogurt. Ha. So it’s funny that this is called Yotel at the Amsterdam airport where NO ONE will say it right.


Kay easy easy now. Oh look more amsterdam actually visiting the city pictures shit is just scattered and sprinkled everywhere, sighrry.

Alright alright nice.

No wait, done.

Chocolate to what?

Don’t tell me what to do.

These I smoked when I was in England.

Worst cookie ever. It’s like black forest cake, you can’t just put two things together and call it a day. It’s so bland, artificial.


WTF IS THIS NOW!!!?? Moreos! BARF.

Much better. It’s like people who like licorice. You guys are fucked.

Tulip nation. During the war, people ate tulip bulbs when they were starving and had no money for food. Count your blessings.

I <3 NY plus I <3 Aruba etc was copied from the I am Amsterdam slogan. #Fact.

This kid wanted us to do an airport/travel satisfaction of some sort survey I said sure but you gotta haul ass with us around the corner to another smoking room while we hook you up with answers.

He was like Charlie Bucket in the modern future.

See the woman pouring milk, woah relax.

This room was less disgusting on account of the window light but it was still hot and smokey stuffy.

Spicy Maxima and the king. Is she Queen now then? Cos his mother was Queen and it’s not like she passed Maxima her crown, so I dunno. I got this tin of cookies for my Nana.

How could someone leave these behind?


Hello anybody in there.

It’s our plane. An Air France KLM one, I see (make up your mind?).

Our tv’s did not work for the entire flight of 7 hours – boarding early time sitting in there from start to fin and those are pretty expensive plane tickets so it was pretty shitty, just saying.

Leg room consolation prize. The guy beside us cashed out immediately for the entire flight. We sat on that chair across from our seats here on that fold-out flight attendant seat whom of which was an adorable little sprite. One flight attendant was super rude to my bf every time he got up to walk around and stretch his legs, it was strange like an I hate you cos you’re straight kind of bossy way. Bf was like I have to avoid him because I will lose my temper next time. It was so passive aggressive and we did not appreciate it at all and he wouldn’t have been roving around had our bloody tv screens worked KLM. All I wanted to do was zone out and snooze to Cinderella and other guilt plej movies/shows.

We kept busy, drinking and sharing his laptop and watching life of pi til the battery died/meal time. We interacted which turned to bickering off and on, thanks KLM. We totally needed naps. Had a late night and spent the day in a frenzy getting all last minute shit done and shutting down the house, packing, train travel it was a definite mish.

We had great weather our first morning, all day in Canada. It was a happy fun time. Okay I got things to do now thanks for that!

Me this morning hello goodbye.

whimsy viddy time

Euro music driving at night from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

I wussed out on the rabbit accident on the way back from Germany video cos because, but this one above is muchos arty and nice. Sentimental to me so that might increase its alleged awesome a tad but what is life and things without meaning, nothing I tell you. It is nothing. ps some nice person on vimeo sent me a message:

I found your videos via Aethelred Eldridge and I must say I think
you are a genius. Look forward to watching them all! -Matt

You know it’s legit cos it was from vimeo.

Obvi this is one of my favourite video games to play cos it’s so fucking emo. Don’t even get me started on the one where you’re a flower either.

Didn’t get much of a chance to delve deeper into this one we have way too much ADD plus these were just demo downloads, works for me.

Just beauty. I’ll get back to you on the name of it tomorrow.

So pretty.

And the one where you are a flower. You start as a seed then you float around pollinating shit on the breeze it’s so cute you’re gonna blubber like a psycho when/if you play it.

German mannequins.

Yeah Fritz, yaaaaaah.

It was European grey like 80% of my time there.

Who cares it’s Germany. We might have to move there.

I had a drink called Jungle Juice and got jungle drunk blastered. I became a lightweight abroad cos I stopped drinking (a lot) so no kidding or wonder a drink entitled JUNGLE JUICE was a night game changer. We had a very adorable fun time in this German resto lounge, bathed in purple.

I seriously just wish more things were going on with this drink.

A very little person was in a very little rush. I dropped a Canadian dime at some point in time and left it there permanently as it was not needed.

One of our favourite trees in a huge field, the owner/farmer of which built a little outhouse/podium/hang spot of sorts. Awesome.

You can check up on that very tree from this long skinny dirt road/path, which is private but we did it anyway to get better pictures. When it is sunny this field is just a lot nicer.

Me today.

3 (or 4 depending how you look at it) more days and he’s back. With sister! :)

Lotsa MYBFISANGRY UPDATES btw great therapeutic time killer.

relax relapse

Just sigh. Commentary actually entertaining. We fed these ducks for about 3 months, watched them grow. They run to us when we arrive, an anti-social laborious daily project of love. We built up to getting to this stage in the duck-friending/feeding process and close with them which created a sort of pecking boundary issue coupled with my overall fear of being pecked. By any sort of thing with a beak.

Anniversary dinner at the Dutch Apotheek, The night I cut myself. bf and his mates used to terrorize waiters with their translated insults lol.

This night :) ha.

It’s Sunday blog movie night special, yeah? Uploading some classics from abroad, check back at will.

Here we are driving into the city for a spontaneous food drink bite nibble and sis dropped in on us. It is always most usually raining for short spurts then stops.