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am I being dragged

Hey hello, happy Saturday! I’m just going to get right to it.

Just be in love with yourselves. Get your own blog and write about your life lovingly. We all have quirks and endearing manners of ways. Do it and let me know about it ‘cos I would like to read that I soooo long for the olden days of blog-sleuthing, have seen generations grow quite literally through the network of bloggers I followed over the years and I appreciate when other people live like a spectacle and let us see.

I enjoy story-telling and appreciate an over-sharer my mind gets blown every day from the creativity out there hell fucking yeah Gen Z’ers you know what’s up on tik tok that’s great it’s funny there was a system glitch and they all thought it was from the government shutting it down a friend of mine said ahha a generation thinking it’s so much more important than it is no wait overvalues itself? The government has bigger problems right now.

Anyway, I ain’t a generational-hater I accept everyone’s collective issues but please, unsubscribe me from them.

Did you know that half the population doesn’t hear its voice in its own head like they’re reading something but there’s no narration like there are the words and they just know what it means without hearing it read-out in their mind while the other half of us are walking around like f****** John malkovich’s f***.

When we first started dating we came here last summer I have been on this patio many times before as use to live nearby. he said it was worth it alone from the road rage incident we witnessed and I concur. Earlier at the mall I finally used an old navy gc that was burning a hole in my wallet and got a high from that.

That is outrageous though.

My new friend. The lady who cashed me out was like people all day getting this I’m like hell yeah sister it’s 6.99 there was a stack of them I bet they’re all gone now.

Okay so do I talk about the Karen-incident or do I take the high road? Okay let’s go. I was trying to get my purchases into this bag look how packed it is and does this woman not keep pushing her cart into me while I am doing that? YEP! Before I left I just looked at her and said, “You’re very impatient aren’t you?” meanwhile my cashier is happily trying to have a conversation with me while I am aware of Karen’s negative energy just trying to ram me and force me out like we are cattle I was LIVID. The cashier just ignored her and said have a wonderful day. When she FIRST tried to roll her cart up on me before I was done I just looked at her, still paying cards in-hand none of my stuff in my backpack yet at all she did an “oopsie I didn’t know” sly-ass style move. sorry terrorist I have many years experience with women like you NOT TODAY in a heatwave no less calm yourself now or you will see what not-calm looks like. She made that face at me that white people do to each other who work in agencies and pass each other in the hall but don’t want to say hi so they make this stupid smile.

This face, she did that at me so I instantly knew I was dealing with someone who was passive-aggressively not going to be held accountable for their actions. Then before I was finished, and this happens at the lcbo too but not all people are impatiently rude like this lady. Anyway she shoved her cart into me like a snowplough trying to conclude my business for me EXCUSE ME so I stood there unmoving to let her know it’s not happening only then she rolled it backwards AGAIN!!!! Like did you not learn the first time I wasn’t finished? I was also going lickedy-split speedwise because I knew Karen was having a fit fuck have a glass of wine before you leave, Christ please.

I was dressed exactly like this I was in an awesome mood and this old crow was having none of it HAHAH. My mom gave me this tankini and it was a confidence booster, my mom has great style and she gets bullied by cottonheads and other women all the time. Been there done that, the day before at the same supermarket I cut off every single Karen in my way, women who challenge every goddamn thing person in their path so you gotta fight fire with fire I see like 10 Karen videos a day, makes my blood boil as you can tell. Karen is a daily feature here now I will share you the one about the hardware store incident I had as a teenager in my next blog post. A girl I know on twitter said she was terrorized by them at her retail job growing up constantly OMG Karen-triggered. I am athletic leaner meaner and domineering like my brother you could say a tomboy but also fierce social justice warrior all of that shit when it comes to Karens I AM THE FEAR I am worse than them. I feel sorry for them so much as I can smell them a mile away there is one in our building I am going to give her a warning shot first before we call animal control on her.

See how draining Karens are to write about and/or experience allll of that. If I don’t write about it I may forget it so I tended to always write about every single thing that pisses me off out there like people’s audacious behaviour mostly but also the good too but then the wicked and the drama bit of show-boating but typically I am a mood-oriented blogger and if I am in a mood as in the wrong mood then you will see it all or really you will see nothing I understand what it is like to wear the other hat to be a watcher not a do-er and that ain’t me babe. It’s not right. But I’ve done it and I know why.

People hide for many reasons but if they’re not happy or capable then they just don’t speak or contribute. Not saying we are all owing our lives to social media but its become the norm and if people simply aren’t there then there’s something lacking yes you can have your down days but on the same token, for people who show up it’s because they too can be lonely I dunno it’s mean I guess to say that and I am always projecting too but shouldn’t I have not said instead that it’s because they’re on a mission and it’s good that they speak up.

After all we are all in this together I go on internet-wormhole binges having smart phones makes it too easy to disconnect with a false-sense of connection and it’s 100% a drug. Real life is very important and now it’s the luxurious sought-after thing. Right? Weird.

Lets get back to the positivity just be as woke as you can possibly be it’s 2020 and that’s how it should go no more turning a blind eye sweeping things under the rug speak out and help your fellow man as we are all finite this is the only planet we have so if you support some faction that disrupts that notion, it’s on you bro. Evil = bad Good = good if you are a simpleton even YOU know that.

During the hotter months you can’t help but be a bit happier like this is all free being happy is free, get it? So choose it. I can’t stand unhappy, moody people. Like ick. Back off with that, we are all in charge of our own emotions.

We stayed in this tiny home last Saturday tended sheep weren’t planning to stay over but then were so fatigued from the good times and heat that we passed out. Adorable. I’ll talk more about in the next post tho ttyl!

10 thoughts on “am I being dragged

  1. Oh Karens, sigh. Years ago I had an encounter with two Karens while at a produce store. These two were older ladies, old bitties as it were, and after they finished paying and bagging they just sauntered off and left their cart there in front of the pin pad blocking everyone’s way. I bellowed at them that they had left something behind. They came back looking frightened that a large man was talking to them, trying their darnedest to spot the forgotten item. I pointed to the shopping cart they walked away from and advised them that by abandoning it they were blocking everyone’s path. I also informed them that there were no servants in the store to clean up after them. They stood there in stunned silence while some Dudley Doo-Right cashier came rushing over and put the cart away to de-escalate the situation. I was cheesed off, selfish behaviour knows no age limit.

  2. Nice to see you blogging again Raymi, you always did and still do have such a great style. From a longtime fan of your writing, Cheers!

  3. I generally like myself, think I’m a good, kind person, yada yada….but when I catch myself having made ‘that face/smile’ immediate self loathing. If I could remove that smirk off the face of white people everywhere, I would.

    I think I would have put my foot on the bottom of her cart and yelled “Not today!” Or given her a “tisk tisk” finger wag. I only hope some bitch tries that on me someday so I can try out one of those options.

  4. Growing up Seventh-Day Adventist is a lot like growing up surrounded by Karen’s. A bunch of people who are convinced that things should be a certain way and anyone who doesn’t fit those notions is to be looked down on. That seems to go hand in hand with being miserable in your own life and having the opportunity to project that suffering into others and having no self-awareness of acting that that way seems to be a strong Karecterisic. And maybe it’s the patriarchy but nobody has the courage to treat me that way. Apparently I have serial-killer glare (is that a thing?) Maybe she’s jealous of your happiness and shine and it just made her more aware of how much she hates herself. I wonder what would have happened if you asked her if she was ok or how her day is going? She probably would have just been more jerk-y but who knows maybe you’d spark some self reflection. It’s too late for her to have your youth but maybe she might find some happiness. You’re never too old to die happy.

  5. My real name is Karen. Presently I should be glad that my parents changed my name to Tracey. Wouldn’t it be great to choose your own name.
    As for Karen behavior , I try to ignore the words and actions of people having bad mental health days especially in COVID times. Most people are fighting a battle people dont know about.
    My last Karen told me I was too close for social distancing. I was 6 feet away and didn’t bother saying anything back to her , just felt sorry she was looking like a frazzled mess. Then there are the overly polite ones that say, do you mind if I shop with you? happened yesterday in Blue Mountain
    Those moody people….Sometimes is a relationship or money problem. Pick a card. People get stressed. But nice to find happy campers from time to time. I’m back from Wasaga now. Bye

  6. I wish I had called her “ma’am” to trigger her away. First I am nice then they continue to try to test you then you need to learn them a lesson they won’t forget. If they’re going to go bully someone else I’d like them to remember me and think twice first.

  7. AHHHH. I miss the blog days and have always been a little remorseful of shutting mine down when all of my co-workers found out about it . It was such a wonderful feeling of connection in those early 2000’s. This might just be the kick in the pants I need to get it going again. Glad to see all is well in your world, Raymi! Keep fighting the good fight!

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