here’s me about to give the thumbs down to the dill pickle chipitos but i bought ‘em anyhow and made out with them immediately and they were the preciousest post-brew nightcap you trick.

got the sexiest number of a black cocktail-sucking dress but it’s a bitch to get in and out of i hope i lose some weight or it stretches out go party dress go go go!

tomorrow is canadur day spectacular son.

i hope fireworks ‘splode outta my hands and my conversations are the talk of the town.

we’re getting married tomorrow.

but only because she’s pregnant like britney.

it makes me all wistful, you know.

me and kat slapped the shit out of each other at the dun right i didnt see it coming and she got all manic for magnetic darts and i got in trouble for losing one

we didnt like each other very much from the start but now we are full on lesbians for hanging out. im basically the girlangelo for her.

when we first start chillin maxin and relaxin it is all silent and polite but then we are like fuck this pour booze in our pockets and everything is revolutionary again.

ok ill change the banner back you made me feel bad enough ok

you know what you want and not want to do but you can’t stop doing what you shouldn’t

wild animals raised in captivity will perish if placed back into their natural habitats because they don’t know the laws of prey and predator and they don’t know the ways of the jungle, even if that’s where they belong

i feel like her mountain only i’m about to have an avalanche

delight in the annoying

saw pygmalion at niagara on the lake with jgaero and i ate a ham and cheese sammich and threw all the crusts in the garden and we were wino sluts and i even almost cried at one point and this one old guy during the Q&A in the end you could tell he had waited his whole life to do some public speaking and his question was only about the technical aspects of the sets. he even cleared his throat (who does that?) and used his arms for emphasis. laaaaame. and this woman with a cane in front of us dropped it when they were talking and said sorry and i said you fucking better be. i’m glad she didn’t hear it. jgaero had a crush on this mysterious person n the field who was meditating and then all of a sudden was teleported to a comet to the moon before jgaero could molest him/her.

this here is kate she’s pretty good and when i say good i mean as in awesome as in not snooty to the likes of me and therefore i have nothing crazy assholic to say about her at all. she’s fun, she has good stories and she has this one white purse i called the nurse purse but no one heard me so i may as well have said nothing at all as usual. go kate!

tuesday may 30/00 9am

it’s been done. gone backwards in time and accomplished something beautiful but “wrong”. it had to be done. sweetness. it had been awhile – but still in sync, which is not always the case. “compliment psychos and they will be your friend.” he laughed and told me i was very witty + perceptive. i told him i was serious. “the problem with trying to forget about shit is, you can’t. time does not heal all wounds. i don’t know who was the first guy to say it was, but it couldn’t have been confucius. he would’ve never said something so stupid.” this is what i said out loud as i got out of the car and walked across the parking lot to the mall and i told him i was going to get away for awhile and learn to write like an adult, like a smart person would and he said where are you going and i said france no not really, im going to england. and he was sad.

“she radiated contentment, a sleepy lying-in-the-sun kind of mental bliss i had never known.”