hi friends!

we’re all walking around like goony self-entitled spoiled asshole brats in it together on a killer ride.

i went j-lo today. i feel super greedy. i haven’t given in to such a self indulgent, selfish big purchase in awhile. bought this rabbit fur vest i’ll wear tonight with my bikini top tights and fryes. getting my roots done and an updo. keeping it raymi.

wearing this thing is a nightmare. such cut eye and admiration and when you go to a public washroom you huddle there naked hugging yourself in fear someone’s going to walk in on you shivering like a loser.

that thing looked crap on me. the shirt i am tugging on is small, too small. i’m not at tight t-shirt like simon cowell owning it bravery yet.

last nite in the lounge making use of the red wall.

andrew is the best.

made a scene in these us with stew in front of all these people in a huge line to get in to the club downstairs and all these dudes were like SWEEEDEN OH YEAHHH GIIIIIIIRL ahaha nice.

JOIN OUR BLOG CULT JOIIIIIN UUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS. stew is feeling the blogging now, it all makes sense to him. the contest winner boys are like now let me get this straight, this is your JOB? yup.

i’m the only one who didn’t get a bath. no worries i have a glass wall view into the shower. so far no bed warmer locked down. i get shy. i am a wiener. this is my game OK GOODBYE GOOD NIGHT SO LONG aaaaaand run away. cool.

only one mick jagger costume change. three if you include airplane outfit which i don’t think counts.

oh don’t worry we ripped him good about that outfit. this is not theholiday inn and then tally came out in a robe and ray bans. dude what is this risky business? we do not know you right now we are going to the lounge and you are going to your room to change. oh yeah i won a dance off against a dude. it was epic.

we got a noise complaint in my room. was like oh yeahh tell you can tell my neighbours they’re loud f–ing and they f– shitty. kidding about the last part. but it’s a new slogan i’m going to paint or put on t-shirts. YOU FUCK SHITTY. actually i am making that the title of this post. so we move the party to casie and stew’s room. then lucas opened a beer that was pure water and called the front desk and we were all like BUZZ KILLL no more trouble and they gave him two beers. this hotel is the best.

that’s right.

one of the entourage dudes of the contest winner. he’s cool.

hahahaha this made me crack up when i saw it after going through the others. my brains are frizzle frazzled right now some of these sentences are super hard to piece together.

this morning after breakfast at the crack of dawn after our collective two minutes of sleep.

my entourage and some of the french blogger’s entourage. they are awesome and stylish and just as spaced out as we are i wonder what they got up to last nite i could barely understand over he accent and the stupid what is me right now i’m so dazzled by the enchantment and self confidence, it’s sexy and inxoticating. self assuredness. i really like john’s brand. total diva. he got the fred perry bag i wanted but i can’t wear a bag so i bought doc’s and a jumper and that vest.

walking to style exchange.

we were all hilarious wrecks. casie was throwing shit over my dressing room door. i had piles of clothes. we made it out alive. the music was super loud and gino techno it was like way too seamless a segue from last nite/morning’s party.

tried on the same shirt as mel. she chose that one.

stew hates my camera. i’m going to switch to my new one for tonight.

bought this. trying to do the math for multiple people and my greedy self, dividing my $500 style exchange card (my diva gift) in this state of mind was not easy. i was overwhelmed and insane.

covered a shirt for stew it is so cute and i coined it the jonathan taylor thomas shirt. jtt. that look is making a comeback.

sigh. partially got them in homage to my brother. nostalgic. i’m so gay for family what am i italian? james at the motion room and i were doing our session and ribbing one another and i’m like man can you imagine trying to talk if we were both italian and he goes if we were both italian we’d be talking at the same time and not hearing what the other was saying at all ahahaha.

lucas. wrst navigator ever AND with the aid of an iphone gps map.

realised i haven’t seen the sun in days.


nella bella bag is back in action.

gotta go get my hair did byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


cos i’m your demographic, baby.

what is the emoticon for fist pump?


shall we then…

it has been an amazing day.

absolutely everybody on the plane hated us. good.

casie had to sit beside a knitter.

entourage contest winners. so young and impressionable. can’t wait to eat them ALIVE. we got yelled at on the plane cos of their loud excited talking. of course i took the heat cos of my dumb outfit. i love that stew is here having my back and scoping the haterade raining down on me before i even know.

liiiiiiiiiiiimo! we gave them the suv stretch. we took the old school one cos we’re the geezers.

i cannot tell you how much it is a relief to be handled. with care. love inq.

walkie talkie time.

today i learned that this is not a day outfit for the financial district. it’s been exhausting trying to walk with my chin up as if i’m not not wearing pants.

the w is gorge.

love my little room.

and my shower view.

gotta go late for dinner i’m wearing a robe!

if my personality wasn’t abhorent you wouldn’t read this blog

it’s fun to read things about yourself on the internet sometimes from people who have never met you yet have been obsessively haunting, stalking, harassing, watching you for years and through what they have seen on your blog decide they know you. they have no idea how i operate in real life, how i talk to people, listen to them, attend to their needs, flip out on them when necessary. if i am so terrible why are they so obsessed with me? is it because i am “so terrible” or is it something else they just can’t admit to themselves? i am past caring i just think people’s reactions to me are funny sometimes when i’m in the right mood.

i was blog spotted at the lcbo yesterday in line as i was showing off my swarovski bracelets to the cashier who said she liked them and as i was saying i didn’t have a boyfriend so i have to adorn myself with this crap cos no one else is going to the other clerk turns to me and says do you blog? as i am stuffing two bottles of wine into my gigantic steve madden purse, yes, i do. do you blog? he asks again. my girlfriend reads it. she is obsessed with it. doesn’t that mean HE reads it too if he recognized me? heheh anyway it was flattering and i said hey thanks! and whizzed outta there and now i have to whiz outta here. had a great vest-wearing work out today and sweated profusely. naively thinking i can just dirtbag princess not shower after i air out a bit. no dice. i totally have over packed and i know i won’t even wear a quarter of what i bring. i hope our rooms are connected. turns out one of my pieces of fish is also going to montreal tomorrow. things are going to be retarded with a capital R. charging my inq phone now no more huge phone bills for my blackberry when i get back. the last time i went to montreal was, hmmm, was when i toured with matt good. many years back. when next you ear from me i shall be doing the starfish on a beautiful boutique hotel bed. follow me on twitter if you want up to the minute voyeuring. the hash tag is #INQNYE to see everyone’s bantering back and forth since the beginning of this entire raymi party circus. cannot wait to be clinking a day beer with casie in half an hour. BYEEEEEEEEE happy new year.

my resolution is to be prettier, which would entail no more drinking or partying or dating. wah wah. gonna give’r one last hurrah. maybe i’ll start taking those hormones all the celebs take, whats it called again? you get it from people who sell steroids.

gah the cab is here no time to proofread this post hope there aren’t too many typo fuck ups.

look it’s me!

you think i’m good at this you should see me f***

of all the places for a dust spore (mote?) to be when the camera flash hits.

flying to montreal tomorrow!

two nights at the W and vip open bar at bains douches (amazing name) for new years eve. i have never gone away for NYE. we are all stoked. i am totally under-packing this time not going to blow it. looking forward to my own suite. i don’t really know anyone in montreal so if you know any cool people who want to baby me, point them in my general direction thank you. i know drunken stepfather but he’s a scumbag hahah and i also know my ex boyfriend, who is also a scumbag, so, perfect. big pre-thanks to INQ MOBILE for making this all go down. it is going to be refuckingdiculous. excited to meet the contest winners and play walkie talkies with them and all our gay red phones. so fun. this is the winner:

and this is the french blogger who is also going to be on deck showing us how it’s done posh french style. uh maybe i should dust off my french dictionary. meh. i am pumped for the shopping spree at style exchange i am GENEROUSLY sharing with my party ambassadors melucas, stewart and maaaaaaaybe casie too if she’s lucky heheh. i may as well bring an empty suitcase. stewart and casie are sharing a room so it’s stewart and (casie)stewart. cute. already did my nails. tonight it’s an early sushi dinner then last minute obsessively staring into my empty suitcase and selecting which underwear to bring. i swear i always pack 300 pairs and they take up all my space. i’m being ruthless and cut throat this time no more hoarding or packratting or bringing unnecessary “needs” i won’t even touch. making a pit stop en route to lunch tomorrow to pick up another camera, thanks alen!

laundry folding time one of my favourite past times. seriously. do you think i am insane if i squeeze in another work out tomorrow morning? i am addicted. i’m on the new fliers too.

i will try to behave myself, define behaving though.

hello and welcome to the catch-up.

i can’t clean my head out until i get out all my photos no matter how socially irrelevant or half a week old. i have issues.

the bender began last week, the exact moment was when casie declared she was on one til new years. in the back of my head i was thinking uh oh, now she’s done it. maybe my new year’s resolution will be giving up drinking. profusely.

need to stock burlington massive with bottles of hot sauce, jerk, mados, everything. i have so many needs, so many cosmic needs to fulfill and satiate there is only so much weed you can smoke or wine you can drink, sometimes you just gotta see through time.

i’m in that resigned state presently, where i don’t care, where i care too much, and where i have given up caring, or trying to change things. or want things. expect things. anymore. what can i do more than i am already doing? i don’t know.

someone said i am the biggest cunt on the internet, if not, the universe and they ended that sentence with a smiley face emoticon.

Dear Raymi

I wandered into your blog last week, via your flickr account, via “the
known universe”. Amazing discovery! NOBODY posts 50,000 photos to a
flickr account (20,000, maybe, but not 50,000!). You have invented a
new photographic art form. It is better than Yousuf Karsh or Ansel Adams.

It will take a long time to finish looking at all 50,000 photos, but I’m
sure I’ll be able to do it by the end of next year. Then I can start on
the older blog entries.

Since you now seem like an old friend, I want to wish you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am standing by to see what happens to
you in the next couple of hours.

Your friend forever,


the lemon and the salt was unnecessary. i drink my tequila like a true mexican, according to an artist i saw once. how does a mexican do a shot of tequila? then she threw the lemon onto the floor with gusto and pounded the shot. i mistook this glass of milagro, wait, not milagro it’s the orange bottle sister to the blue one whatever that is, but anyway after all the hot sauce i was putting back i mistook this glass for my little tumbler of water. whoops. made no difference i lost all sense of taste by that point.

this isn’t a review so i’m not contractually bound to tell you what the hell this is i will tell you though that it came out on fire and i asked if we ate the fire because i am a smart person like that.

melodie and i always have a synchronicity going. actually i try and co-ordinate outfits with every girl i hang out with. i always have photos in mind.

mom you are not getting these boots.

i speed-ate that. i am a pig.

oh hi matthew. doesn’t take long for the chef to be lured out to me, by me, for me. me.

mmm mmm mmmm.

oh hell yes.

i kept accusing that of being whole milk. i think i got shrill about it. was it?

may as well of been a martini based on how fast i put it away.

i look like crap.

hello boyfriend.

totally boring outfit. boring picture.

followed by a snoozer replete with blinking. obviously i am scoping out my skinny progress. saving the shirt raised abs-revealing ones for my reference library.

still not finished. cheese boutique round of dessert.

spoiled gorgeously.

darling eh.

trying to be ladylike.

talkin’ big game about what my deal is as he turns to mush.

he’s like is she for real. hell yes.

everyone loves the rich girl headband.

gotta go, places to be.

alright fine one more. why not.

tickle trunk room party. where it always ends up and why my room is constantly trashed. they said they’d help me this time. i wonder what shape my room will be in when i get home to it in a couple hours. a trashed bedroom museum that’s colder than siberia. lucas put my heater on!

stayed up pretty late and then i packed for the burbs and here i am now ready to go back again then off again to montreal for new years eve. one day i will look back at this life and be amazed by how much i did in a year. late january will be a year of me living in adventurehouse.

movies at jean reno’s.

i am not looking forward to getting up off my ass to collect all my stuff and pack it up for the drive home but i have an afternoon late lunch bohemian date and then an f-ton of catching up to do.

half of what i wore for my boom party. i like how outfits can evolve throughout the day into more bullshit or more magnificent.

C U L8R.


Hello Lauren/Raymi,

I was going through my tickle trunk of rock memorabilia, when what do I find but you in one of my autograph books. It was at the Travis concert, sometime in 2000, during the dreary wait to get in. You stole Fran Healy’s cigarette butt and gave it to me, and I never forgot the gesture. That butt is encased in an M&M Minis tube within another tickle trunk.

Anyway, if your youth interests you, I’ve scanned the page for you. Sorry about the size, I haven’t been properly acquainted since I updated my OS.

Kind regards,


Actually he gave me a cigarette (a silk cut) I smoked it and saved the butt for you. Awesome memory keepsake! Wow just opened the attachment! Holy crap what year was this? (i think i was in grade ten). CRINGE. this is a quote i stole from prozac nation, likely. i’ve met all of travis again since then and told them this story backstage. have photos too, in blog archives.

and if he ever falls i’d feel sorry for us all

LAST DAY TO VOTE please keep doing that. fyi the award i covet most is the lifetime achievement, it’s not vote-based though. that one’s decided by a panel of judges. i still want this one too. thank you. now continue reading your favourite blog that never sleeps. hi!

christmas holidaze vortex. cancelled training session today. too bagged to push myself back in to it just yet, wanna stretch out the lazy sloth as much as i can and haven’t spent enough down alone time i feel. i’ll go back to the city tomorrow. after this i’m hitting the exercise bike downstairs then the tub then the port. thanks for forgetting that here melucas. it’s been a whirlwind holiday and i’m loving every bit of it. this year’s theme is taking in orphans, why not. we’re all misfits. dad just did a wine run. i told him bring me back something really really nice and expensive and full. i’ll keep you posted on how that turned out.

my brother took a funny picture of my dad and i laughed so hard i cried. he takes photos like that of my mom too, from below, as we’re talking or making angry face. i can’t breathe it makes me laugh so much.

they dropped in from their folks right smack dab into the climax of our party cheer. some catching up was to be done.

melodie likes this one.

we played the compliment game. lucas buttered my aunt right up, said she was pretty and idealistic and some other ass kissing word. they love her.

and his beer fountained all over the table.

amazing ratatouille exactly like the movie. they printed the recipe in the paper. my aunt is clever. the stuffing was super good too. light. i have lost weight this christmas.

my aunt pointed out that my shirt was actually leopard print. i’m so blind. there is no leopard with a green coat, which threw me off into thinking it was army camo. love the combo even more now.

mom that present is for you, it’s for nana. the container itself is part of the gift too alison said.

alison i have almost devoured this entire box.

been a bit of a shit show. i didn’t make it to the liquor store in time so it was like labour day weekend drinkfest, mixing everything under the sun.

bike time. check ya later.

i have a massive headache.

two coffees.

one venti starbuck’s americano.

handful of guylian and herbie.

i need a new toothbrush.

i am holidays that you choose to ignore

BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER PLEASE VOTE FOR ME THANK YOU haters are voting against me for this chick who, i’m sorry, is a terrible lazy blogger who has no right to go toe-to-toe with me. doesn’t rank on alexa. hasn’t updated her blog ONCE since the contest began. pfft better blogger? yeah i know it’s people’s choice, whatever. if she wins it proves my haters outnumber her actual readers. what her blog stats are from the beginning of her blog is only a minor fraction of hits that i get in ONE DAY. when this began her blog statcounter read just over 1000. 1000? cumulative hits? i get double quadruple that in a day. how is it that you a-holes aren’t voting for me then?

great great christmas.

welcome to the other side i guess.

i have this other life i don’t wildly share with the internet. it’s not a consistent other life but it is still tangibly there and i let worlds collide last nite. adventurehouse, i am their new addition. we made aventurehouse together. in reality television world, big brother to be exact, they said people have short memories in reality shows, who dogs whom, backstabs. adventurehouse knows me only from day one of moving in. you don’t realize or see the baggage ever until you are physically plunked in to it that i actually had an entire life, half a decade of a world prior to my parkdale mansion roommate date machine world.

they’re very protective of me and used to the revolving door turnstile of dates so they don’t know who, like weed, is kind or not. actually a friend. so they give me advice i didn’t ask for or protection that’s not required, i love it, it’s great. it was just funny to let them see me operate on my own bubble world turf. i wanted them to experience suburban raymi world lifestyles.

they don’t even know the amount of gossip and drama that’s going to surmount in me blogging these harmless christmas cheer good time loving photos. this post is a work in progress so keep refreshing for more. we’re drinking port and having pizza at my dad’s now me and lucas, mel and my pa are watching tv down by the fire. happy boxing day.

so happy to have these folks.

melodie and i have the craziest bond. it’s like, she and lucas would kill for me, or we would kill each other, but we would much rather kill others. once in awhile we have to put each other in check. but then i just disappear for a bit and we reconvene and it’s love and honour all over again. she likes when i lip her cos she’s supreme alpha. when i get a good zing in i follow it up with another barb and we collapse in laughter. friendships are work. female friendships most of all. what i love about us is we deal with our problems as they arise and don’t build up resentment too much. it’s like yeah i’m pissed and here’s why and the other is oh really? well fuck you now here’s why! done and done. we keep it punk. on the level.

back to work out land tomorrow.