a chat with raymi the nana



hey raymi

need to ask u something


can i get your opinion on a naked pic i took? just like to hear what u think

if you’re a woman yes, dude, no.

i am a dude. but the picture came out great. i think it was really well done. can i still show it to u?

if you are naked in it the answer is no

im sorry. i was just proud of the pic and wanted to share it.

find someone else i am practically married i don’t use the internet to look at pictures of naked guys.

it’s not so much for the sexual element. i just think it’ s a nice photo. i see it for the art value i guess.

ok well judging by your empty flickr account i call bullshit on this alleged artistic element, you are one of a million dudes on flickr perving out collecting pics with empty accounts.

no i just enjoy sharing my pics, i just dont like them made available to the general public in case someone is offended by the content. so i ask somebody first so then dont get hit by surprise.

id like to show you if u can get back the sex of it.

no thank you

on the road part two

i’ll try to make this as spirited as part one.

watch oot hoser just on my way to get some smokes, eh.

look it’s you.

this is a DO.

town hall Perth County Court House, v nice.

i remember thinking this is so arty but now i’m just bored out of my mind by it we had time to kill so we tooled around and i manically took photos of stuff from the car and this is one of the many pieces of shit from that.

then we hooked up with these two.


then on to buzzed shopping at winners cos fil has a bunch of gift cards (no ulterior motives here) but poor guy couldn’t find anything and was the only one who emerged with nothing, that’s the second time now.

we got to see the cute new digs.

sean claimed this in the inheritance lottery, lucky sod.

red breast is jameson’s fancier relative.

they’ve just moved and are still unpacking nice tape ha.

Phillipino barbie collection.

feeling it.

fil always has to dial his old house in mississauga hahahah.

guys am i getting jowls? i think i am, is that from aging or losing weight or both?

stupid flash washed this out i have fifty pictures of it.

we all need some space.

at this point i was thinking i am going to be hugely embarrassed if i drop this drink down the stairs.

old homes they just don’t make ‘em like you anymore.

no comment.


lewd cookie break.

fetus cookie.

how much do you want to punch people who do “the point”? can they do it ironically though? sorry i have so many rules who am i fil? god can you imagine if fil was actually cool combined with his rules. he just said so you don’t think i’m cool? ok stopping now this could take hours. when did people discuss the concept of cool like how they won’t shut the fuck up about hipsters these days? what’s next something about how nerds will rule the world, revolutionary concept guys!

emm said ok lets get this bottle in here so it looks like a real party i mean WE TOTALLY DID LOTS OF SHOTS.

abortions are delicious.

bai bai.


ok nerding out here a moment, i wrote to gina well here i’ll just copy and paste it:

hey there

just wanted to write to you to say i got a blythe tattoo – what a mental head?
i wrote you something dopey a long time ago when i was 19 (now im 25 wow) you were nice and wrote back
here is the post of all the pics, i thought long and hard on it for over three years
you are the reason i first ever discovered blythe and i still have your book
i wonder if i have one-upped you in the crazy dept.? ha
love raymi

and she wrote back this!

oh wow, this is just toooooo great! thank you for sending the AWESOME
photos. i’m just dumbstruck! i woulnd’t say you one-upped me in the
crazy dept, but i think you came pretty close. crazies unite!! this is
the best thing ever! hey, can i write about you on my TIB news page? i
would love for blythe fans everywhere to see you! WOW!

and in other news, you mentioned a big weight loss. how did you do it?
congrats! that’s a major feat.

loads of love to you. happy new year!


as well as commented on the post

just sharing is all, morning, it’s new year’s eve, gah.

PUMPED for pumps

can i show you my new shoes?

ahh brings me back to my “modelling” days.

orgasmic shoe high apparently.

your face is gratuitous and nothing i do is.

stunned, waiting around for that timer to go off is B-O-R-I click.

doods do you think tonite’s the nite or what!?

i wore these socks yesterday (yes they’re clean now did laundry today pay attention) with my new mental illness pants and topped it off with a different plaid shirt.

just makin’ sure they’re the same size you never know with winners.

somehow scarier in shadow.

the double point just felt desperate right.

supes cheese way to get the shoes in there.

ugh fil why is that vacuum attachment in my shot stop embarrassing me on the internet!

ok get the point now i think we do just one more butch for the road…

take it all in folks doubt i’ll be cruisin’ around in ‘em much.

oooooooooooh finally someone linked to my blythe tattoo in a blythe forum i was too lazy to join thisisblythe.com anyway check the my little pony arm sleeve in the post below the one where my tat post is linked to, it’s amazing.

on the road part one

hi simpletons how’ve you been oh wait i just remembered i don’t care JOKES i so care! i bet i like you more than you like yourselves. alright, here’s some shit we did yesterday while you were beating off to judge judy, enjoy!

ah so good, we begin this quest by ignoring fil and reading to ourselves until we turn up at ikea to exchange our bath mat for one without a rubber lining and then buy some shower rings THAT DON’T FIT OUR ROD but we don’t learn that until today, radical. i know some of you are on the edge of your seats about this.

gave the ole tresses a break yesterday so it was on-the-go italian shower of power day. no you smell. ps. best laundry dramz day is happening ever and it does not involve me but would have had i not got down there in time to snag a washer.


the worst thing about ikea is the waiting in line part, for exchanges/returns they have a ticket system which fil totally dug cos we got to chill a bit.

then a woman ruined the system cos her turn was skipped cos she had buggered off, um get a new ticket you cunt! i seemed to have been the only person annoyed by this or who noticed. how about your ticket system now fil?

that’s her fucking shelf behind me too.

what’s up dudes. their owner turned up just as we were pullin’ out so i wasn’t busted, phew.

then i enjoyed myself a five minute long piss. clean your mirror tim horton’s! ps. if you are “one of those” who calls it timmies 1. we can’t be friends 2. you sound like a total baby 3. die – in whichever order you want i’m feeling generous right now.

so starved can we eat here?

then fil had to go to the toilet so i went art small town homo ‘cept everything was ugly on this corner, i tried.

bahaha see?

don’t trip over yourselves callin’ up national geographic now.

here i am bored and in love with myself.

another boring parking spot obviously.


tuna wrap it was alright, i was more into the pretentious chick behind me bragging about her toronto friends and how much of a snob she is for discussing england (she said look at us we’re soooo snobby), i tried really hard to get her to make eye contact with me so she could see my squinty beady eyes but she was so immersed in her blowhard chit chat she didn’t look my way not once not even when i tapped the lamp above our booth to make it sway back and forth. GOD JUST LOOK AT ME. then i became more interested in staring at the guy with a gross blond pube beard with one of his gf’s long strands of hair velcro’d to it SICK.

fil’s meh chicken salad i paid for more than half of i must be pmsing hard i’m full of haterade right now can’t wait to hit publish and see how much of a bitch i am being. before this we stopped in at a terrible restaurant and saw some mennonites, i used the bathroom and came back to the table to find that fil had not been given a menu so we bailed. why do small town restaurants fuck it up so much who are you by the way cafe? (notorious worst service in the annex ever no wonder someone got shot on your doorstep you probably made the dude wait half an hour just to make eye contact with you)

someone write a guide to surviving a small town. maybe i should based on the teeny experience i’ve had i’m sure that will go over well.

mmmm gettin’ hungry over here.

dad, this barn’s for you.

i wish i was an architect in the 70’s.

why did you spell that the american way? and why are you so full of shit too?

world’s biggest meth pipe oh and kudos to natalie for pointing out that our bartender at the fox was kinda methy best description ever and i’ve been using it as much as possible since.


You want to see blogging?

Now this…THIS is Blogging



It’s really no different than any other spoiled rich brat’s blog but the sure amount of effort and acclaim really put it into a surreal spot.

aw thanks, you think i’m spoiled and rich. total geniuses in that thread much.

“It’s like someone who didn’t know about MySpace decided to make a blog.”

seriously, bringing up myspace to make a point are you eleven?

alright, i’m going to take a BORING shower now.

ok i’m back

ugh and we have to go back AGAIN cos the shower rings are too small.

i got shit for taking pics in this stupid little winners in the middle of nowhere “sorry we can’t have you taking pictures of the merchandise” oh whatever you blond boring ordinary twat you were just dying to come up to me to say something after watching us all drunk scavenge through shoes and clothes. in the oakville winners i spent a good half hour taking pictures of every single toy and not one word was said to me, so bullshit on that. put camera away anyway though, those are jessica simpson heels, v tall and actually comfortable too rich for my blood though went with more practical standby black pumps by bcbg instead.

thanks sass <3.

brb shower curtain switcheroo fun time, laundry, mail, coffee, feed the fatty etc etc

accompanied fil on the road yesterday so he wouldn’t be lonely then had an impromptu visit with the cousin/in-law was fun, more to come!


thanks gill *sorry for talking through your jane austen marathon.

*not sorry

britt and serena were in town, britt’s moving back in fact and this would be the moment they informed us the el mo had no liquor license for the nite. great, cos you know how much i enjoy the el mo when there is booze.


way dead, felt bad for the bands, oh well you’ll get a do-over. mostly though, i felt bad for me.

why would you even bother opening? no one makes money from this.

yesterday’s hair would not co-operate.


so we went to red room to get sauced instead, they tried to lure us to the old man homeless bar next door but it smelled like sour vomit and other gross mysterious things.

oh i know you.

what do you want from me, it was a sunday. can’t win ‘em all.

how i love thee sacred gift card

today’s damage did: two pack grey tights, stevie witch dress thing, cocaine party dress thing, diamond necklace thing, red leopard print peg bundy leggings.

size 2.

great breathable material very loose and flimsy, lots of room and it’s a small hurry up summer!

say goodbye to this shower curtain.