i saw gothika. it was scary. i jumped at least ten times. today was cold. i wore my jacket. my nose was running. survivor was good tonite. that is all.

excitement of the day: hours upon hours of this and then my brother (who is a fire safety technician dude) and i set off some fire extinguishers in the backyard. oh and i bought a box of pot of gold chocolates. and then i ate some. and then i played space impact II on my cellphone forever and ever. the end.

i saw Elf. and it was good. a little cheesy in the end. i told off this chica who was kicking the back of my chair and resting her feet on it. i’m all bitch move your feet and she’s all but what if i don’t want to? i’m all whatthefuck it’s irritating and rude and i don’t have my feet up on the chair in front of me. you keep kicking my chair move your feet!

and then she did.

something about telling off twelve year olds. ahhh…

My new friends.