i think i would like to have sex with astroboy. no, i don’t think. i’m certain of it. i remember waking up at the crack of dawn in the 80’s, astroboy only came on at like 6 am. my hair and face would be all fucked-up from sleep and i would be sitting 2 feet away from the screen with the volume blared. maybe that’s why my hearing is a little screwy. then i’d eat like 3 bowls of trix and completely spaz around the livingroom.

those were the days

Porno or Pony?

i had to sit through hours and hours of a red sox game in massachusetts – my eyes turned chinese from that and all the pot. it was an 18 inning long game. plus everyone was blabbing about how great baseball is.

i have this new little webcam.i decided i would take pictures of me in my underwear and try to sell my panties on ebay. they went up to like 20 bucks each on only the first day. but then ebay assholes cancelled my auctions cuz yer not allowed to be wearing the items you are selling.

i can’t wait to see that dumb mariah carey film. i have a good feeling about her acting skills. ohhh boy, Glitter here i come!

i am obsessed with karaoke. i went to this japanese karaoke bar twice this week. both nites until 4am. i want to sing until my head falls off.

world trade centre from my roof – brooklyn

What the skyline looks like now. smoke still rising from the ruins.

i am at MTV right now

– like in the offices part at 1633 broadway

– they checked my bag when i came in

– my housemate works here

– the offices are funny

– today no one is around

– some dude took a chainsaw down the middle of his desk then spraypainted it with fluorescent green and orange colors

– they give me free coke here (cola)

– imagine the movie ‘office space’

– that is what it is like, except the cubicles are made of actual drywall and they are like mazes and some rooms have no cubicles at all

– i can see jersey from the window here

– on the 52nd floor

– we are editing this show my bf’s band played in chicago

– my eyes are fuzzy from watching three tv’s at once and the internet

– we’ve been ordering margaritas from this place on 53rd street, they actually deliver

i keep wondering if it is the monitor that is fuzzy or my vision.

sat’nite after margaritas this dude jesse and i decide to ride all around our brooklyn neighborhood on this bicycle straight from the 50’s with pink streamers on the handlebars – him peddling, me in back with a boombox blarin’ some oldskool funk. so close to wiping out when we took this corner and crash into three black kids on their BMX’s