Just deal Ally Mcbeal

Here are two pictures of me being in love with myself in a mirror in the North East of Ottawa, I was feeling my hair. Plus Whiskey. There is absolutely nothing else to do in this town and it occurs to me I didn’t write about or blog our time there, I just made a file to send to BF‘s uncle of all our pics and rediscovered all these magical memories. Plus this watering hole dirty mirror collection of my visage. Trying to get more into the writing habit so bear with me while I do more of that on this here blog. I’m working on something at the moment too btw.

I actually visited this town before a few years ago. Small world and town for real.

And me today. Thx for the tank Shannon! Everyone thought I was a stripper today at the market. Grool!

And Wasaga last weekend. We had an amazing time at Shannon’s cottage and recovered from it all week long lol. Worth it.

Hitting the beach uber early was the best, is, the best. Normally you drive up and don’t make it til like 3 or 4. We got there around 10, 11? Completely deserted it was truly paradise and fantasizing treasuring that will help get me through winter.

Perfs beach car too.

Ok I go now, bro gf and her kid are over. We went out with them last night for grub at the pub and I only drank gingerale. I’m battling with the tedium of sobriety, it’s so boring. It’s harder to write too just a little.

Make pizza not war.

TV time then ribs. Oh lawrdy. xo rlw.

btw this guy followed me today! :) Seriously it shouldn’t make my day as much as it does, but also, it should and does. That is all.


Hi guys you know what’s up! My weekly V Spot for Playboy is up and of course I spoke about Miley, but don’t worry a couple other things too. Check it.

“Chicago-based comedy musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman recruited a group of middle-aged librarians for their take on “Sabotage,” and it’s insane! I’ll never look at librarians the same way again.

And don’t forget hot dogs or legs!

Girls do lots of silly shit IRL and on the internet. That is simply what “we do” and so much so that guys finally fought back duly noting how samesies our thighs look to hot dogs when we’re chilling on the beach, on a towel with a coast line behind us or on the couch and so on. Hello! We do that to document our skinniness and to location brag, it’s no different than “I am on a boat” but still, it is “a thing” and we bet hot dog sales have sky rocketed this quarter (can we get an intern to look into those stats please it’s extremely important) hot-dog-legs.tumblr since hit the scene.

Go read/watch the rest of V SPOT now, there’s a verrrrry informative and offensive video in thur explaining why peeps like Bieber and Miley act how they do. Bon weekend. Raymi Buns-a-lot.

Raymbag mailbag time

Hi whatevers. Not every email is an invite to an event or free product to blog sinfluence by (although, those ones are my jam! raymi@raymitheminx.com ;)) and it’s been awhile since I sharesied, I think. Real talk time.

Dear Raymi,

Met someone from *** who, I’m smitten with, she reminds me of you, to some extent, so it kind of makes sense.
We spent a lot of time together before she left the past couple of weeks (no sex, anything, but I think potential for more), what is the stuff in me that you find un/attractive, I want her to be smitten with me too.

Miss/love you,


PS please don’t use this for le blag/if you do say or infer it’s me & change the city the person is from xoxoxo

PPS Quit smoking.

Sorry but saying don’t blog it makes me blog it. Also because you’re my friend I’m not going to say anything unattractive about you whatsoever. Ask someone meaner. Here’s the good shit though.

Just write her obsessive (once the green light for constantly emailing is a go) emails, pictures of random cute shit off tumblr that has meaning. great photos of inspiring shit, above all else make her laugh. when she hasa bad night be there for her so she starts associating you with comfort and reliability like youre the only one who cares and is there when shes in a jam. just like normal dependable guy stuff but not too much doting if shes a hot/cold type. girls demand instant gratification though so just play within that arena and it’s pretty easy. we want to trust or at least believe we can. oh i wont blog this, hmm actually maybe i will lol. dont worry itll be anon.


So I wrote you a few months ago in my desperate attempt for advice and in a lonely state in Australia (I also came across as mega lesbian – which I’m not, but that’s fine you thought so)! Anyways… just wanted to say thanks for being that listening ear then. I ended up travelling around Japan for 2 months which was cool – they have SOOOOOO many wicked vintage Blythe dolls there… you would love it! Among the other hello kitty, sparkly, tiny trinket shit!

I am still in awe and admiration of you for continuing to display vulnerability by putting your life on the interwebs. Thanks for letting me escape my life once and awhile to be a fly on the wall of someone else’s! You look happy, as beautiful as ever, and I hope all is well in your world! :)

Loved this email. Kinda totally needed to hear it too. Thanks ****

ps. Hella My BF is Angry updates always.

Chillin IRL

I take ridiculous videos that I match up to whatever cray (usually the same song always) song is blammin away while we fly through the lands, this is what it’s like being in the Challenger. A Hemi, important to note for in guy world. Miss it already. The sunset capturing that I captured here I’m proud of considering how much I zoomed in and the speed/movement of the car, and that sun/moon oh you know it’s full yo. Tarantino out.

pics on way soon my boo.

Yeah yeah smoking smoking, blush.

a senses confrontation

What’s good friendzoners!

Bitch resting face signing in.

Mother of all sky porn yesterday.

How nice would your product look photographed with this camera on my blerg, no hassle.

No pants.

Was taking pics and a family walked by, a sassy mouthed family. The mom goes she’s taking pictures of the sky and they’re all a hyuk about it but then they turned around and were like jeez! Yeah that’s right STFU hick mouths with money to burn.

I stop and gather.

As if Premium wouldn’t photos of their outlets. It reminded me of Aruba, the open air mezzanine (what’s the word they use for malls, arcade? There’s an Arubian term though hmmm).

And within the arcade you could see the sky peeking through the ceiling. Incredible.


Not the mall. These are a little out of order.


A different evening. This was a hard one to get. While driving in the opposite direction.

Scene of a Canadian crime wherein the suspect drinks Tim’s and smokes, well, that could be about anybody.

Rocky is being a muse-ing.

Yesterday sure was hot.

New flip flops at Taco Hell. Yes I hate myself, every second.

Great times pals. Have a wonderful weekend. xo rlw

kiss and tell in hell

Hello pets.

Here’s some more avant-gardelicious Ontario wanderings from the bean bag chair collections.

Like I said we traverse home via a peek in rockin Algonquin.

It was just screaming out Ontario tour guide pamphlet all over the place.

Barron Canyon is magnificent. It’s super nerve racking being on the egde, all vertigo-like and exhausted from vacation staycation partying. The heat combined trips you out and you can easily see yourself tumbling down that thing.

And it is supremely hard to make poses happen near the edge. We stood back a yard or two from the ledge and peered down, instantly dizzying. Being dressed like a finish flag somehow doesn’t help, it’s too loud it’s practically hypnotizing you to your doom.

We both wore pink. Wuh–oo. Said in saloon sing song voice. We always kind of match our outfits to be jerk offs to each other.

Way too pale. This creamy alabaster makes me yawn. I am flamboyant and flamboyant people need to be tanned.

There was a cray wind storm in Petawawa and perhaps here too, a lot of tree destruction discoveries along the way.

Pretty high up.

Woah rough night bro.

Peaking in the suggestions box. Everything was perfect, down to the scatterings of soft dry brown pine needles littered everywhere across the path and between the billions of matchstick thin trees.

Lets move it’s hot as hell and we have far to go.

Off came the pants and bra ditching was from the night prior after Koritos at Kelseys. Avoid them.

How’s the party up there?

It’s a Lost Boys kinda thing.

Don’t worry I see your swirlies.

Romantic. They want your company.

Watch your smoke.

You can do anything. He was major old. The answer is adult tricycles.

I’m being summoned TO BE CONTINUED.

Okay I’m back.

Went for food and walk blah blah.

I totally ran out of steam and my mind is elsewhere now.

So many variations of weather on our way back.

So damn hot I tell you also wearing a bra in a car for hours, not my bag. That’s a show bra only what was I thinking.

Cute you can see my foxy tail.

Does this give you anxiety?

Then BF couch surfed across the street.

And with the Rockster.

BTW Playboy Energy V SPOT IS UP Thanks kay bye. It’s down time/get shit done day. Before the giant storm of the next big party.

Also as always funny ‘ish on MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY. And some bonus ones right meow cos I know how lazy you is.

Peace. Thirsty Thursday g’wan try and Telekinesis some beer. Wish me luck, send beer vibes.

Raymes World

Rad day yesterday.

I came here as a child, with grandparents and my parents. We have a tree in this park for my grandfather.

Our friend for the week.

Kay some phone shots now yo.

Thanks bye! Stay cool.