Huntress @ Fashion week pt. II

So, the three musketeers took Fashion Week and feels like the triad will/should be getting up to more of this in the future.

Marois Photography are John and Tracey, you can follow them on twitter (which will be my next social media-ing 101 with them pray for me) @Marois_Kirouac or their FB page Marois/Kirouac-White Photography which is pretty epicly loaded with amazing shots, this was not their first rodeo. They got the best shots of the show because of where we were on the runway. Raymi gets you behind enemy lines. All the other photog were in the pit at the other end of the runway. Sneaky minxes ftw.

I can hold this pose alllll night.

Go team.

I had to take a selfie to get my makeup. Play the game yo. So while it seems sometimes us bloggers are obnoxious on instagram doing blasts at events, it’s for a cause and that cause is lipstick and mascara my two best friends.

We were about to be all squished leaning against the curtain in the corner when O’Nizzle texted me a photo of my reserved seats. A derpy derp that would be me. Thx gyal.

When Elyse discovered I’d be at WMCFW she was like bring my sweater, and I’m like okay but I better not end up carrying it all day in all of my photos. How spectacular is it to have dragonflies blasting on your sweater, moments before you get it back? Or does that happen everyday? I dunno not to be a wizard or anything but I think she can make three wishes now or something.

My mom got photos of every fashionista in this square afterward whereas I got all toronto and beat it out of there and I am too shy to blog them so it’s just me here sorry. Oh wait, this is called Raymi the Minx not Toronto the Minx right? ;)


Uh huh uh huh, fashion. Mhmm mhmm, yep yep yep, got it.

Btw the girl at the lykke li concert is who encouraged me to get a size medium, I am smaller than it appears. I also paired it with an oversized vintage levi’s jean jacket that was my dad’s. When you’re going big keep going. Once this tee shrinks after washing it, it will fit better.

Okay I am getting a little tired of this pose too tbh haha. I always kind of dress like a chic slob IMO at fashion week cos in my mind I am like This is so hip and so cool how did all these people know what cool was until they saw this outfit I made zero effort in preparing for them. If you have real style and you are reading this you are allowed to roll your eyes. Next year I will bring it. The noise I say. Consider it brought and waiting for you. New poses too! Get ready.

I miss doing photography like this. Swoon. Thanks for carrying the torch ma.

I should have thrown that bottle in my bag ;). Oh what, what perfume huh? Look over there it’s Bo Jackson. #gone

Nice toes. Okay that’s the best of the rest I gotta get back to Raymeality now. If you missed pt. I here it is: all thighs and eyes. Hope to see you tomorrow night for an epic Halloween Party at Brass Vixens. I’m dancing! It’s gonna be sexy and weird.

I finally figured out my song too. See ya tomorrow night!

all thighs and eyes

What’s up the blogger said to thee!

Last Friday (feels like yesterday) we hit up the tents oh look at me talking all fashion, “the tents”. I hope the out crowd can pick up on this industry lingo along with my heavy facetiousness. Sometimes I can’t tell if people can tell that I am ALWAYS JOKING HERE.

Now there’s a smile, Laurence.

We had some time to kill before the show. We were not only on time but ahead of time for once which is awesome for capturing a lot of pics. My mom is a very thorough events photographer and has expanded, these two shoot in tandem it is the best.

We are going to do a shoot together eventually.

The show we saw was by Huntress. See that necklace. Gems baby. The designer is up for a people’s choice for best collection, go vote for huntress you have til Nov 7th. What Would Laurence Fishburne Do? His baby mama closed the show with 2 Irish Wolfhounds a whutty-whut. That is because why and what.

We is always about the street photography too you know that boo. I get an assist on scoring this one, my call plus allowance. I had to whittle this post down to a finite amount. Toronto is such a small town and my mom photographed every single fashionista you would recognize, you’ll have to go to her album on FB to see. There’s unwritten rules here yo, can’t post it all.

Slob chic at your service. It’s at that point in the laundry rotation when things get interesting. However, I have been selected as a fashion notable to partake in an upcoming fashion social media thing so the style moves are working. Hashtag werking. From now on I am just going to Kerouacian prose prozac when I write here because who even knows how to do this thing called blogging anymore. If but nothing else than to please my fellow literary counterparts.

How, “This is not my first rodeo” is my face much?

Age gracefully. Grace agefully. I’m gonna tweet this Raymism what I just invented. Ten bucks no one cares.

Werk werk work, work mom work.

Tracey really captures it all.

A meeting of the minds.

This is how you own a sidewalk.

A woman captured a video of us walking alongside the streetcar on king to university. Wonder where that footage ends up!

Treatin my peeps to drinks. Love that ring of mine hey don’t look ay my pin!

Nice hat.

I would be a great model all you have to do is look angry a lot and wear a ton of makeup.

Fabulous check-in set-up this year. Like into a hotel on broadway.

So much bling and eccentricity. Check the gasp face in the middle. That’s laurence’s lady friend.

Hi again.

I miss Toronto.

Stink eye for you.

And for you. My hair is growing like a weed around my back.

Can you imagine three of me? Actually that equals 5.

I’m going to unfortunately break a blogging rule and pause this as I have to do some burlesque rehearsal related things now. Top Secret!!! Come to Poletergeist on Friday! Pt II Fashion Week tomowoah!

How to Guy Fawkes

And now you know! This is from Saturay night blowing off steam after the sex show. (It’s important to have friends just as weird as you are). I have two major blerg posts in store for you guys, fashion week and sex show. This is just a speed bump of awesome in between cos I am not prepared to rehash it all just yet (am I ever?) so don’t exactly feel ripped off with this “post”. Bloggers make lots of excuses eh?

One of my photobooth things. The second Time I did it was way better.

This was money though.

This was moreso money.

After all that sex (show) action I needed to dress like a little babushka and come down to earth for a bit lol.

Not to spoil the surprise or anything but I am dancing in this for Poletergeist on Halloween on Friday at Brass Vixens Studio. You should attend! I’m starting to get really nervous!

I bought nipple pasties too! You’ll have to wait and see if it’s hearts or stars ;).

Probably the awesomest picture of me lately. I am over my cell phone pics now, it’s all about the real camera. I have been lazy for so long in this regard. You look so much better when people can see for real what you look like.

This look reminds me of Halle Berry Catwoman.

Just some of my highlights. See the line on my thigh? That’s from running. There’s a nickname for the term. The line? I dunno. But I like it. Someone requested a butt tutorial video of me haha.

That’s all for now. Social media has destroyed blogging but I will continue to fight and to try. Fifteen years this Nov 28 I have been up to this and I am up for a Lifetime Achievement Weblog Award again so I had better keep at’er. Hope you are enjoying your Monday. xo yo.

Everything to do with S E X

Bonjourno murderers of my heart! What a glorious Tuesday that it is, no? The fuglier the rain, the more glorious you all look to me and the glorious doesn’t stop there as it so happens, I have 2 pairs of tickets left (added cos I be giving ‘em out like bananas) to The Everything to do with Sex Show this weekend Oct 24-26! Leave a sexy vomment if you want ‘em.

I’ll be poking around the Direct Energy Centre at the show for my first time so the show better bring it! I know it will, I’ve heard stories. Lots of freaks and randy weirdos walking aboot (my favourite). I got a crew of people too so it will be a sight to be seen wink wink wink. Be sure to keep your eyes on my instagram that day. Prob Saturday.

Check out the Toronto Site for more info! 15 years of Sex Shows and 15 Years of my blogging (this November 28), meant to be much.

Your daily TMI: I’m not blasting right now so maybe my freak flag will fly next weekend. Omg what a loser lol. PEACE.

Here’s my face now bye for real :).

ps. lurk my if you’re bored/have no life like me. Lots of treasures there.

I blog therefore I am but why.

Hello french fries! Friday! I mean friends!

photo sam fotosyne

I feel exhausted today. I have been busy and it dawned on me I’m gonna get more busy and I still have a lot to do and blah blah life omg life! So it’s Friday and I am glad to be doing f all tonight. I also thought that yesterday was Friday. So I gained a day to waste. Catching up on all my internet business, trying to organize and write. The more you do, the less time you have to micro-connect and then you feel the pressure. You’re doing your to do list but only half focused trying to splice yourself and time and spread it around everywhere but you can’t. I don’t care what drama I produce I am not making any bold decisions today so tread lightly.

My felt hat collection is growing.

As are my weird pictures collection! Someone asked if I did porn today, while another photographer is nagging me for nudes and to shoot and bler blah if you felt like pissing me off today get in line cos there are three more people who have followed suit too KABOOM! haha.

Rocky doesn’t piss me off though he is pretty Raymazing. At present, he nests in my winter coat on my bed. My mess is getting out of control.

I’ve been dressing a lot like Jerry Seinfeld lately though so that’s good. If you could see my shoes this joke would be funnier.

Went to the Hammer. Just had one slice and felt like barfing. So much cheese but very delicious. Next time I will go super baked and eat at least half.

Hi Damara miss you don’t know if this was blogged. I am really bad with keeping everything on one blog topic.

I didn’t wear this bikini top once this summer. I bought it to go with these Hello Kitty Bottoms. I’ll bust it out sometime. I had a lot of my tickle trunk wardrobe packed for my cosplay shoot is why I am rocking this. Apparently I need to explain things more in my life to avoid unsolicited opinions and what not about whatever the crap it is that I do.

My arm looks ripped here. I am gonna hit the free weights after this.

Seeing as I am on a complaining spree why stop now! I told my friend I used to trash on restaurants for shitty service all the time then I stopped because people (trolls) attacked me for it. But like wtf when people fuck up they should be called on it no? Going into an establishment and being seated and ignored for 20 minutes while you watch 10 employees milling around doing nothing IS TERRIBLE SERVICE especially when people are fungry. When they’re fungry, they come to you to eat, ever so happily and you kill their soul with each passing negligent moment. Our host sat us and ignored us, put on his coat then left! Without informing jack squat about our being seated, until one bar guy saw my super annoyed face and mulled it over for ten minutes. Is it rocket science? Do you think I am angry at the state of the world or perplexed by gas prices right now? Do you see water on our table even or those shitty stale LITERAL bread sticks? And there you have it, a classic Raymi fuming mad blog foodie post. Mercatto you used to be so good what’s the deal?

Legzactly. And yes we will be doing more band. Because I switched gears to “modelling” all of a sudden there is mass-confusion and widespread panic regarding my interest in “the band”?

See how bitchy I get when I don’t drink? I am basically Gerard Depardieu drying out lol.

Your food is excellent though, your staff just needs an intervention. Maybe it’s Toronto and I am spoiled on Burlington’s higher quality service? No offense (tons!)(jkjkjk).

Salumi is always good here.

There’s a name for this suit I forget but it’s a Japanese thing. Kinda carnival circus.

Tribal burlesque featuring my runner’s tan lines.

Chicago style deep dish.

Blond Raymi, 27.



Do you like calamari or octopus more? I will always go for octopus. Except if I’m hungover then it’s calarami and dusted.

There’s a Wonder Woman book in the works aside from that I have no idea or care it was a job.

Kinda wanted to walk around Toronto like this but had to remove it for one more look which was steam punk.

On the way there selfies of course.

That is the best bag and take away from my trip to NYC last summer.

BTW Next Weekend is the Sex Show. You will definitely be seeing me walking around in something crazy sexy. I think I told one of my friends verbatim that I was gonna dress like a total mega whore bahaha YOU KNOW IT!

Do you want a pair of tickets. I might just have one more to give away. Leave a nice vomment to cheer me up and they’re yours. Best vomment wins.

Oh look the billionth fitness photo of me yay. Have a nice Friday cos I know I won’t bahha.

well my boyfriend’s in the band

Well whaddya know this was the one we wanted to post yesterday and not Blue Jeans for the infinitieth time. Try sound and spelling that word out btw, fun times. I feel like we’re on groundhog day with my blog right meow but I don’t have time to give you anything different cos I’m busy preparing for a model shoot. We’ll get together again real soon tho kay promise xoxo.

C ya.