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Founded in 2000, hasn’t lost its drive and bursting at the seams with oodles of daily urban pop culture diarist content w/ copious hordes of traffic read by the who’s who the nation over (and a heavy international following to boot). A trailblazing must read, it is the longest running infamous blog of its calibre in Canada. Garnering multiple first place weblog awards on it’s 12th year (which is no easy feat considering half of my audience votes against me) and still she is the winningest polarizing blogger, provocateur, trendsetter, brand builder, ambassador come burlesque dancer entrepreneur every single buzz word you can think of, she’s already doing it.

A love to hate/hate to love (sayeth The Grid) edgy urban tell-all that is referenced & featured in the press on the regular, friends and frenemies with everybody like it’s everybody’s business and nobody can look away. An upcoming finalist for MTV’s Creeps, I’m in the running for my own tv pilot (It’s all happening man!) so if you want your brand potentially blazed all up and over the place, you best get in touch for RATES & STATS. My unique pioneering brand offers promotional reviews or metric appeal to your inner tech geek in knowing the value of associative linkins by a ranked site the weight of an anchor.

Also on the table, a network of twitter @raymitheminx and facebook for more traction bang for your buck and those little extras up my sleeve. Invite me to your parties VIPLEA$E! Sponsor Me! or send me somewhere as I adore travel! Lets work together and make social media magic. Under the belt is experience with several speaking engagements, panelist, to classes at (one at Ryerson), acted in music videos, commercials, movies, paid to party, product placement(s)/reviews, fashion shows, live music, FOOD!, events, modeling, and I loves to write too and really into vlogging too. Ask me anything, I’m game. I also write for Playboy Energy as Raymi Bunny.

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