fuck man

good thing i ate a million little potatoes yesterday and tonite will eat a 2lb chicago style pizza (7.99!)(not by myself!) and i am pre-menses bloated and beer o’clock and all i want to do is sit and eat like the daughter in european vacation’s plane nightmare sequence. too bad i can’t be more like rusty the european tour right now. ps. how much does he look like luke skywalker in that get-up?

haha look what krystal from windsor has to say about my pizza

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5
Unique and Hearty, November 12, 2007
By Krystal from Windsor Ontario (read all my reviews) (read all my reviews)
Flavour/Taste (if applicable): 3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Value for Money: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5
Preparation Instructions (if applicable): 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

“I was extremely skeptical that spinach could work on a pizza… to be honest I am not fully convinced. But I don’t care for meat on my pizza, and I figured I enjoy spinach in salads and dips so I tried it. The Oven instructions are easy and accurate.
I took the frozen pizza out and put a light layer of margarine on the bottom to prevent sticking, (other reviews mentioned this was a problem) and I had absolutely NO sticking. The pizza came out perfect.
It tastes pretty good. The spinach gave it a unique flavour. I can definitely say I have never had a pizza like this. It tastes more like a spinach tart from a fancy restaurant than a pizza, but it was still tasty in it’s own way. It is definitely full and deep, I couldn’t finish my second slice. The crust is my favourite part. So far my favourite frozen pizza crust.
To sum up, if you do not like spinach, you will not like this pizza.”

now i kind of want to write a review for every president’s choice product i have ever consumed. just kidding, i think i would rather get laid and drunk instead. sorry krystal.

i miss you

and here i am holding in my laboured breathing as much as i can.

we need to stock the car with fresh cds and i am also tired of dudes cruising alongside us cos they see some chick filming ‘emself jamming along, fuck off you are ruining my video like what do you want, you want me to look at you ya fucking creeper?

i can’t view youtube/any vids what do i have to do again to fix it?

*it’s ok i fixed it!

oh and i was informed yesterday that my art show will be showing for 2 months cos someone flaked out on november. so there will be more than one party, the next one will be in november on a weekend nite and there’ll be new stuff going up. i am overwhelmed. explosion. DON’T FORGET OCTOBER 7 8PM AT THE CENTRAL YOU GUYS!

but also, this dreamy motherfucker & the Curious w/ special guest Emma Lee, are having a record release party at St. Stephen In The Fields (103 Bellevue Ave, Toronto) on October 17 doors at 7.30 – peter katz’ voice, lyrics and guitar style have earned him repeated comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Martin Sexton and Ron Sexsmith. i know, and look at him wearing this sweatshirt.

things i can’t do:

have more than one coffee in a day.

turns out there IS cold water but no hot water oh and i bumped into yelling geezer next door and was trapped into exchanging niceties with him.

things i can do:

um, i’ll get back to you on that. no wait, i can eat blackened potato salad by myself at allen’s. i sat at the bar and i put on a very good alone person performance. i think they bought that i am not a neurotic nutcase, i was a smooth operator big time. the place was dead. i drank a beer and read my book and took a picture of my potatoes to make fil jealous. i ordered him some to go. i was pretty quick in there cos i wanted to use my streetcar transfer, turns out you have to be deposited internally in order to get on the subway from streetcar. i’m all why can’t i use this transfer and your hero was given some guff from the lady, she shrugs and goes because i don’t make the rules. yes thanks i gathered and that is why you are behind bullet proof glass taking tokens, tickets, and coins. thank you for the you don’t make the rules lesson and for not answering my question, you couldn’t have just admitted that you don’t actually know the answer to it? or been a little more original?

anyway, holy potatoes, you know they’re good when you blow your no-carb ritual.

holy shit that is some ballsy-ass squirrel we have over here.

I saw a woman, in the subway this morning, that looked a lot like you. It just so happened that she was crying, hugging her knees, and occasionally raising her hands to her temples.
After seeing that I realized that I hadn’t checked in on your situation in a while. It seems that you are not in the abject fetal-state of your look-alike, which is good to see. In fact you’re looking very well. I am assuming that you remember who I am. If not… just think 15 page pedantic emails…probably some of the most ridiculous material ever produced. All right, keep doing what you do. Our culture needs the diversity.

I am still a warrior.


no not me tho i was on the subway today and i do feel that way in my head about it instead of fetal position mental i like to have a lot of things to check on in my purse to make sure they are still there, phone, mp3 player, book, camera, wallet, etc

jynweythek ylow

i totally know these lyrics.

ignore the fact that i look like a balloon, focus on the fact that i am giving stink-eye to the two bags who were openly whispering and looking my outfit up and down up and down the second we showed up.

too bad i missed this in real time.

cue zeppelin

i am happy to report we have a new squirrel friend who visits us every morning and has been hanging around since friday, i’ve been feeding him multigrain tostitos, he’s been taking to hiding the leftovers in my plants, cid likes him, well, he hasn’t launched himself through the screen yet so i take that as like and as a sign that maybe if OMG HES BACK RIGHT NOW anyway i think if we got a kitten cid maybe wouldn’t kill it based on how well he is handling the presence of the squirrel. blah blah blah squirrels. he’s going to feel pretty stupid when steph takes my fern for the winter and all his food is in it, just sayin’ squirrel. i just tossed some more chips out there and he took off. he’ll be back.

haha i look like poochie with the sunglasses hey dewds lets do some kewl things today but remember to stay in school and don’t do drugs. sorry this is pre-coffee raymi talking to you right now. i’m up cos i have cramps on top of cramps from doing sit-ups in bed last nite and some heart burn sprinkled on top and i have a non-gum related interview later so i may as well keep it real in awake land for a bit. oh i just realised i have two interviews today, one from the couch and the other is on the other side of town. fil says the cold water is turned off so i might not be able to even wash my hair today. sounds like a bun day to me.

moot. city hires pole cleaners (ha pole) and look at the mess they leave behind, oh it just gets rained away into the sewers no biggie. pfft.

a little harbord hang out there’s usually a few guys hanging around outside haha i just noticed the upside down 4.

this was an impromptu walk had i known i’d have worn something a little more appropriate, worth it though, for the looks from parents sprinkled throughout the park. i also made a video of walking up this hill and am holding my breath so you can’t hear how laboured it is. ps. this is lowville park.


fil and i were discussing what kind of toboggans to get for this hill come winter. i used to go all the time when i was a kid and this year for real i plan to bomb down that hill once again. it really is a great hill and higher up than i remembered. snow pants excuse!

snobby picnic time.

i am looking at my heartburn right now, awesome. the lady at cheese boutique sliced me the wrong genoa didn’t notice ’til we left.

espresso time bye!

update: i was in there doing my thing and the fridge just got to me so i took all the junk off it, felt great! there’s some marker stains on it though. on the side we had these word magnets covering the whole thing, sponsored by moosehead, “fun” with beer oriented words, childish novelty that wore off a minute after they hit the fridge. in the garbage they went. not spotless but it’s a start.

i hope this doesn’t turn fil clean ocd when he gets home.

look it’s me

waiting for a mini turkey burger, mooching heat from the bbq and holding the one beer i couldn’t even consume a third of, gave the rest to fil then i went back to wine.

look it’s me owning at gits, that’s foosball you nerds. ps. why is it called gits? maybe it’s spelled jits/z?

look it’s me right now!

guess what i get to do next week!? i get to tell some advertising people how to make gum for cool people. ha! i am already making notes in my head. note 1. no more futuristic EXTREME jock gum campaigns, thanks.

do you remember when we met

ok here we go kids

fil was the official wedding photographer.

last minute table dressing.

had some time to kill waiting for sharpie’s water taxi, went for a teeny stroll.

ainsley’s new paperweight.

let it all out buddy. watching dudes cry is the worst, second only to seeing your dad cry and like getting cancer.

they did it!


spenny and i hit it off until he got all republican on me haha hi spenny!

everyone’s speech made me cry (except for kenny’s) esp. when samir said that it’s true, your wedding day is the best day of your life.

my new buddy and best dance partner EVER.

sigh, to be a model.

little lia.

all the chicks got pashminas, thanks sharpie and samir!

sebastian pacino.

dance costume change i may or may not have danced like a total flooze.

heel sinkholes.

it was a lovely time, and v touching to see your friends take the plunge together surrounded by other friends on the island. congrats you too stop making me cry!

the rest of my pictures can be found in this set here.

hoochie dress i didn’t buy and am not wearing today

fil gave it the thumbs up, i didn’t on account of not wanting to feel like a pregnant whore all day long.

not finished and i think i kind of hate it, i was going for a raymi as dildo thing here.

a vegetarian meal at last.

i am torn between the AA dress and the black with white polka dots dress, maybe i’ll stuff the AA dress into my bag and bust it out later on.