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i miss you

and here i am holding in my laboured breathing as much as i can.

we need to stock the car with fresh cds and i am also tired of dudes cruising alongside us cos they see some chick filming ‘emself jamming along, fuck off you are ruining my video like what do you want, you want me to look at you ya fucking creeper?

i can’t view youtube/any vids what do i have to do again to fix it?

*it’s ok i fixed it!

oh and i was informed yesterday that my art show will be showing for 2 months cos someone flaked out on november. so there will be more than one party, the next one will be in november on a weekend nite and there’ll be new stuff going up. i am overwhelmed. explosion. DON’T FORGET OCTOBER 7 8PM AT THE CENTRAL YOU GUYS!

but also, this dreamy motherfucker & the Curious w/ special guest Emma Lee, are having a record release party at St. Stephen In The Fields (103 Bellevue Ave, Toronto) on October 17 doors at 7.30 – peter katz’ voice, lyrics and guitar style have earned him repeated comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Martin Sexton and Ron Sexsmith. i know, and look at him wearing this sweatshirt.

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