something is rotten in denmark, everytime i gain votes second place jumps up the same amount, who the fuck is doing this all day long for the competition!? i smite you!


should i take this email seriously?

Dear RAYMI THE MINX (if that is your real name)

Your days of public nail-biting, drinking and muppeteering are numbered.

I will delete your blog and all its content and block for ever if you don’t drop out of the 2006 Cdn. BLOG awards. A year working for blogger taught me how to do this. I don’t care how drunk you are, I’ll do it, as I’m being paid a substantial undisclosed sum, which is seen by my undisclosed employer as an investment towards winning the contest herself – himself.

Unless you complete the conditions of the request within three (3) working days, expect your blog to be replaced with pornography.

1. Submit your resignation to the people of the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards and remove your name from all ballots.
2. Email me a picture of your boobs so that myself and my friends can jerk off on it.
3. I also want a email greeting card wishing me a happy birthday.

Believe that I am serious, or will mainly be remembered as a place where molesters went to pull one off.


anyway keep voting for me guys don’t sweat it.

i just tried to draw a picture of a goat on the chalkboard in the kitchen cos i wrote GOAT CHEESE 4EVER and i realised i don’t know what the fuck a goat looks like anymore, i mean, in my head i do, but that image cannot effectively make it’s way to my little piece of chalk what i ended drawing was a rendering of that moishe guy’s face from where the wild things are on the body of a dog-like thing i am going back to school. what the hell goat? do they have horns or not all i can think of is this asshole donkey with a tin can necklace on a mountain going na ah aha ah.

**ok turns out yes they have horns and they are massive, a goat not having horns is like a car with no wheels. hi grade 1 education, where are you?!

if i win for best blog i will “leak” a uh sexy video as reward i would offer you all blowjobs but i can’t afford to fly all over the world and not all of you have penises though i am good at pleasuring females. ew i said pleasure.

don’t forget i will also have a contest for a signed copy of marketable depression and two other luckies will get special things mailed to them and if i don’t deliver on all of these offerings you can go on a date with fil. so vote as much as you can until tomorrow when they close the polls.

who do you think will win ANTM i’m thinking that melrose will likely win if she doesn’t do something cuckoo but i would love for caridee to win cos of all three she is most likely the one i would masturbate to, she’s always nakedish and she’s smart, melrose is an immature flake. eugena is too much of a wallflower to win unfortunately. last nite’s floating in the water thing made me nervous cos i can’t float at all, i can swim v. well but float, i cannot and it’s something that you have no control over too so it was hard to watch. i like how when caridee was shivering uncontrollably melrose decided that it was cos caridee needs a lot of attention?! haha um i need attention so i will give myself hypothermia and not say anything about it until i go into cardiac arrest and potentially damage my chances of winning now THAT is how you get positive attention. fucking melrose.

don’t read anything until you vote for me cos if i lose you may as well get use to not having ANYTHING to read

Canadian Blog Awards

now on to the funny

ok new readers i dunno if you caught this but last february i made a FAKE BLOG called tillyrabbit run by tilly/me and jamie made one called swell ideas run by hillary/jamie and merkley made one too called lonesomelildove run by lillian/merkley.

so yes my alter-ego is a fat smiley lady with cats who says LOL a lot. if you have time to waste AND I KNOW THAT YOU DO go read the comment section on all these blogs, they’re truly hilarious. the posting stopped after a few days, it was too exhausting keeping it up and i don’t know if i have the password to login anymore, feh. enjoy.

it’s funny cos some real bloggers found these blogs totally separate from my blog and they think they’re real people and leave comments while others who i told NO tilly is not a real person carry on like how people talk to puppets as if the puppet is a separate entity from the person working the puppet. anyway have fun play along i don’t care.

don’t you want a nice young loudmouth to be the face of canada, the best blog, don’t you want this to be an even bigger trainwreck? don’t you want to see me on television? strategystrategystrategynakednakednaked.

HERE IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER TO VOTE AGAIN it’s pretty close EVERY VOTE COUNTS don’t think if you don’t vote it doesn’t matter cos it most certainly does no offense to the other lady but i do not want to lose to a three old blog, if i win this year i will never bother you with this shit ever again. thank you for your votes thus far, today and tomorrow are the last days to vote, i assume sometime tomorrow they close the poll earlyish so get in as many for me as you can, buy your grandma a computer and get her to vote too, i would but my grandma is dead so feel sorry for me about that. no? too far?

my hits were through the roof yesterday also thanks for that ya’lls!

so totally vote and then you can read this blog for many moons to come if not, peace!

Canadian Blog Awards