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don’t you want a nice young loudmouth to be the face of canada, the best blog, don’t you want this to be an even bigger trainwreck? don’t you want to see me on television? strategystrategystrategynakednakednaked.

HERE IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER TO VOTE AGAIN it’s pretty close EVERY VOTE COUNTS don’t think if you don’t vote it doesn’t matter cos it most certainly does no offense to the other lady but i do not want to lose to a three old blog, if i win this year i will never bother you with this shit ever again. thank you for your votes thus far, today and tomorrow are the last days to vote, i assume sometime tomorrow they close the poll earlyish so get in as many for me as you can, buy your grandma a computer and get her to vote too, i would but my grandma is dead so feel sorry for me about that. no? too far?

my hits were through the roof yesterday also thanks for that ya’lls!

so totally vote and then you can read this blog for many moons to come if not, peace!

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