i was so bored last nite i did my niece’s beauty and the beast puzzle.

miu mu raymi says:

how do u spell neice

miu mu raymi says:

or is it niece

Laura says:


Laura says:

i think

miu mu raymi says:

isnt it i before e

miu mu raymi says:

or some shit

miu mu raymi says:

i think its niece

Laura says:

except before c

miu mu raymi says:

except after c

Laura says:

i b4 e except before c and in words neighbor and weigh

miu mu raymi says:

not before

Laura says:

there are no words with ei after c

miu mu raymi says:

yeh there are

miu mu raymi says:


Laura says:


Laura says:


Laura says:

oh yeah

Laura says:


Laura says:

i dont know

Laura says:

look it up in an online dictionary

miu mu raymi says:

meh i dont have time for that im spelling it niece

miu mu raymi says:

it looks right

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