so this dude throws himself in the back of a cab today around the corner and makes these bomb threats or whatever and all of bloor between and spadina was closed off and there were infinity cops and swat dudes and negotiators etc etc i took a bunch of pictures cos i’m a sensationalist like that. i show up and there are a bunch of people standing around who’ve clearly been there for awhile and i just happened to overhear an old lady complaining about a cab driver and how he should just blow himself up so i walk over and a person asks me what’s going on like i am information at the mall so i tell him and then it just fucking SPREADS like wildfire all around me and i can hear people fucking up certain facts and i’m like PEOPLE it’s a cab right over THERE and a guy is in it and he says he has a bomb THE END.

like fuck off YOU are the one who has been standing here for an hour and you don’t even know what the fuck you are standing around for?

anyway it’s all over, no bomb, no explosion.

look what jared made me. custom too. ask him to do one for you, say i sent you and don’t be a cheapskate either. it’s also his birthday tomorrow.

three seconds after i wrote that yesterday was a 1 my friend sarah called and came over and we got booze and the day turned into an 8 thought you might like to know that. days i wake up early tend to be melodramatic cos i’m all there are too many hours and not enough macaroni to glue to craft paper type shit anyway today is better cos i slept in and cid licked my hand for twenty minutes.

when is raymi appreciation day?