raymi: hey guess what?

dad: please don’t say you are pregnant.

raymi: ?

raymi: noooo, i’m going on tour with matt for a few shows.

dad: OH COOL!

close to 4am there was a huge ruckus going on outside – a bunch of meathead jocks all fighting with some bitches too one guy was all THIS IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD BLEEEEEARGH and he had no shirt on and two cop cars came. exciting. i crouched naked in the dark livingroom by a chair and watched everything. i felt like saying no excuse me this is MY neighborhood BITCH and i am trying to sleep and then step out of the shadows all naked and weird. anyway.

fil got me an hp photo printer thing I LOVE IT I AM PRINTING THE WORLD. i think i will bring it to my party next week so you can put your flashcards in it and we can have a foto printed of me and you together forever so tell me pictures you want from my blog or wherever printed i will sign them and sell you them!

survivor was awesome last nite i wish shane gets voted off i like terry but not as much as that old hawaiian dude who got the machete in the face.