Raymazing summer

What’s up yo. Picked up our new ride for the week (with an extra day bonus thanks to the upcoming holiday Monday) took her for a spin and went to one of our favourite parks starring this baby bunny.

I didn’t wash my hair yesterday so I wasn’t exactly feeling camera vogueing it up but whatever, real life and what not right.

I keep forgetting how brilliant this camera is.

A father behind us was having difficulty getting his daughter on her little bike with training wheels to make it up along this path you could tell he was embarrassed we were in ear shot, I almost offered to push her. Next time avoid wood chips dude.

I love old world leftovers.

And jungles. When will the hot weather come back though?

Got a little hot in my sweater like wtf did I bring this out for and naturally the boy has a go at it.

Oh so Euro, fine if you make fun of me it’s getting blogged.

Seriously that’s the pose? You’re like OJ pretending the glove doesn’t fit. I said you better not delete these pictures!!! Ha.

There she is, such a dream ride. Swankier than the last one which was pretty classy in and of itself. The Lincoln MKZ has a gigantic panoramic roof and if you speed up a little it closes (just partially) on its own for safety so your back window view behind isn’t obstructed.

The name of this colour is bordeaux. SWOON. My dad is in love with all aspects of this car and is awaiting me to hook him up with one next haha lol. I love the white/bordeaux contrast dad says it’s like a car from Britain with a similar custard and cream look, it’s so posh and not to be full of myself but seriously everyone rubber necks a Lincoln vehicle there’s just something about it, also the colour probably pushes the look at me over the edge. BF is the one who points out the gawking, egomaniac.

It’s usually men driving other nice cars who stare and appreciate the fineness of the Lincoln MKZ it feels like we’re in a special club with them. Owning it. Once I hit publish we’re going to hit the streets and go sight seeing, hit some back roads.

19″ lovely wheels.

Some sky action.

Great navigation set-up, or “nagigation” as we call it/I’m called. (whatever he is so much more of a nag) and love the THX II audiophile sound system plus sirius satellite and wifi, obviously. There’s also the interior disco lights which I super love, this time bf chose red (not for long though I’m so switching it to purple). Oh yeah the seats are AC too, feels interesting.

Swipe volume too so futuristic and the park/drive/sport buttons are all push too, crazy cool!

Adore the brown swirl walnut wood applique too, fancy mcfancy.

I want like one (or several) great backseat pics in there definitely in one of my heartbreaker dresses a la Dita.

The boys just took off in it so I could get some peace, we’ll probably drive up to the escarpment.

White dune perforated leather that’s all I gotta say, it’s nice to max and relax against it for a change usually it’s always black/grey.

It’s like all the fun of a convertible without all the fuss.

That’s a little shelf to my left for papers and misc. stuff, yay!

Went to the poacher for some grub.

It rained for a bit so we went inside to booth it up which is all I really wanted anyway I was so wiped out yesterday from working the Canadian Open on the w/e beginning Thurs.

Did not understand these extra spots in the booth.

One could in no way reach the table. Resisted urge to carve our names.

BF says this is very Dutch. Um no, Dutch is very this, as in British. Thank you come again. I ate his peas, he asked for carrots like the menu stated. It’s nice that we annoy and/or irritate and confuse all servers we encounter. That’s what they’re there for no? It’s also funny watching people trying to pretend they understand his thick accent.

It’s also a trip to take him everywhere I have ever been ever. My grandfolks had their Scottish dancing parties upstairs at the Arms, a club they also founded in Oakville BTW.

Hi it’s me again. That thing on my chest is like a sun blister, not a blemish (trust me I’ve tried to squeeze it haha sorry TMI) so now obviously I’m all is it skin cancer???

Was attempting to catch the sun on my face for a pic, pro tip.

If the man’s happy (and he is) then the woman is happy. Yeah it’s true happy wife happy life but it goes both ways.

Thanks so much for making our weeks again Ford Canada. Now here’s a little video cruising LakeShore, best street ever to scenic route it up avoid highway traffic by.

Discovered this tune while in Holland. Music in Europe is awesome, you have to have a pen or something handy quick though to write it down and they often play three songs in a row you dig then you’re like what’s the name of that song that goes blap bloop bloop blee dee deet duh deet deet again? Totally.

Oh I forgot we did a little shopping too.

A modern classic.

Dad/bf just came back from a spin, dad’s in love. BF says when you close the door it sounds like a “mercedes door” so quiet and streamlined, perfection. They’re non-stop talking about the car now.

On the way to pick it up.

The night before he ate that. Not surprised.

He got me this while I was working, haven’t tried them on yet I don’t want to be disappointed.

I look like an 80’s music video. OKAY PEACE BYE. Have a great Tuesday! xo rlw.

Less is moron

Hey guys sorry for neglecting you dear blog, been busy.

So here’s some normal stuff instead. Had taste of Borington at Paradiso last night, the roof of my mouth is still blistering from these steamy hot sweet potato phyllos, d’oh.

Orig pic sans insta.

Not exactly the best shot of my six pack of stomach but I was wearing tight pants and notice how your bra combined makes the extra tire of fun? I super don’t care, I like having extra weight (keep telling myself that) I mean my bf likes it/doesn’t care in fact is getting a Canadian belly too (whoops!) and we’re happy. I mean I’d love to be a beanpole again but I’m confident in how I look now, I turn heads I ain’t dead that’s all that matters. Plus curvy is the new skinny (I just made that up) curvy and thirty, I’m not a kid anymore anyway but I think when I work with them I’m gonna start saying I am one (25) cos apparently I can pass for it.

Sorry for all that insecurity there, as a blogger who always gets needled for every little thing that appears in my photos from my hands to my face and my thighs I always feel the need to pre-defend myself however standing up I look like this, not fat stomach flattens out so that is that.

Lol crazy eye, crazy for you eye.

I didn’t eat this, for the billionth time I’m not a sweets person.

Me in my monkey suit two days ago.

And the day before that. The networking has been great too, stacks of biz cards and one butt compliment thrown in there for good measure. Today will separate the mice from the men for sure. Pretty much hired for another gig already but I have to suss it out first, when someone says in their email “no buying or selling” it kinda totally means Buying and Selling, you can’t bs a bs’er yo.

Had a nice visit round the corner with some fam friends :).

That bar is a relic, it was in our old basement. Some good times had on it fur sure.

Blind kitty.

Hipster pantsitis. Okay gotta preen now, have a great one.

Up all night to get plucky

Heyonara dudes. Happy Tuesday. Captain Raymboat here with my weekender chronicles for ya’s. Hit the water on my uncle’s boat Saturday, day after the immense storm and luckily the heatwave behaved after all that action.

Givin’er. BF and I wanted to jump off the boat and swim but unfortunately there’d be no way to catch back up with the boat again since it’s a charter fishing boat and they be a trollin’ rollin’ steadily away from us. We’ll hit a beach yet no worries “s’all good” in the southern ON hood.

These were the biggest juiciest polish sausages I’ve ever seen, lots of inneundos were made of course, “it’s a tight bbq but they fit” lol.

All the fishing action took place just as the sun was setting it got pretty intense, four fish on the line at once reeling and reeling it in for forever. WE KEPT IT REEL.

The polish guys finally started smiling once we caught this salmon thank goodness. Caught an even bigger fish than this afterward, such a dinosaur.

After all was said and done we ripped it up in my uncle’s Shelby whaaaat sick. More on that later. Driving with a broken hand, interesting.

Next day at Monfort’s mmmmmmonforts. That place doesn’t change. No need.

Kicked it old school with some above selfies. Not bad not bad.

Says Fatale at the bottom. Shopping in Holland realizing halfway through I was in a store for millennials. Whatevs, I see older chicks in f21 all the time. Daps. I don’t really know anyone who dresses “their age”.

We stayed on the water for about 5 hours.

Super fun as always. Lucked out with some calm waters. They couldn’t go out the next day cos the water was choppy, three foot waves, seasickness for sure.

Hello down there.

It very much feels like a holiday being out there we were very grateful and lucky.

Jules you were missed.

Typical boat pose vantage point shots of course.

It’s hard to see what you’re taking with the sun in your face, guess I’m just a natural at it. Only took 13 years hah.


Taking turns driving is fun but it’s not as simple as it looks you have to keep the bearing straight cos you’ve got lines in the water, waves and wind to account for.

The boys fought this branch for a long while, courtesy of the storm we kept it on the boat til we were done fishing sick of catching branches and leaves so often.

This was the biggest beast of all. Too heavy for me to grab by the end and pose with like that plus I didn’t want slime all over me, I tried but then he started flopping around. I have mixed emotions over sport fishing but if you’re going to keep and eat them then why not. Vegetarians look away for today.

Aw. Everyone took turns posing with it hehe. Protocol. More later bye friends! ps. don’t forget ships don’t lie.

Saturday chaturday

Hey guys some storm last night right!

The new camera is so Raymazing. Wish I had more time to upload all the stuff I shoot. I will, in time.

Love this car bf wants to take one back to Holland.

Sweet classic Ford stang.

Bro and I rocking the same flip flops.

Great view from a new resto at YDS there wasn’t a line-up for the patio either enjoy that while it lasts.

Have to keep that string attached otherwise the shirt would flop right open. Maybe I should just remove it though.

Nothing unites people like weather eh. So many amazing pics blasted online yesterday of everyone’s diff skyp0rn. I have sweet videos too you’ll see once it’s socially irrelevant. Sorry off to hit the water today thank god the temperature has cooled down a bit.

I blurred myself cos I was trying to be arty and mysterious. Booked a hotel cos didn’t want to drive back intox’d, smrt guys.

Misters, so good.

Bro said he would have paid to eat our exquisite meal, hmm, maybe you should then dude next dish is 5 bucks.

Pushin’ my luck gotta go!

Stay cool.

I lurk at you.

Here’s some more Canadian explorations with my Dutch little treat from last week. It’s nice to share with him the scenes of my various childhood crimes (an expression CHILL) and early adulthood stomping grounds plus now it’s my turn to tell the stories cos I got an earful over in Holland about all kinda of funnylarious wacky and wild adventures taking place all over everywhere we went.

This day we went to Future Shop to get a big monitor. What’s with dudes and big computer monitors right? Must be an IT guy thing.

Niece doesn’t wear these and mine are almost museum artifacts so yoink. I can fit into a seven.

Summer outfits are kinda Carrot Top. Cray. Man I got some eyeballs at the falls. It was a heat wave you are lucky I’m not wearing my Borat suit.

Went for a spin yesterday more on that later. NBD.

Didn’t properly cruise mom’s Facebook til yesterday oh looky loo Tracey. I drew that heart.

Mom said this was so Julian. She has a hyper funny friend from teenagehood and my BF does what he wants on impulse like a passionate mofo I love that. Sure everyone at Barangas did too.

Back to the falls. AT the time of this picture TONY HAWK was on the other side of the Niagara Falls omfg right. My friend Duncs pointed that out to me (also not to be confused with DUNCS MA DAD).

Whatever Falls. That nail polish was supposed to be green. WTF with me now.

This is a look at me dress lets just be honest. Dutch women whipped their heads at me in Holland and then did an I AM HONOURING THAT nod like they were making a note to copy it for later and I was like THUMBS UP at them. Can we all just walk around like a beach resort right meow thanks peace, your friend Laymi.

It’s nice that there’s a rasta banana featured here way to welcome our American visitors, great first impression there but I noticed the locals are pretty “real” so it flows. It’s like a carny town built to please everyone and an ultra ghost town upon immediate vacating thereof. Why am I writing this like a CSI report??

Did I blog this yet I don’t know, in it I talk about Shia Labeouf (whom I’m a huge fan of btw), the JO-ing us driver (capital REALLY DUDE?), lil bub and some keeping it real in the 60’s pics + video on life back then if you were alive and an adult. CHECK IT OUT.

The set-up.

Those shorts are from Holland, it’s hard to gauge what’s in fashion here cos I’ve been away in terms of neon are people doing it a lot here can we do a poll? I also like how my bf tried to tell me I couldn’t wear cougar or animal prints over there, it’s everywhere. Also Do you think I would adhere to anyone’s fashion rules over that of my own ever?

Still haven’t shown the back of this guy, long black zipper. I have several new things I haven’t worn yet it’s just too hot.

And instagrammed. Yawn.

My throwback. Hi K-OS.

I don’t know how to rotate flickr pics yet.

Hi Moose. Send that to Moose. A dutch guy obsessed with Moose, we got to the bottom of Moose.

I’ve been coming here since I was 2. Someone digs it. Yeahada. Oakville love.

Our stuff is a novelty to him.

These things still exist he’s like. Yeah man go for it.

Could my earrings be huger? Yes they could. Guess where they cam from.

Hi guys. Comin’ for you today. Maybe you’ll see me.

Our friends. Squirrels are a big novelty too they don’t really exist in Holland. Even table relish, that green sh!t is a Canada thing. I’ll keep you abreast of more curiosities you can feel special about as they come to me. Our cars are bigger too. Everything is bigger. Garlic. I keep getting exclamations of mundane things being AMAZING. Stop the world there’s three highway lanes kinda thing.

Oakvegas pier finally got that it was vertigo scary and dangerous to walk down it all burly-like without a rail I mean I grew up with it riding burly like that but still on windy wave crashy days and when you and your brother/friends like to play PSYCHE out pushing shoving there maybe it’s best to have a rail.

Or if your kid ran off it.

He’s so cute. Look waves. Swoon.

And his Euro picture poses. Look I’m at the/a club?

Sailboat jealous.

Zoomy zoom.

My monkey. Wonder what my dad thinks of all these nicknames he’s hearing. He thinks BF is a gentleman. HAHAHHA. Aw.

Mom loves him too, he makes her laugh. One time in Aruba we followed them to a shopping mall and were all in a store he grabbed a stupid looking green floppy sun hat and said in his crazy accent I AM SENOR FROG! Then he took a pair of shorts I had tried on and nixed and whipped them across the store like you would your underwear at the wall and my mom and I died laughing we were all sweaty tanned and wearing bathing suits it was hysterical Lois didn’t laugh though she wasn’t sure about him yet. I’m LOLing right now even writing about it. I went and picked up the shorts and hung them up after scolding him WTF don’t do that ahgahha he doesn’t give a f*ck it’s very attractive.

They start opening these guys up in the fall I think. I’ve been going since I was a kid.

Waiting for his mail. Think I’m going to update my desktop to this one.

Oh there’s your mail go and get it. Lazy.

A huge fuzzy bee was above me pretty much in a flower. I’m gonna put pause on this we’re going to the city remembuh. Have a nice one.


Hey there friends hot enough for ya? Today it’s going up to something like 41 my bro just said, yikes. Don’t know why I even bother washing drying and straightening my hair cos in this heat it’s just impossible to keep un-gnarly then we always end up at the pool.

Jealous of mom right now she’s in Florida for 2 weeks. Wahh. We’re having fun though so whatevs.

Saw Shannon on Saturday had a great time, missed her. She’s getting married in August WHAAAAT. Shower’s on Sunday should be a fun day.

I’m loving how much my dutch (diva) bf is loving Canada. Remind me to update MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY tumblr I gotta stay on top of that if I don’t make notes of all his little quirks and flip outs I forget them. Anyway, he loves it here big time.

Went to the pool again yesterday and will probably go later on today despite being told off for sitting on a flutterboard and feeding seagulls.

I didn’t even know Shannon had all this extra space on her roof like the entire roof of the building, sweet. Reminds me of New York.

Picture posin’ time.

Bf’s camera makes this one seem like garbage now even though it’s still pretty wicked.

Party people spying.

Baby and Justin Bobby are the cutest cats. Sorry guys can’t come out.

And I still have so many photos from Holland to blog, enough for a life time.

I lost ten pounds, possibly more while I was in Holland I have no idea how or how much cos I was eating so many exquisitely ridiculous things including carbs and a lot whilst over there plus I don’t rememer what I weighed because I did not want to know. It’s probably from not drinking which I’ll continue to not do while here and the heat has made me lose more so hopefully by summer’s end I’ll be a fit thoroughbred once again. I should probably start jogging too. We are pretty (hyper) active and go for walks often which is great great great too. There’s something about being in your own environment that makes it easier to just go out and do more stuff plus the backyard in Holland was an over-run jungle and bf had so much work to do before we left. I miss biking there though, and sister.


Four wheel drive Taurus makes our last car look like a Grandmamobile.

It’s nice to be by water again, discovered a teeny little beach yesterday (Not telling where!)(though you’ll probably discern it by my future pics) that we can actually dip our toes in the non-dirty lake Ontario water and sit in the sand but it’s tiny and will def be loaded with people in no time.

Nana and Papa were out at the casino when we dropped by so Auntie held on to their gifts I guess I should call her today to get the scoop on how awesome a grand daughter I am.

Jules thought that was an engagement ring haha I bought that at the airport on the way to Aruba it’s costume junk jewelery and a little too big aka obviously not real.

En route to Amsterdam by train, very convenient that.

Candy everywhere. I have to start flossing again and bleaching my teeth now that I “casually” smoke. Once we run out of euro smokes I’ll probably quit, tried a Canadian version of Marlborough lights and blechhhhh. Okay more errands to run bye bye I wrote this entire thing while talking with bf the whole time and it was annoying I forget everything is foreign to him here and I have to explain everything like, yes we have a toaster you can buy bread and so on kay peace. (promise I will wear a different shirt today haha).