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Ding dong! Ding dongs (doorbell ring duh), it’s Monday a little after one o’clock which means you might be hating life entertainment-wise at the mo post-lunch wtf in the feelings dept. so anyway thought you’d like to chill with my latest PLAYBOY ENERGY DRANK V-SPOT: Viral News Round-up of the thangs that stood out for me the last week on les webs.

Crush it, xo RLW Bunny Enjoy.

click clickity click click. THE D IS FOR DADDY, PAULY.

Neverland Netherlands

People wee on this thing bf says so I’ve never sat on it but trust me I so want to, think of the photo opps.

Hair is fabulously red now I must remember to dye it more frequently. One last little shopping excursion, got cougar short shorts and some other shirts. Had a 3 hour shop-a-thon with Mummsy today, man that chick can find the goods :). Now I just have to decide who gets what.

Something for sis.

We went for a bike ride and saw a wild pheasant which I think was actually a female peacock or that’s the same thing, we followed it along this little stream then went through a corn field. Gaddamn I’ma miss this place. We went on a teeter totter too. The kid’s parks here are ridonkulously designed.

This shirt would get way too much attention, passed on it. There was another goofy one that said F-CK SWAG. except not bleeped out. You’ll see the rest of my scores as I wear them.

I lit a smoke with a cat lighter too, just too much haha. It was sister’s and had one of those bbq lighter style extensions you steal from the garage wtf.

BOOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG loved him. Flicked carpaccio (finger nail sized so like nothing) at him but he didn’t notice wahh sad face. The lesbo (or sisters)(or sisters who are also lesbians? trust me I know lesbians) owners were like, these people are making us look bad for loving our dog so much. BTW BF says booboodoodoo now too anytime an animal is on the scene except he can’t say it right but still the tone is correct.

Okay I gotta go now I’m tired couch time blah blah miss this place already.

Ps my latest v-spot is up. Here’s one of the videos I chose.

TRIGGER WARNING (You’re supposed to say that on the internet when the following information is a doozy and may literally hit home) In this domestic violence PSA, Keira Knightley yells cut which is hard to discern if it’s real or not on account of her shitty acting but the point is IRL you can’t say CUT to get your psycho boyfriend to stop hitting you. We had a tense sinking stomach feeling when watching this clip cos we’ve had some shite bf’s in our day not to mention every man on the face of the planet is a moody sonofabitch (you are don’t lie) far too many women have to walk on eggshells around. If you’re in an abusive relationship, or know someone who may be, there is help: Call: 800-799-SAFE or visit National Domestic Violence Hotline Or call me I’ll sort it out for you!



Hi assholes ready for more internet you may have/probably seen already with a Raymi Bunny twist? Don’t answer that rhetorical Q cos it’s V SPOT TIME you dummy! I’ll give you a quick taste of one of the videos RIGHT MEOW because IpretendLU.

“He’s a really big deal, I know, I’m told this.” Um stupid MSNBC bitch, what you actually know is shit outside the American brainwashing landscape bubble what is your think locally; act locally ignorant mind. Russell Brand goes on Morning Joe to promote his Messiah Complex tour and these three morning show jerk-offs have no fucking clue who or what he is and is big time cringe-inducing to watch them be so HEE-HAW rude to him until Brand starts calling ‘em on their shit. “Well thank you for your casual objectification.” And how. These morons should do their homework next time, because the on air awkwardness emanating from this shit-interview, “shiterview” is not a good look for MSNBC, Russell then goes on to manically report actual news delving into Snowden territory. Sorry MSNBC, but in the game of Dumb vs smart, you’re the former and the country Russell Brand (the guy you acted so coolly aloof about) hails from the latter. AND FACE.

NOW READ THE REST/ENJOY. Peace, love Raymi Bunny.

V spot

Hi everyone! Hi Dad. Here’s my latest Playboy feature, I’m doing viral internet goodies now which will most likely resolute in a weekly feature cos there’s so much murterial on les webs where I spend the majority of my time anyway, we figured why not do that PLUS I find things first what with this accelerated time zone 6 hour lead.

Here’s one to kick off with.

Undercover commercials (if authentic) are the best because you typically get a square swearing his fucking guts out then the viewer is sucked in to see where this is going even though you know it’s an advertisement for a soft drink and has dang all to do with the beverage, sneaky marketers but anyway undercover professional stock car racer Jeff Gordon takes a bad assly powerful Chevy for a test spin with an unsuspecting car dealer wherein predictably hilarity ensues as 4 times NASCAR series winning Gordon goes apeshit on the gas, burn outs fish tails you name it we’d say it’s priceless but there was definitely a price tag for this advertisement. The reaction is cut a bit short because it seems like the dealer was extremely overwhelmed which makes for bad television reaction for Pepsi but he then recovers quickly by saying wanna do it again? When Jeff Gordon says I’m Jeff Gordon I’d be like who?

Now go see the rest, love you bye. Raymi Bunny.

Soiling the Royals

All Bunny ears up cos my Playboy Energy Drink Canada UK vs. Dutch Royals article is up. Woah that was a lot of countries listed in a row in one sentence. Whatever forever. Long live Prince Harry and spicy QILF Máxima of the Netherlands, plus the rest of ‘em. Except Camilla. HISS. Love Raymi Bunny Lebowski the First.

Queen’s Day was awesome. Why should I grow up when this art school geezer doesn’t have to? I’d rather be like him than any of you every day of the week. You guys need to check yourself and enjoy life a little more. Me, I’m good. Miss you Canuckleheads.


More soon folks. Ps. I’m in a music video it released today yay. – Mark Loughman’s video btw: British rocker guy, class act, classic. janes addiction and the fucking queens of the stoneage front man play on this track. im the one in the sparkle bottoms. the little old man knows john and yoko btw. He’s 86.