well in grade nine i was the only white gurl cheerleader and everyone else wuz fat and black and/or filippino or indian, trying to be black (here we go with the racism thing agen) and they all hated me and tried to make me scared off them cuz i was the only not fat, 4 foot 5 one there. that and i was white and had long blond hair and was real lithe tall and bla blah barbie-ish. they would always say,

“Gurl, you ain’t gots no Rithim!” and snap and turn away. they would never take my suggestions.
I would say, “Hey man, i’ve been a dancer for 8 years now so i DO have rythym!” and then i would do something stupid. I also did not own nikes or reeboks or whuteva so that was another strike against me.

They all voted on wearing baggy tear-aways and basketball jerseys and i was pissed cuz i wanted to wear the sexy short skirts. arg. I quit after like 5 months. i learned sum awesum drill moves tho’ frum them. real Nigga styles so i can really shake it! bam!

the thing that really really ticked me off was i went to a game and saw them doing summA my moves!!!!! I wanted to Kill Laquisha!! that Biatch. it was just like that film Bring it On. arrg.

One time i was eating this big fat Apple in my backyard when i was young and silly and when i was finished i chucked it over the fence and into my neighbors backyard while they were out there on their patio and then a minute later it was lugged back over the fence and of course it got me mad so i scrambeld after the apple and chucked it back over then i heard my Fone Ringing inside the Howse and it was the ‘Ole guy frum next door telling on me to my dad. man. what an assHole.

woooh. that was the bestest sentence ever.

my mum sed that the library called my house today kuz i havea book way way over due. MICROSERFS. har har.

i think it is becuz i joked with the librarian that i was definitely not going to return it and i just mite ‘misplace’ the book.

on monday (i have class on mondays) my teacher gave me a note.





since when duz the fukkin skool library call yer fukkin house!?

I just realized i have not had a cigarette since sunday. wow. that is cuz i smoked myself silly fri and sat’day and also i have been sick-as-ffuk since sunday.

I am on coffee number 2 and i think i will go have a cigarette.

I bought the soundtrack to O brother where art thou’ and it is so good. ward is going to download all the songs frum napster and burn a cd just to spite me and my ridiculous consumerism and impatience of downloading it for free.

I suck.

oh well, i have the Cd now along with pictures to hold in my hand. na na na. there is no such thing as delayed gratification.

I have never sneezed so much in my life. everytime i sniffle my brain hurts. haha. ow. what is worse by far is that there are no tissues here at work so i am trying to salvage these five lil squares of TP. sad, really. I feeL so drowsy. yesterday i watched trainspotting, sleepy hollow and fight club all in a row w/o moving once. I tripped in and out of consciousness due to sips of robitussin. reaL trippy. everyone on the train this morning shot me dirty looks cuz my sniffling and sneezing got out of controLe. i should have stayed home.

Today i have consumed:

one pickle

one cup of coffee

I have been hungover two days straight now. this cannot be a good thing. That and i spent way too much money. went out to the bambooze, marche and then hit the phoeNix on fri’nite. Last nite it was the devil’s harp. I say to my friend,

“Welp, i’ll go out with you tonite but i am not spending any money!”

yeh rite. There was this loser-of-a-guy all alone with glasses, thinning hair, flannel-plaid shirt too tite and tucked into his tight, acid wash jeans and white, trashy sneakers and he simply kept staring at me. it was so creepy and i was in no mood to stand for it so i sed,

“Do you have a QUESTION you wanna ask me or something!?” and then he stopped looking at me put on his jacket and left. I felt sad for him. he probably went home and wrote furiously about it in some chatline to his 12 yr. old internet girlfriend. ew.

I think i’m in the mood to go see a film. maybe. rite after this episode of FuLL House. what a riot.

tonite i will go out, get smashed, get more smashed until i am sober and argumentative, dance like a dork and try to get laid.

you don’t need hate to have a perfectly miserable time.

the joker or the phoenix? hrrmmm.