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I have been hungover two days straight now. this cannot be a good thing. That and i spent way too much money. went out to the bambooze, marche and then hit the phoeNix on fri’nite. Last nite it was the devil’s harp. I say to my friend,

“Welp, i’ll go out with you tonite but i am not spending any money!”

yeh rite. There was this loser-of-a-guy all alone with glasses, thinning hair, flannel-plaid shirt too tite and tucked into his tight, acid wash jeans and white, trashy sneakers and he simply kept staring at me. it was so creepy and i was in no mood to stand for it so i sed,

“Do you have a QUESTION you wanna ask me or something!?” and then he stopped looking at me put on his jacket and left. I felt sad for him. he probably went home and wrote furiously about it in some chatline to his 12 yr. old internet girlfriend. ew.

I think i’m in the mood to go see a film. maybe. rite after this episode of FuLL House. what a riot.

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