aint no party like a tattoo party

Hola muchachos! You ready for this?

Last weekend (the one before that) your hero was invited to check out the Northern Ink Xposure tattoo show at the Westin castle in Toronto. Would have liked more time there who am I even waving at? I do not know fwaha. Great photos Tracey as usual!

VIPlease me. So obnoxious I know sorry but still toot your horn on your own channel.

The dream team at it again.

This one made me nervous. What’s that gang that gets these full body tattoos done? I was thinking in my head my mom might wanna be less in his personal space.

How could we not though.

A lot to capture. Dizzingly good stuff.

I want another tattoo.


My mom was trying to get cards for all these people but I couldn’t even deal haha. I was trying to herd us all like cats and losing my mind because we were late for 159 Manning.

Just like a day at the beach, no?

I love her look.

Hi Jill!

Pain is beauty, boo!

So many tattoo ideas, concepts and talents out there. What would I even get? Nothing really means anything to me lately and some fleeting goofy idea like a cupcake or something… I’ll prob have to get a quote or a Raymism. Yeah. Raymism all the way like Raymazing gahahha. Awful.

If I wasn’t a hyperactive douchebag I woulda used this opportunity to cruise the stalls for man meat. But I didn’t. Passing ships always. This statement is 100% unrelated to the above photo I just mean it was a fun atmosphere and tattoo bros be errywhere, artists be shouting to one another all over the place and everyone was checking out everyone else’s ink and you would pretend like people weren’t eyeing your arms up and down I felt so naked in a good and different way. It was like all the tattoo ink/whatever shows you see on TLC.


Cool people everywhere.

It was very hard to narrow down my shot selections for this post. My mom took tons.

That’s like, a tattoo in real life lol.

A girl after my own heart.

I have a headache. No I don’t I’m just hilarious.

Hi to all my fans out there love you xo rlw. Here is an unrelated video of me and Teresa dancing from Saturday have a nice day.

Sorry for thinking

Hey guys. Yeah I’m the worst blogger right now. You look at summer and are like cool I’ll have all this time to blog but really it’s like no time for it. I think I’m just too ADD. I know a lot of people feeling the death by festivals heat. Wahh wahh babies.

Sometimes I just want to blow up all my social media though so I can blog again. Feeling stretched a little thin but how is there any other way to be if you don’t feel stress everyday then you are not living.

Tim’s party was great saw a lot of peeps from the past. Heard lots of stories from the past. You can never escape shit you’ve done or has been done to you. Red Flag, pictured above, reminded me of some funny shit that went down while we were dating. I think I can add it to my book. Will add it. It’s basically about how I ruined our Valentine’s Day together LOL.

I think I deserve a medal for bringing my mom to 159 Manning. Also the tattoo convention beforehand which we didn’t get enough time at, my bad.

Jill was my lil party date babe. I had no idea she was such a little rascal. She climbed a wall at one point and I pretty much had an aneurysm trying to get her down lol.

I prefer the nipple version of this photo but I am too lazy to blah blah etc.

It’s funny when people accuse me of being a narcissist. I could be way worse you know. It’s funny how just a little bit of it is enough to drive others over the edge. I find maybe it’s possible that no one is even thinking this at all or cares. I overthink way too much.

I feel like I am constantly battling with my weight too in that I must maintain it and like NOT binge-eat which I do I guess. Being a foodie anorexic is a battlefield. I am happy with the present skeletorness I have going on but all I keep thinking about is eating Big Macs. I am craving processed cheese, gooey gross not even real food-level cheese. If girls were more honest with their instagram posts and what not they’d divulge truths like these to you on a regular basis.

I’m not really dating right now. I have my little manpile that I ignore of course I mean but I find it just complicates things. I’d rather work on my career and myself although it does get lonely and empty feeling and I’d like more meaning in my life etc. I find I get mad at the random men who invite, demand or expect me to come to their little events/parties as some kind of trophy-date for them with zero regard for who I am as a human, my timeline, or life. That is how deeply personal I take it instead of just being flattered and happy to be invited but no I have to make it into a metaphor for disrespect. I realised last night I am very bitter right now and I feel bad for not being a better friend to everyone around me. The single girl just gets used up and it drives me nuts is all. I also hate commitment and when people force me to do shit I don’t want to do or say yes to a date well in the future I know I don’t want to go to. I am very possessive of my time despite seeming to waste it a lot. I want to be there for everyone and I just can’t be there for everyone. Being “popular” is a burden especially when you know people are just so close to hating you, resenting you. Meanwhile you leave yourself last always. I think I feel like no one is ever there for me and am sick of it. Yes there are people who are here for me too. I’m just greedy and want more. There’s just so many takers out there. If you’re gonna take you have to give back that’s all I am saying.


I over-tanned this day and have a few new freckles on my face beneath my eye that I hate. Up close I have a lot of frecklage going on. It can be considered cute though. So I hear.

When you have an unconventional job like I do you have more time to think about your life and mistakes and you wish you had a normal job so you won’t have to think anymore but then, when I had that normal job I wished I had more time to think about myself or I was crying out internally to be a freak again. The grass is always greener.

Fans everywhere ya go. Being a ring girl is fun and nerve-wracking. I was more nervous doing this than I was being naked at the world naked bike ride. It’s because I am so analytical and I look at some people’s faces in the audience and I try to decipher what their stink-eye means or do I look awful wtf etc. I am pretty sure if I tried I really could think myself to death.

I was sweating like crazy this day. V hot in there.

Melissa is awesome I was so glad she was there too.

I wasn’t planning for my personal headcase stuff to be dragged into this fight recap post but whatever some people enjoy it. Thanks to Rick for teaching me a sweet self defense move as well I dare you to come at me now bro lol.

There’s a big gala fight in the fall I plan to have my shit together for in terms of wardrobe. Last minute Naked News swept in for a thing that day as you recall. It’s hard to plan two things at once. I even forgot underwear! Thanks to Alastair for coming through with some la vie en rose goodness haha.

This part of the night was pretty fun/ny. Drunk Wolfgang was pretty hilarious. I am loving getting to know the trainers in kickboxing world. Characters all of them.

I spy Frank in the crowd.

I love the girl fights. They’re lethal! It’s nice to fantasize about beating up my enemies as I watch these fights. Yeah you know who you are and you know I can do it now with bona fide fight skills lol.

Everybody loves Tracey. #tagteam

It was Wolfgang’s birthday. He was so funny. They got him drunk.

Hey Eddie!

I’m not smiling here because I was trying out a new thing for this walk. Being serious. I just look angry.

The DJ was supposed to play a different beach boys song. Oh well!

Hey Lou!

Watch what you say about ol Raymbo. These are my friends meow.

Next time I won’t binge watch Orange is the New Black in less than 48 hours before two events.

Fun for the whole family. Actually I met a whole family of fighters. Their 16 year old daughter is training. I couldn’t believe it. The mom had a card with a nice message written to my mom thanking her for her photos from the last fights we did. There’s some sweet people out there reading that gratitude card to my mom made me secretly emotional (I was also hella over-tired too).

TTYL Tuesday!

Field Trip Raymbo Bright

Hey buds. Ready for some FOMO?

Radmad invited me to field trip Saturday morning/afternoonish and I was like yes please.

I am holding a beer in every photo. I nursed 2/3 over the course of the day and couldn’t finish the last bad boy. #lush #guilt lol.

Babes everywhere with babely wares and goods for sale.

Oops. Gross.

Purity Ring!!!

Lost power at the beginning of her set. It was put back on very quickly. It’s neat to see bands I normally have youtube parties alone to baha.

Went with my coral hoodie I haven’t seen or worn in years. When in doubt go the fun route. Black is fine yes but you blend. I like to be bright and lively. I stand out and can annoy more that way. Coral is flattering even though I am kind of making a stupid face here haha.

Bumped into a dude I met years ago at a lacrosse game
. It was even blogged and photos of that whole day. He was like, I thought you were solid then but now I am just so…impressed, amazed at you now? Like I am some sort of survivor or something? He said I looked great for 32, do I have my own shoe line now? I look like Punky Brewster etc etc pure funny and flattering. Radmad was just shaking her head laughing the entire time. Clearly we were pretty tanked by this point.

The highlight.

Sigh. You see me at the very end. You hear me scream like a Raymiac in the beginning. The beach ball comes near us lol enjoy.

Loved this colour. Sorry for blurry.

Oh hey there.

My date. Sarah (radmad) has known me since I was 21 but “of” me since I was 19. Read my blog. Hated me. For superficial reasons. I love her. When you chill with old friends it’s crazy nostalgia jams. You also get to act a little more immature I think.

Oh hi Jesse. How is your healthgoth doing? (inside joke)

Thank you for taking these candid pictures of me that I made you take.

I saw kids sitting on these. Little ones. I did not want to smash through a snail so I kind of hover sat for the sake of these all important pics.

Very fun times.

Some instagram action now.

I guess you could kinda think I run my own clothing-shoe label no? Bahah.

Nothing beats being sped to the go stayshe in a limo rolling around in the back with your backpack on haha. Okay Monday madness that’s a wrap keep it real xo rlw.

I think we’re a blog meow

Hey fuckers. Sorry for being a shitty blogger. Good writer. Crap blogger. What guy, I be busy! As balls maybe even. Are these enough excuses can we move on to the party now? Great.

Truth be told my life is filled up with so much more you know nothing about. I know how bloggers look, can look. So easy, so lazy, so whatever. Trust me, there’s a lot else “going on”. I don’t know why it seems to be ok to attack bloggers, who are essentially just artists when in actuality they be hustlers and it’s a struggle sometimes. When you have idle hours you become what is known as “the fixer” and you never actually have any fucking spare time! And perhaps if you do it’s taken as necessary spare time because you might be afflicted by copious, various, mentall illnesses and/or hangovers (lol) resulting in mysterious and atrocious lower back pain rendering one to soul search the hell out of their lives for the past 72 hours.

But alack, a fog has lifted. I have decided to get something Dr. Claw level gangster office chairish in nature. I’ve sat so damn much in front of a computer for 32 years I don’t think this office chair is cutting it anymore. I was really depressed the other day because I was bedridden and I really wanted to write a couple chapters for MY BOOK THAT I AM FINALLY LEGIT WORKING ON but I had to lie in bed sharing shit from buzzfeed and whatnot on facebook, twitter, etc, and feeling like everybody hates me and I am annoying them with my opinions about Will Smith and Caitlyn Jenner. Instead of writing what I really wanted to write and start to change my fucking life around but nooooooooooo am probably dying of kidney failure instead.

I bailed on trivia which also made me feel like a dick. Went to this diner that has “good food” then laid on the couch the rest of the night somewhat in a coma. I just couldn’t sit up in a char all night at our regular so I had to bail. Unless it is socially acceptable to lay down in pubs now I do not think I will be able to attend.

I finally spoke to my literary agent and told him the good news about the book redirection and how I am super 100% focused on it. “It’s time” and all of that. I am going to take a more dedicated approach this time because I know between the two of us we are both too passive about this process. We have to figure out if it can be fiction or non-fiction too because I don’t want to get sued. I am shelving How to be famous on the internet for now. I never really wanted to write that stupid fucking book anyway. I mean I did but all these things have happened since I first started writing it in Deep River I feel like I am gigantically a different person now. I am going to keep the domain though in case someone wants to buy it from me. I’m not closing the door on that book though because I still have 3/4 of it written. It’s gonna be my backup next book perhaps once this sexy one is done.

I just wanted to check in here with you in case you cared and kind of plead my case because my back is always against the wall because that’s the cards I’ve been dealt so I play.

Have a cool weekend everyone!

oh well in hell

What’s up peeps, geeks and freaks!

You’ll have to forgive the amount of similar hair selfies you’re gonna see here. How often does your hair look fly AF.

And before it was curled. Okay lets topic change for a breather.

I worked on this painting a little bit. I painted two books, those glasses (turned goggles).

And drew a design on this bottle.

It has been chily lately no? Out come the party leggings.

Found a cute little jumpsuit of mine I bought in Holland, Dutch Sis got a matching one also. Shoulda snapped a pic but didn’t for some reason. This w/e was kind of a gong show vortex.

Delicious cherries. Nourishing.

I took several pictures of this IT WAS BLOWING MY MIND haha. Lazy stoner art has always been my forte.

I Houdini’d out of the party because I was tired as shti went to Crappy Tire to get propane for late night bbq. It was an awesome party I wish I didn’t stay up so late the night prior to. Stupid. I was tired the day before too. I am just too old for all this givin’er. I didn’t take ant pictures either. :(

Cousin Kiki Kitty meow.

We chased this red sunset. It sort of worked out ha ha.

I want to get a coat like this one I borrowed from Kiki. It makes me look fancy like I am into horses and reading the NYT.

Angie has like a wall of jewelry you stare at for the 3 hours your hair processes is rinsed and blown. i got a ring and these earrings. I like dainty girly shit because I am such a trashmouth. Life is all about balance.

Last Wednesday. I changed into jeans before heading to trivia night. Paul said I looked tired. COOL I said. FRIENDS ARE AWESOME. the thing is I wear less makeup and have more tan so I always looks like I am a farmer/apple stand lady. I think it is kinda sexy in a delusional way, like all other things.

From Streetsvegas. I’m a photo hoarder. Used to drive by these daily for ten years on the bus to school. We used to say this pioneer cemetary was haunted. How original!

Ancestors of some of our friends are buried here #historical!

Okay I gotta go sorry ttyl!