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aint no party like a tattoo party

Hola muchachos! You ready for this?

Last weekend (the one before that) your hero was invited to check out the Northern Ink Xposure tattoo show at the Westin castle in Toronto. Would have liked more time there who am I even waving at? I do not know fwaha. Great photos Tracey as usual!

VIPlease me. So obnoxious I know sorry but still toot your horn on your own channel.

The dream team at it again.

This one made me nervous. What’s that gang that gets these full body tattoos done? I was thinking in my head my mom might wanna be less in his personal space.

How could we not though.

A lot to capture. Dizzingly good stuff.

I want another tattoo.


My mom was trying to get cards for all these people but I couldn’t even deal haha. I was trying to herd us all like cats and losing my mind because we were late for 159 Manning.

Just like a day at the beach, no?

I love her look.

Hi Jill!

Pain is beauty, boo!

So many tattoo ideas, concepts and talents out there. What would I even get? Nothing really means anything to me lately and some fleeting goofy idea like a cupcake or something… I’ll prob have to get a quote or a Raymism. Yeah. Raymism all the way like Raymazing gahahha. Awful.

If I wasn’t a hyperactive douchebag I woulda used this opportunity to cruise the stalls for man meat. But I didn’t. Passing ships always. This statement is 100% unrelated to the above photo I just mean it was a fun atmosphere and tattoo bros be errywhere, artists be shouting to one another all over the place and everyone was checking out everyone else’s ink and you would pretend like people weren’t eyeing your arms up and down I felt so naked in a good and different way. It was like all the tattoo ink/whatever shows you see on TLC.


Cool people everywhere.

It was very hard to narrow down my shot selections for this post. My mom took tons.

That’s like, a tattoo in real life lol.

A girl after my own heart.

I have a headache. No I don’t I’m just hilarious.

Hi to all my fans out there love you xo rlw. Here is an unrelated video of me and Teresa dancing from Saturday have a nice day.

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