Drinks with Raymi the Minx

Look Dad!

Turn on Toronto FTW!!! Fun afternoon it so was.

Thanks so much Surane and the rest of the TOT boys you are all sweethearts. I’ve been excited about this video since April :) What a delightful surprise to see it today! I sound kind of smart and real and authentic and humble pie whatever right. Wow that hair, I was growing out my roots at the time. Dyed it dark a couple weeks later or so.

Raymi, Raymi, Raymi The Minx. what more can you say about one of Toronto’s most famous (and some might say infamous) bloggers, that hasn’t already been said?

Well, it turns out, lots.

Lauren White, recognized throughout the digital sphere as her better known alter ego, was not what we expected. When we reached out to her about an interview, she immediately got back to us and was ready to go. When we asked where she’d like us to shoot the interview, we asked her to choose a place that reflected her personality, what she was about, and somewhere she’d feel really in her element… she suggested Chuck E. Cheese. That’s the moment we knew we’d have fun with the Minx.

Though she’s been documenting her life for all to see over the last decade-ish, getting a good idea of who she was prior to meeting her was not as easy as one might think. We all know you can be anyone you wanna be online, and when readers only have photos and day-to-day fragments of a life to go on, how much do you really know someone – even if you’ve been reading their blog everyday for some time. But that sort of elusive intimacy, where your audience feels like they know you, like you’re a part of their world, and they begin to care about you – or despise you for that matter – the ability to generate that kind of relationship is what the idea of fame and celebrity is built upon. It’s a concept that Raymi understood a long time ago, it was something she strived to experience, wouldja look at her now.. she has since gone on to have over 5000 people visiting her world on a daily.

When we finally did meet, the first impression we had of her was.. different. Having scrolled through her blog for days, and seen countless photos of her life, many would chalk up her blog as self-absorbed, vain, and pointless overall, and we’re sure many have. But for her to be as successful as she’s become, many more must’ve caught on to something special, something obscure.. something different. We found her world fascinating, because we really didn’t know what to make of it. We wanted to find out what her motivation was for baring all, for continuing on this long, and where she intends to go with what she’s established for herself thus far.

From reading her blog, you might expect a person whose life revolves around themselves, so self-interested and focused on building an online identity that they’ve lost touch with the world outside a laptop.. and to be honest, we wouldnʼt have been surprised if that person showed up. Lauren White, frankly, was anything but. When we asked what turns her on in Toronto, she actually turned the mic on Surane, interviewing the interviewer. And she did it because she seemed genuinely interested in the answer, and didn’t just want to talk about herself. From the moment we met Raymi the Minx, the one thing we all agreed on was this.. no matter what you think about her, or what she does, or who she’s trying to be.. if you’ve ever met the girl, the one thing you can’t say about her is that she’s not real.. because she is. Love her or hate her, she’ll tell you what she thinks, and is not shy about sharing her opinion or defending the little guy.

She says she’s always wanted to be famous, and she’s by no means modest about it. Instead, she’s honest. It’s refreshing to meet someone who’s so out there that when you meet them they somehow have a way of making you feel at home instantly, as if you’ve been hanging out with them your whole life. Raymi, Lauren, whatever you wanna call her, she’s that girl. Why she attracts a lot of the hate she does is lost on us, because from speaking with her for as long as we did we soon found out she’s actually a quirky, warm, and overall lovely person.. and contrary to the loud, life of the party, center-ofattention personality sheʼs created online, she’s actually very down to earth, even somewhat shy.

So to all her critics, naysayers and haters out there, we have this to say on behalf of Raymi the Minx.. quiet down, wouldja? The girl’s trying to put on a show, so just let her do her thing, because some of us are having a good time watching her do it. Big thanks to the good folks at Mildredʼs Temple Kitchen for letting us host the interview during regular business hours! Swing over to MTK located in Torontoʼs Liberty Village for good food, good drinks, and the friendliest staff around.

I am grinning my face off right meow! >Be sure to fangirl Turn On Toronto and be glad you did they got a good thing going and thanks for making me look good.

Be mine tonight if you can’t go home.

Saturday Dinner me this FatMan! Found my cougar avocado pit rrrring. You can all relax now.

I wore my Hello Kitty necklace to Guu and was like hmmm am I sure I want to wear this it seems a bit, pathetic? Then I forgot all about it and had a guu’d time and only looked down when I left and was like oh, right. Most of my life is comprised of I shouldn’t do this moments, then I do it anyway, and then I blog about it. Guu tweeted @ me by the time we left the resto and I didn’t even tweet @ them or anything while there. #Famous #Foodie #douchebag. *Dusts shoulders off*. That would be the ouchebag-day part.

Stuffed jalapenos. Vince was mindblown by these. They were super hot I was like wow. Hey guys, these things, WoW. Seriously. That’s bacon wrapped around them too.

Always down with the sashimi I dunno why it makes me feel skinny even though I ate ten thousand other not sashimi things. It’s all about the wasabi mayo and the fresh fish.

TV Hair. Addicted to this drink now, Almost out of the sugar free cans please send more Bunnies. Ps. I have to think of a bunny nickname for myself. Like Babs Bunny, but not Babs Bunny cos that is already taken. I’m a writer for Playboy now btw :) :) :) :) A blogger writer for their tumblr, aren’t they so darn modern! DREAM JOB.

After dinner parking lot fabulosity.

Oh that’s right I got sake-to-me’d. AKA Sake hosed. We gave’r on a sake flight, two of them!

I’m Raymsian. Go with it. You have no choice.

Yeah I could do with a bit of a make over but I also do not give a crap really. Try hards die hard remember that folks.

I felt a bit pornorific in that shirt and if I might have caught the eye or wonderment of a passing person’s Playboy logo recognition and reference to my person I might also have not done much to dissuade them from thinking Centerfold. Maybe.

I mean why not.

If I got implants allegedly I’d regret it.

Lets work on my face first.

Ginger sake is the best. I want a bottle.

For Dinner # 1 I had a Big Smoke burger, very very good, first time too. Summer is for burgers.

Missed the opening band, poolside, but met one of the guys and bought some crap anyway I love Poolside!! I love this bag too.


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Hurricane Raymi hits Aruba hearts hard

Bonjour mes amis!

There is always more. You know me.

Chocolate gravy. That is all I will say. Plus these other things too. First dinner at the hotel resto, Pago Pago, we were pooped.

I’m calling Rogers here. Oh lord lets pretend that I won’t get a phonebill next month ACKKKKKKKK.

Hot hot hot. It was really hot. I will never forget it, espesh when I look at these pics. :) That’s a triple screwdriver in that thermos, we love to drunk vacation shop. It makes for better purchasing decisions.


Where the houses end so does the island. We were truly on a very teeny tiny island it felt neat of mind, isolating, forgotten.

Lots of beach exercise walks. Loved it.

Cuts a nice fig(ure).

Everyone be cool.

Thinking about getting some ivy tattooed to this arm.

Missin ya kissin ya.

Like little dolls.

What’s up.


The second time I put my toes in the water and then no more times after that. The pool is dullsville after about one day of it and after having a cabana on the beach. Next time a party resort please a la Vegas. I want tanked chicks in gladiator ankle snapping wedges and skin tight liquid gold unitards, oh wait, that’ll be me.

I can dance better now. Or fake it as so.

Cold room, warm hearts.

I have mad lifeguard and swimming skills btw.

Fans that dropped in a lot. When I forgot I’d invited them (wasted)(getting out of awkward situation) the night prior lol whoops. Hurricane Raymi hit Aruba hard in the hearts.

Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen ‘em all. Can I please see some more please?



On the way there they stuck me in the middle seat. Mom cropdusted Lois’ face while she slept I thought a baby had crapped themselves it stank ahahahahha PAYBACK MOM.

Holdin’ court at the Manager’s party that’s how we do.

Oh Georgia.

Lois I even miss your fricking bag!

These drinks inspired our Seadoo tube adventure.

Do everything at least once. Get a million pictures of it so you never have to do it again.

Going for a run after happy hour with my bottoms wedged in my ass listening to tunes was an experience Lemme tell yeah, jumping over sandcastles and kids. Ferris Bueller’d that entire shore. Giv’er. Til next time. Tons more, tons tons tons.

Aruba Raymi signin’ off :).

You see what had happened was…

Oh hi there didn’t hear you come in, please, have a seat.

Fake dance pose to make it.

Just what is going on here people!


Bromance blossoms.

Craig was trying to boss around the women, yeah good luck with that buddy. I mean you’re completely right and everything but nha nah anahanah sha lal alalalaalal what? Here read our FB party recount comments, beneath the picture of me as a Bible Salesgirl (which I haven’t blawged yet) but then we discuss the above photo.

Arlenea WOW!!!! Lauren… u look Amazing w/or w/out clothing on! LOL!! ;)

Arlenea seriously.. u look stunning

Raymi Lauren White I look like I sell Bibles.

Arlenea that hair colour OMG!! Gorgeous on u!! Shows off all the Beauty in ur face! Ur smile ur eyes!! U look Beautiful!

Raymi Lauren White Thanks it’s by Steve at Headcandy salon.

Rebecca I need a bible

Raymi Lauren White I need an exorcism

Craig I can provide Both!

Raymi Lauren White nice. craig i have a lot of funny pics of your face bahaha

Craig well i will give you an exorcism free of charge if you keep those photo’s out of site hahaha

Raymi Lauren White the exorcism is not needed for myself personally

Craig Oh, well use it like a coupon then, just point me in the right direction, I will compel the power of christ of whoever…. I’m versatile

Raymi Lauren White http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8290/7657396062_b4ebf955e5_z.jpg

Craig Deal broken hahaha

Raymi Lauren White you are always talking and trying to give party lessons we women dont care to hear but we find you endearing.

Craig Like, “don’t ride your bike into oncoming traffic while drunk” got it, I will keep that nonsense to a minimum! ;)

Raymi Lauren White thank you!

Raymi Lauren White ahahahhaa

Scott Bliss that’s a great picture!

Jules Venus I like this

Sarah Ha, whatever Craig is saying to me I’m so not amused. Holding in my rebuttal just waiting for him to shut his trap ;) xox

Raymi Lauren White can i like your comment twice bro hell yeah lol

Craig One against 3… = unfair!!!

Craig well, depending on where of course!


It was a very fun time. Dave (green shirt) hooked me up with a new get out of trouble saying/sentence-starter, “you see, what had happened was.” Barbados people say it? Who says it again? Anyway it’s mine now. And I am only telling you this because I care deeply for you.

JuJu said I am the middle one and Bech is the one with the fro. We always make her the shitty one to piss her off bahahaha. Where is the russian doggies picture of us again?

Hi, welcome to the Raymi the Minx hour. Today we will be discussing everything that sucks about everybody else who isn’t us, celebrity affairs, colouring in our Jem book, drinking a lot and feng shui seashells. You can totally MUTE it.

If you are ever needing to evacuate a bus people jump out the back like this. Obvs I was a bus um, patrol kid WTF are they called again? No bullying on Raymi’s bus you little shits.

I think my hair does look good here. Vacations are great makeunders, you find yourself, discover new style, you give a shit a little bit less about things.

Nice one!

Our first Yay Cray guest being none other than Mr. Sean Ward. We did tractor rides, I launched him across the room ten times. Raymi Long Legs, very powerful.

In this frame here what is Jem jazzed about exactly? You have no seconds to answer this question. NNNT. (buzzer sound).

Our judge goes over your non-response. You win by default of already being bored of this.

Now get the hell off my show!

In this portion of the show, Raymi has some Me time where she reflects upon all that she drank and ate and people at the party who are annoying her.

Now try to be sexy Raymi (who took these again Jules?) dude I am trying here.

My inspiration.

Canada’s Top Male model. Heard it here first.

Eat baby eat!

This guy has never had a taco in his life. I made him eat three!

I’m going to JO to this later.

I love shrimp and cilantro. Some people do not like cilantro I’ve been deprived of it for years cos I stumbled in to so many people who hate it well guess what not no more folks I am going to eat it by the teaspoons lol.

Saved these for Vince. Had to babysit them hardcore. Are you watching the tacos? Yes I am! Jules got the last coveted one.

I think I had 5.


See the diff in camera photos and crappy iphone flash?

Okay bye bye bon weekend! Guess where I’m going for dinner tonight.

Ain’t no party like an art farty

It’s your night Raymbecca lets get married! Got her roses and jewels and lots of white shells and sand from Aruba who am I your best friend or something?? Jules got some swag too (matching yellow bracelet the ones I always wear 4 of at the same time) but she is leaving the family so :(, not as many shells as Rebecca. She came straight from the airport to bar though. That’s our little star. Her luggage.

She said yes obvs before I even actually proposed she popped that ring right on THE FINGER at Cardinal Rule and then told everyone we were in a relationship now haha. I wore that ring on tv shoot yesterday, buying it in Aruba and hagglin’ the price straight down, yes I did. Okay back to the art party. I believe there’s lots of hangovers out there today. TGIF!

I misplaced MY cougar ring yesterday I hope I find it in my purse later on. It’s made from an avocado pit! Carved from one. Mine looks like this.

Look at all these civilized people sitting down. Raymbo don’t play that, can’t. Too hyper. Hey Kaori!

Really really really love this one. Total steal.

This is the one though.

And this wall is to die for.

I like how Sarah dances with her purse still on and by like I mean hate. I tried to boss it off her, come on relax a little, nope, no takers. Fine then. Our crew of girls is comprised of bossy little women omg exhausting all surrounding men as well as hugely intoxicating them. Right! right!

I hope that’s a dance move Bech I’m going to throw up these pics on your tumblr as well. I hope you don’t throw up today on camera lol. “I’m drunk right now what do you think about that?” Had the most hilar phonecall with her earlier. She said she gave one word answer only. Great.

I just want to be liked.

I slouched cos I was cutting off the sign.

Total dance outfit. I’m buying this dress off Allison. No brainer right? No brains either. The first time wearing that vintage necklace out. I bought it in Kensington market.

Bradley Cooper showed up.

Asian feves with M. Kim holla.

Our band rules.

MJ vision.

Hello the spanish dancer raymbotainment has arrived. Even my toes are cute.

Make it rain money.

And dance moves. Raymbecca is being interviewed about me right now I hope she makes me look good (of course she will) and I hope she gives them a massive Bechnique dose so we get our own show out of this. I am sure Jules was hilarious this morning. Mom was too sick to do it. Next time mom. Follow @Raymi Smother btw LOL. She’s a MILF. Insert the hashtag #MILF in to your twitter bio (that I wrote when I started her account years ago) A nerd, please help her.

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Mt. Raymsuvius eruptus

How do you do dahlings?

Wino walk home in our bare feet trecking through each resort by the beach was awful fun those shoes were not going back on.

Okay tankhouses ready for more? Too bad you don’t get a say.

Gonna hafta start a #Arubawithdrawal hashtag. Mom and Susanne so far said they have it. No wait Susanne has Raymi withdrawal lol and I am certain mom’s sinusitus isn’t helping her post-vacay SADs much. Oh buck up team! We can coast off the photo memories for weeks.


I asked to take a picture then took one and said too late and ran off then mom took this one and they were still laughing about it. No time no time much to see and do.

Did you make me sick? We will never know and who cares this food poisoning poison is a great lean-out. I loved this ahi dish so much I had it again for our offish fancy vip dinner the wine ladies invited us too like we weren’t gonna go anyway, come on, I’m a foodielite. Chef Mark Boland enjoyed hisself this evening, I got hosed (again) and then had a cry attack phonecall during dessert came back down to my v soda waiting for me and then, what did we do, go gambling? To the room and passed out? Blur. Complete.

Venus and I recounted our 9/11 experiences. Solid chick!

Good one mom.

Here comes trouble.

Lookin’ pretty, girls!

What a fabulous trip am I right!? Totally. Okay now your emo has hit me about it.

Raymbo vortex.


Lolo and Tray Tray <3.

Good to know.

One dude told me all the other dudes were fighting over me, squbbling, calling dibs. Oh boys. Classic. None of you get me! We were just bros anyway you can’t claim the minx. Well maybe some can, but not you.

Fairy Godmothers <3.

Adore this shot.

Thanks for the genetics Tray and not for the cray. You can have that back.

Come for the Tray stay for the Cray lol. She HATES that nickname.

Speaking of cray there’s a plenty cray convo beneath this pic on FB if you’re bored (boring) enough for a snoop.

Didn’t buy it. White washes you out on tv anyway they say. I dunno I’m arrogant enough to believe that everything looks good on me.

Feelin’ statuesque that’s right. Don’t talk about my hair.


Dorian is a cool dude, very gregarious and funny. They get the tourists on board and give them a good time so it’s basically (totally) like the hospitality industry. Just be nice and like ultra nice, what a concept. Too bad I am too bitchy for that and real.

Thanks for the vaseline finish there ma.

This is going to take a lifetime.

Baby fungry gotta go. See you at Rebecca’s Art Party Exhibit launch tonight at Cardinal Rule you tools! Aiming for Ten o’clock. It’s great to be back come say hi to Raymi Long legs.

Tales from the Bunny Ranch

blah blah blah blah blah i am fake typing for tv right now how do you like my interesting banter yes it is crappy I know but that’s the breaks in show biz bro. oh what a week it has been ok hitting publish now. It’s very hard to type when people are watching and filming. okay now we are doing a dead-on shot where they film me straight on and get the reflection of my typing words lololol hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. now what do i talk about hmm i am starving.

So as you can tell my energy drinks arrived and I have been standing on a wall ever since cos they are so effective.