We’re building it up to break it back down

I haven’t done one of these total loser posting lyrics blog posts in, since, 2004. Lets go back in time shall we then. I heard this song on the radio (already nostalgic enough for you there?) on the w/e and then I did that thing with Steve’s phone where you hold it up and the iphone figures out what you’re listening to. I figs i-product people read this blog so you “get me” and so the song is by Linkin Park (puke) but I love it (yay!) and I was going to use a lyric for my blog post title but nahh, dawg, I want the whole thing. BOOM! Oh and you gotta listen to the jam along with me too. Or just go on with your life. I can lead you to water but…

The cycle repeated
As explosions broke in the sky
All that I needed
Was the one thing I couldn’t find

And you were there at the turn
Waiting to let me know

We’re building it up
To break it back down
We’re building it up
To burn it down
We can’t wait
To burn it to the ground

The colors conflicted
As the flames climbed into the clouds
I wanted to fix this
But couldn’t stop from tearing it down

And you were there at the turn
Caught in the burning glow
And I was there at the turn
Waiting to let you go

We’re building it up
To break it back down
We’re building it up
To burn it down
We can’t wait
To burn it to the ground

You told me yes
You held me high
And I believed
When you told that lie

I played solider
You played king
And struck me down
When I kissed that ring

You lost that right
To hold that crown
I built you up
But you let me down

So when you fall
I’ll take my turn
And fan the flames
As your blazes burn

And you were there at the turn
Waiting to let me know

We’re building it up
To break it back down
We’re building it up
To burn it down

We can’t wait
To burn it to the ground
So when you fall
I’ll take my turn
And fan the flames
As your blazes burn

We can’t wait
To burn it to the ground

Thank you for regressing into teenage girls on the internet along with me today.

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Drinks with Raymi the Minx

Look Dad!

Turn on Toronto FTW!!! Fun afternoon it so was.

Thanks so much Surane and the rest of the TOT boys you are all sweethearts. I’ve been excited about this video since April :) What a delightful surprise to see it today! I sound kind of smart and real and authentic and humble pie whatever right. Wow that hair, I was growing out my roots at the time. Dyed it dark a couple weeks later or so.

Raymi, Raymi, Raymi The Minx. what more can you say about one of Toronto’s most famous (and some might say infamous) bloggers, that hasn’t already been said?

Well, it turns out, lots.

Lauren White, recognized throughout the digital sphere as her better known alter ego, was not what we expected. When we reached out to her about an interview, she immediately got back to us and was ready to go. When we asked where she’d like us to shoot the interview, we asked her to choose a place that reflected her personality, what she was about, and somewhere she’d feel really in her element… she suggested Chuck E. Cheese. That’s the moment we knew we’d have fun with the Minx.

Though she’s been documenting her life for all to see over the last decade-ish, getting a good idea of who she was prior to meeting her was not as easy as one might think. We all know you can be anyone you wanna be online, and when readers only have photos and day-to-day fragments of a life to go on, how much do you really know someone – even if you’ve been reading their blog everyday for some time. But that sort of elusive intimacy, where your audience feels like they know you, like you’re a part of their world, and they begin to care about you – or despise you for that matter – the ability to generate that kind of relationship is what the idea of fame and celebrity is built upon. It’s a concept that Raymi understood a long time ago, it was something she strived to experience, wouldja look at her now.. she has since gone on to have over 5000 people visiting her world on a daily.

When we finally did meet, the first impression we had of her was.. different. Having scrolled through her blog for days, and seen countless photos of her life, many would chalk up her blog as self-absorbed, vain, and pointless overall, and we’re sure many have. But for her to be as successful as she’s become, many more must’ve caught on to something special, something obscure.. something different. We found her world fascinating, because we really didn’t know what to make of it. We wanted to find out what her motivation was for baring all, for continuing on this long, and where she intends to go with what she’s established for herself thus far.

From reading her blog, you might expect a person whose life revolves around themselves, so self-interested and focused on building an online identity that they’ve lost touch with the world outside a laptop.. and to be honest, we wouldnʼt have been surprised if that person showed up. Lauren White, frankly, was anything but. When we asked what turns her on in Toronto, she actually turned the mic on Surane, interviewing the interviewer. And she did it because she seemed genuinely interested in the answer, and didn’t just want to talk about herself. From the moment we met Raymi the Minx, the one thing we all agreed on was this.. no matter what you think about her, or what she does, or who she’s trying to be.. if you’ve ever met the girl, the one thing you can’t say about her is that she’s not real.. because she is. Love her or hate her, she’ll tell you what she thinks, and is not shy about sharing her opinion or defending the little guy.

She says she’s always wanted to be famous, and she’s by no means modest about it. Instead, she’s honest. It’s refreshing to meet someone who’s so out there that when you meet them they somehow have a way of making you feel at home instantly, as if you’ve been hanging out with them your whole life. Raymi, Lauren, whatever you wanna call her, she’s that girl. Why she attracts a lot of the hate she does is lost on us, because from speaking with her for as long as we did we soon found out she’s actually a quirky, warm, and overall lovely person.. and contrary to the loud, life of the party, center-ofattention personality sheʼs created online, she’s actually very down to earth, even somewhat shy.

So to all her critics, naysayers and haters out there, we have this to say on behalf of Raymi the Minx.. quiet down, wouldja? The girl’s trying to put on a show, so just let her do her thing, because some of us are having a good time watching her do it. Big thanks to the good folks at Mildredʼs Temple Kitchen for letting us host the interview during regular business hours! Swing over to MTK located in Torontoʼs Liberty Village for good food, good drinks, and the friendliest staff around.

I am grinning my face off right meow! >Be sure to fangirl Turn On Toronto and be glad you did they got a good thing going and thanks for making me look good.


The chicken. The other chicken. I was full by this point so I can’t really say if it’s better than the biryani plate which I love, probably more. Okay there I just said it. Thanks for helping me figure it out internet pictures!

And from this way.

He always has the steak. Could you be more of a man, guy? I like it. I always have a bite too. I eat everything life has to offer. It’s more fun this way.

I was spotted by a girl who recognized me from MTV Creeps the other week, it made me feel super fuckin’ famous ha and what was more awesome was what I was doing at the time and she paid it no mind or acknowledged who I was with and she had to tell me everything about herself like, I totally would have done the exact same thing which means she thinks I really am a star. And it’s only about fame because then it becomes about money which is ALWAYS the bottom line kids, fame isn’t at all important nor is it to be made fun of, it’s a viable skill and great platform. This is just in defense of the next time I get a snide jab about my want for fame, my search, my journey for it: FAME QUEST 2012! Pilot slogan. We will travel across Canada and I will meet a hater and a Little Raymi in each Province and party with them. RAYMBOPALOOZA. I’MA EAT DRINK SLEEP AND FUCK ATTACK YOUR CITY LARGE!! I mean, learn about their culture and province and whatever along the way like a learny palooza travel booza adventure stories fun for the whole fam (it will most def be 18+). But it will be more about my fans and friends who I have spoken to on the internet for upwards of eleven years, I’ve met some and some I haven’t. There will be emotional (reunion) tears ahh I am even crying now! So good this must happen it’s been a dream for a long time. Must be shot in the summer so we can dress as skanky as poss. duh obvi. Maybe I can do a burlesque show in each town.

My traveling tourbus will be ruby red slippers and gold styles and we’ll treat the west coast like the Emerald City. Then we will set THAT one on fire mid-tour and switch to a Hello Kitty themed one. Anyway like I said it’s a dream.

The only thing that sucks about valentine’s day is the fog of haterade sprinkling the city, Toronto gets extra dark, the weather always sucks and everyone is in a secret competition. Guys are jerkier and will never be forgiven nor forgotten their foibles and trust guy, there’s tons of ‘em. Not teach though he passed the tests. I still owe you a sign hangin’ in that I put it away and am cleaning up this dump instead. Then going to elm street (during a sale!) and buying some big weird decorative wooden obnoxious and pointless adult piece of grown up furniture for the upstairs landing. Hammock? I wish. No that comes later. Maybe a nice low hippie chair.

A friend on twitter said that the people who enjoy valentine’s day are the same people who like maroon 5 (guilty plej I will admit) aka jealous and a few yearsish ago I was engaged on V day and a girl made a swipe on twitter that it was lame to get engaged on this (HISTORICAL FUCKING DAY? OH PLEASE!) but I know she wants to be engaged too and has been in a long term relationship herself (securely so) but yet had to dog my shit? True colours all over your face. Valentine’s Day is an expected engagement day, don’t be retarded. Sorry you’re still waiting. No really I am.

So many girls cannot stand losing to me, it has plagued me my entire life. I am in competition with girls and I don’t even know it and they HATE IT TO THEIR CORE that some bafoon like me gets ahead. It’s mean girl class war bull, snotty Toronto chicks you know the type but thanks to the wonders what are social media we can all cram together in this cray town and fake smile at each other. I prefer the icy stone wall statue of ignore. Whenever I go out with a pal and we enter a room I always get side info play-by-play of looks gazes and shit coming our way, or I’ll get over it and then hours later the guy will be like wow you weren’t kidding. Whatever I know I make a scene and live for it but there’s a downside when your rep precedes you and you don’t even have to leave your house to get in to trouble.

I think Valentine’s Day is drop dead awesome if done right. If I were single this year I would not be beating myself up over it, I’d have a party and an orgy and we’d have stupid red stickers all over our faces. Life is short and Saint Valentine planet earth gave you an extra reason to party, to be hungover the next day at work (take that excuse) and get away with it. Blah. Universally the world over everyone is feeling the same shit about LOVE and that unifies your bitchy outlooks as one, camaraderie, girl power, guy fucking assholes hiding in strip clubs dour. It’s awesome! See now?

So if there were a tv show I guess I’d get to be the villain. Hating from the couch. Isn’t everyone tired of all this running around? Yeah me either hahaha.

Sorry for lying about (promptly) posting the rest of blobbingtine’s day, losing a day of blog work put me behind this week, emotionally physically spiritually and giving a shitually most of all so this video of my picking our dinner bonus prize will have to suffice kay. I chose the envelope with the word LOVE on it because I am a huge time cool person! No all the heart deek outs were too hard to choose between. It felt like deal or no deal.

My new necklace. Vintage. I got the cost of it out of him too because that is how I roll and woah, some points have been scored for sure plus the 24 red roses and balloons and card plus sappy message.

Back with 70 play-by-play blog valentine’s date pics. I need one more buffer post rest before I blast more burlesque photos up. Plus this topic is pertinent. Timely. I wanted to wait a few more days before sharing these to be more sensitive to single girls as I know it’s a rough day can be tough and I have these things called FEELINGS but it’s my day too and last year I suffered enough I felt and I appreciate the good times when they are good.

I try to live every day like valentine’s day (doesn’t always happen though) as in enjoying the finer things life has to offer, going out to dinner and having nice conversation, simple finer things like that and a heavy dose of people watching too. Plus I am getting older and the older you get the more you dine at tables rather than dance on them, though I like also doing that.

We went to Mildred’s, we didn’t fight once, shared a bottle of Syrah and had the prix fixe. Valentine’s Victorious.

I read this as $95 each so when the bill came I was blown away by how cheap. Ha. Team dumb dumb will be right back while the rest of these upload. *Post title is in reference to this.

Some of us are watching our figures.

I’m on my you know what and last week was a late night every night week so suffice to say I looked tired and mildred’s lighting’s not the greatest for that. AND when you lose weight your face looks old, it’s a tricky thing. Basically I am going tanning asap.

My hair is a little hay-ish. I bought a mask and this serum stuff I’ll tell you the name of next I get up to pee.

An elder silver haired fox (your type mom) (but on a date with a, I dunno they were both bored and on their phones the whole time) stared at me curiously, I caught it often. Also this other guy who said a racial thing about his own race but still, I could not look left the entire dinner, and kept blushing and staring at (sometimes lying on) the wall and looking at my hot date obvs.

Haha I so look like I’m like TAKE MY PICTURE Olé!

Here’s another weird tidbit. My ex and I celebrated vday a day earlier to avoid table waits or whatever, and spent vday on the couch so for many years I have never been around other couples on this weird holy romantic “holiday” Holi-date and I think in my head I built it up to be like sex and the city’s just gobs of red everywhere and couples, seas of them in passionate amour world and shit like my personal blog photoshoots seem quite out of sorts. I have manners and etiquette of course but do I let that get in the way of my work? Fuck no.

They are all actors in MY play now. Fix that posture please.

It was packed. We didn’t mind waiting a minute, by the time his drink came we were at the table. Mine took awhile longer as I ordered a complicated cocktail. It was a cock move I am sorry.

More coming, just trying to catch up on the day of traffic I lost by finger blasting my blog out on twitter/FB and taking a quick edit break. Writing is a lot of work. Even if it is newfangled retarded crap like this it is still work and it still draws a crowd and I still gotta do it. Monster posts. I have a lot to say!

Ps. RIP Cray. It’s played out, I killed it. Killing it. Die now.

Kind of the Never ending storyish. Very sweet corner. I got to stare down at my entire domain.

In my figure skater dress as it rode up over my ass until I was just sitting on my black panty hose.

Yumbo. Boozy. Tons of chilis.


I wished the ball would roll through the room like a tumbleweed or like katamari damacy and get bigger the more it rolls picking up people chairs plates and tables ya. I miss playing that game.

Pervy. That’s how we do!

I was able to wait until we ordered before I opened it.

I love it. Luh uv it. That jewelry store must love Teacher too. I am spoiled. I am worth it too so, shut uppy to those nasty folk thinking nasty thoughts.

Nachos are so delectable.

We all know how much I love games so I ordered quail. Lol. Shut up. I am funny. It came on some pumpkin, roasted. I was stuffing this little guy into my face with one hand and nachos with the other. Game on.

When I came out of the bathroom my server marched a long with me holding this hot sauce like we were a parade. I blushed. I over think everything and time bathroom visits sparingly if I can manage it. There are too many people in this room to pretend to not notice it’s suffocating the shy in me. I am a classic neurotic and lazy ass and I knew my dress was see through and too short and I felt over dressed but happy about it albeit suffering my sparkly attention seeking consequences.

How did it all fit inside of here? Magic. She even bragged about it and I was like brag on babe, that is some impressive shit.

The prix fixe was a sweet deal. There are always deals on Valentine’s day that’s another point for Team Valentine.

Crem Brulee trio, I nibbled a wee bit. I only eat like a pig when I have the munchies so I make a point to not have them when I go out to eat get what I mean? No herbal pre-remedies before dining and you won’t over-eat. The end.

Which meant Teach had to eat extra.

Wearing black is a good idea for this too. It hides everything. I sat with the waitor! Hot! He doesn’t like this joke as much as I do. I think it’s a compliment. You have to be suave and peppy and young to be considered a hot server, right? Right!

What’s behind that screen Mildred? I say trash pile or storage.

We were nearly the last table to leave, we had a reservation, people were taking their time is all, so we did too, we had nowhere to be so it was fun to just relax and not be an uptight diner for once which is typically one of my styles unfortch and not at all a good way to be. Stress can be addicting its been said. Basically you can just say anything and I will apply it to my life’s many excuses rolodex.

Yay it’s over! Blame it on the cray, yeah eeeeeh yeaaah! That was the very last time I promise! Maybe I hope!

I sound super Canadian right?