triple threat betty

I promise to blog harder, better, and faster in July. Just you watch and see that this is not an empty promise!

Flickr changed their interface (again) and I had to figure out how to retrieve my html .jpgs which now I finally have, so that removes that roadblock (excuse). Yes I’ve been up to all sorts of cray when I’m not working 9-5 mon-fri, so, get off my back! Not that you were but if so… I really do miss blogging. I guess it is possible to overdo something though. November will be my 15th year blogging and it obviously has opened many doors for me coupled by the amazing friends, colleagues, and audience I’ve amassed. I will always be humbled and gracious & true to the medium and art form known as blogging. Thanks for sticking with me all these years and for giving me the gears here and there. It’s not just the blogging, it’s the skill, so keep slogging.

I’ll check back later, feel free to drop me a line any time and ask any burning questions you may have. I’m off to a shoot in the city. Exciting. Stressful because micro-managing yourself and outfits, locations, timings, plus city shit, oy! I’m a suburbanite meow and for good reason!

But if you’re jonesing for my jokey side, I still update MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY XOXOX.

when everything mattered nothing was the same

Hi guys, I feel like we haven’t been communicating effectively enough lately, how’ve you been? I feel stretched so thin myself I don’t even have time to be writing this, it’s this or showering so, you’re welcome.

No I don’t smoke, I just borrowed this prop from a friend. I can’t remember what the winning caption for this picture is, I’ll get back to you on that.

I officially like sound of music festival more than ribfest because it has rides AND music.

I’m going on a ton of rides today because last night we missed out. I may or may not have lost it on a little Napoleon complex guy at the beer pen entrance likewise some other guy with a headset who wouldn’t let us on a ride because it was “too late” and yes I pulled the “I am Media” thing and then he says well, tell them to let us to stay open later. You hear that, them? Extend the hours of Sound of Music festival thanks!

Me yesterday. Yes my eyes are this pretty. Yes my hair is this colour. Yes there’s a ton of filters added to make me less tired looking but who doesn’t do that and like I care anyway I will probably start wearing a bag over my head in a few year’s time, get botox, eyebag surgery so I can move forward from being two sink holes in a face.

Taken from last night. Damara is on her way in now. Today’s forecast calls for bananas.

We wanted to go on that thing, none of us had cash on us for tickets. So two barriers stood between myself and my ride. I was like NONE OF YOU F—ING IDIOTS HAS CASH!?! I Will march you to an ATM the second I get off that rainbow. Then toupee headset head with a mustach was like, no way! God I love this town, not even being sarcastic.

It was quite an assault on the senses, possibly why I love this kind of activity. Salt of the earth people everywhere and cool young kids who don’t even notice you exist, garbage food stalls for miles set to disco lights. Sloan plays at 330 today, we’re all going. Don’t forget to send your texts before you get to the beer pen because you’ll lose signal exactly there.

My nana will be on my uncle’s boat I hope we can see her from land. Bet we will.

Looks like this from the pier. Last night started out with my running by myself through all this in hot pink shorts and it was pretty fun,I went early enough that there were pockets in the crowd to dodge and run through. I doubt this would be possible today. I ran home got changed and went back with mom. I’m a townie!

Got on this ride Thursday night. Perfectly named because it is extremely scary.

And then it was a hip hop rave. I can hear someone playing now, a chick. Sounds folky, whimsical, lovely and nice. This is definitely the weekend to suffer from severe ADHD.

I used purple light ears as a landmark to meet up with some chick. Then bumped into RADMAD!

Holy moly. Good times. We played frisbee, got some drank tix hooked up (oh yeah must line-up in THAT line again today lol) um, messed around with some cops. Super fun. Saw a runner chased down by a sound of music fest staff, she ran along the entire length of the beer pen fence up the hill, it was fantastic and what could one possibly even do at a place like this to be chased down by a nerd like that? It was woman chasing woman, intense!

Festival season is upon us! :)

I gotta get ready though now but this was nice. Lets do this again soon. xo

Can’t be forgetting all the new friends we make along the way. You better watch this one to the very end.

Canada WHAT!

I take your silence as a yes

The key to doing everything you want in life is to just act self entitled like what you’re doing at any given point in time is exactly what you should be doing. Case in point, I told this Carnie that we were “game testers”… long story short she believed me and let us throw darts for free even gave us shitty prizes for popping some balloons. Hashtag yolo. Running when you live near town always turns into ridiculosity. I’m gonna have to start running toward the mansions side to get some actual exercise in before coasting into town like a california raisin and if I’m meeting up with mom you can completely forget it.

More on instagram as is always.

now forever is here

Here I am crooning my favourite jam. I don’t care if it gets weak a little in there, the sound and mic level plus my never-ending sickly voice…excuses over it wasn’t that bad! It’s always better when you sing along to the original. My favourite is all the people yelling and talking though especially hahaha. I did end up singing this for a drunk couple on the train and the entire train clapped for me last night so, that was nice. I didn’t want to sing it but I did because this chick fell down the escalator stairs and I felt it would soothe her, it did, and everyone else around us. I sang it softly though. Train whisper singing is so much more beautiful sometimes. I was sitting alone, quietly happy because it was quiet and then they sit in my little world all drunk and stupid. So instead of being a bitch and leaving, I gave her all of my mr. sub napkins to sop up her blood and they started gabbin’ my face off and we became friends.

Pretty fun weekend too. I will continue enjoying it now if ya don’t mind. :) I got an interesting burn yesterday while tanning and listening to a car alarm that would not quit. Oh city you so pretty and you so shitty. xo rlw.

Why not blog?

Hi there. I just need to blog right now. I don’t need rhyme or reason for it I just have to do it cos it has been a significant amount of time since I last partook and the cobwebs need to come out. This picture is from Saturday, as my cold/virus/flu bug became progressively worse and culminated in me lying beneath a pile of blankets in the berth of the boat. Don’t even start with boat terminology as I have no clue, nor care (just yet).

This was the first time our friend took his new Trimaran out and thus, first time back in to dock and I successfully acquired a perma-boat invite for myself (and mom by default lol) by being a good, boat docker? Everyone cheered and clapped for us so I guess it was a feat made with precision to warrant applause.

We’re not allowed to take or show pictures of our friend either because he doesn’t want users coming out of the woodwork. Smart guy.

I’m standing here just in case we get too close so despite this useless pose I am actually being useful here. Reasons for everything omg!

This boat is awesome, simply put. Here I am thinking about how sick I am/going to get.

All the tylenol cold meds curbed my appetite so a smoothie today was the first thing other than halls and OJ that I consumed since Saturday, then had a microwave meal before leaving work.

I gotta hand it to you.

Saturday afternoon.. Chantal Kreviazuk in the foreground and one Minx and mother up above in the bg. More on this later (it will receive its own dedicated post).

Okay one more why not. WAR child representage.

Friday morning light in my room.

Canadian Tuxedo.

I love wearing the cheapest dress possible to big money events, I am a jerk like that.

I do not think I would tire of living here.

The swag bags were pretty awesome too.

Chantal’s voice is amazing.

I didn’t end up wearing these, it was a little much. Also, like 4 times the price of my dress lol (they were a gift).

Funnest work party ever Friday. They finally got us a bouncy castle to make us shut up/call our bluff ahaha. It was hilarious. It holds 14 children which equals, 4 adults. God so many funny things. So sweaty. My body was sore all weekend, but not just from bouncy castle but from wiffle ball and football and maybe bocce ball.

Glad I brought a back-up outfit in case things got sporty, which they did.

Oh yeah I hurt my finger playing football. No biggie.

Ate amazing pizza at my new fav place Friday night. It was indulgent as all hell.

So dreamy.

One of my favourite local parks.

Watch out for Coyotes though.

The left side slumped over at one point because there was a pile of people who all bounced and fell into the crevice, it was pretty hilarious to see.

Sometimes I find I have an aversion to fruit and I don’t know why but when I see it I will forevermore make a concerted effort to eat it.

My latest Playboy Energy Drink V-Spot is out! ENJOY. I would have lead with a Miley pic but, she’s too NSFW for my blog. Who would have ever seen that one coming??

Here, look at me instead. My hair is becoming the same length as these falsies are, which I left in Holland lol. I bet you can’t guess what kind of hair it is (animal) and if I told you already before you can’t guess.

I look fwd to the next game.

Went for a run and turned up here. Well, at least I know where I was for the Habs’ second last chance at a victory dance.

These are like second skin I really need to bust them out on the town sometime. Probably at work. When it’s not so super hot in the morning where I can think adeptly about an outfit to wear. I was burning up and sweating this morning, oh man.

Great game Monday night.

It was their 7th or 8th win in a row, who knows where it’s at now.

These are my work bros! Wednesday trivia night by the way it’s the last one.

I am friends with one of the blue jays because of this picture, now! Now I stalk to him on instagram, well, I plan to (please remind me).

Damara joined us! My mom was going to go in place of another ticket but someone hit her (parked) car when we were on the boat the day before so she had to deal with that on game day. The idiot who hit her also hit someone else on his way to meet her at the shop WTF Ahahahhaha.

Nice seats. We also got up and jammed our way to the porch bar so we could stretch our legs and goof around in general. FUN TIMES.

Boring salad in non-boring place lunch. I wonder if coyotes like boring salad?

Love these cups. Love summer and foresty things. Camp Day is soon. Time to give a little, I say.

I was in an awful mood last Sunday, hmm maybe that is a new thing cos yesterday’s Sunday I was sick in bed all day. Anyhow, this boat hang was muchos appreciated. I don’t want to get sick of my lake hood as well so it’s good to spread it around.

When my mom showed up to my place and I opened the door to let her in I was like WOW O_O. Good work Trace.

I am a strategically posed blob, no shame. Actually I am all leaned-out from this cold so I better get a boat invite pretty quick to make use of it.

These are so Aruba. Love love love.

This is when we first showed up and laid eyes on the Trimaran. I was speechless. Annoyed too by mom’s instant photoshoot shenanigans. We are so going to have an intervention about it soon.

Alright, that’s about a week in the life of. Have a wonderful night and a beautiful week. Sincerely yours, oh damn forgot my brother is over BYE!