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triple threat betty

I promise to blog harder, better, and faster in July. Just you watch and see that this is not an empty promise!

Flickr changed their interface (again) and I had to figure out how to retrieve my html .jpgs which now I finally have, so that removes that roadblock (excuse). Yes I’ve been up to all sorts of cray when I’m not working 9-5 mon-fri, so, get off my back! Not that you were but if so… I really do miss blogging. I guess it is possible to overdo something though. November will be my 15th year blogging and it obviously has opened many doors for me coupled by the amazing friends, colleagues, and audience I’ve amassed. I will always be humbled and gracious & true to the medium and art form known as blogging. Thanks for sticking with me all these years and for giving me the gears here and there. It’s not just the blogging, it’s the skill, so keep slogging.

I’ll check back later, feel free to drop me a line any time and ask any burning questions you may have. I’m off to a shoot in the city. Exciting. Stressful because micro-managing yourself and outfits, locations, timings, plus city shit, oy! I’m a suburbanite meow and for good reason!

But if you’re jonesing for my jokey side, I still update MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY XOXOX.

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