sorry for blogging

Hey remember that time I was in a music video for the beauties (and I had no idea it was being shot, not until it had been up for 2 months!) and you saw me all these times within a minute?

And in a vintage Puma tee no less. That’s the owner of the Drake beckoning me, we were hanging with him Stew and Trish and I. Fun night!

And then I danced. Like I said, I didn’t know they were shooting a video! I had come from burlesque practise and was all YOLO on a Sunday night, as The Dakota was wont to be those nights yeah.

Full vid here. Good times.


Doing stand-up tonight. Agh!

I have no idea what to expect, although I just discovered it’s a potluck and a lot of nice people will be there and I am going for a corporate asshole kind of dictator thing and you should definitely come!

It’s at the Tranzac at 7pm which is in the Annex 292 Brunswick Ave.

I might even discuss some of how party my Friday night was! You will have to stop filming at that part though.

Til then xo bro.


Ready for more emo Europe? Well good then because that is what you are getting much to the chagrin of other shit I have to do and well, sleep. I just gotta do it. When you are a crazy writer and you don’t pleasure write, your words become poison inside of you and guess what the only release is? Pleasure writing. Like how I once said the antidote to men, is more men. Like a coin with two heads.

Licorice brains. I wanted to buy this for the office but it was so heavy.

Although in hindsight it’s so much more hilarious and possibly appreciated. My dutch clogs are sprinkled throughout the office, dutch clogs and mini porcelain pill jars (vitamins, tylenol). It’s like my tradition now to go to this one store and buy a pile of crap because I like lighting money on fire.

It’s pure junk through and through though, pure junk squared.

Goodbye my friend. Impatient bf was like come on wtf hurry. Um, it’s just, oh I don’t know.. beautiful! No you wtf! I feel like my life is a non-stop dialogue cross between New girl and 2 broke girls. Oh, also, that show Girls too. AND LAST NIGHT, NEW GIRL QUEEN BEE Zooey Deschanel RETWEETED MEEEEE BTW!

Don’t worry, I know what my follow-up is gonna be. With a 35% chance of tankage.

Last night, or one of them. Three last nights count as your last night. Compliments of the house. Everyone when I instagrammed this photo was like OMG WHAT IS THAT “Yum” and OMG TELL MEEEEE NOW! Uh, relax bro it’s just mustard.

He made me bartend for him/us for a laugh cos I was requesting music so much, backfired though cos I sucked and had no idea how to respond to Dutch directions plus was drunk. He was going to the Caribbean in a few days so had island don’t give a sh– brains plus is awesome in general. Students came in for RUSH or whatever and their leaders told him to make them do bar work and he made them clean LOL. It’s one of my favourite bars and we’ve only been a few times but he remembers me and knows my bf/our friends/and sister too + he squeezes my arm while laughing exceptionally loud and crazy after making whatever joke he just made about me/us/it/that and everyone else immediately laughs too. Meanwhile, all these crazy things are happening around us at the time PLUS you can get free postcards there. And well look at him. Awesome.

Ehhhh. I instagrammed this and it is just as bad there. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

OH BEHAVE LAST DAY EMO. Oops caps. It still stands though.

We went to Germany on a Sunday (I believe) as one of our last milestones to do, to a restaurant we’ve been to many times but never before at night. It felt more magical that way.

I am the only English speaking person for every 5,000 so that lends a bit of intensity to the experience too.

Germany is cheaper than Holland to eat. However, your dollar does no go as far there.

Have a sweet night or something like that, can a German person translate thank you.

Bread for my ducks which we ate later on at home instead

I love everything about this place. In the summer time we rented a paddleboat out back. We became one with our duck and water fowl friends, it got intense!! I had to use my flip flop for protection and we were both in bathing suits.

I’d say this would be The Drake if they had a summer time Muskoka place Except this is in the middle of nowhere in Germany, a hotel resto with a lake and palm trees. A fireplace indoors and so much seating space, heat lamps and a dining are down below. I should be writing restaurant copy.

Huge bowl of bread you didn’t order, perfect for olive oil dipping at home. You order a salad cos you want to eat light then they bring you a bakery. We also eat it with salami later on.

I love baked things but they take ten yeas to cool down. You always burn your lips and/or insides of your mouth though.

This is what I like to call it’s a hotel thing. Decor is infinite.

Omg I spilled the beans. Oops. Psh. (it works though).

This drink was fabulous though.

Darling croquettes. Brought with mayonaise in teeny ice cream cones. WHATTTTT?




Oliver Twist was here.

It looks like a cruise ship.

Aaaaaaaand cut to Amsterdam. Weirdest upload ever, scattered, why I’ve avoided doing this.

Good times though. This fudge I bought was so weak, stale. I got Scamsterdammed.

By a palace of some sort.

Xmas lights. sigh

Honk honk ooh sassy.

I have a sinking feeling.

This store was out of control.

And yo were not allowed to take pictures. I did anyway.


These stalls to my right are special Christmas things. Charming. Fun.

My first xmas abroad.

Epic wine boxes.

Yikes and goodnight LOL. This is my Hunter S Thompson-ing.

Ski chalet beer garden ftw.

UFO heat lamp.

To be continued. ps. no-kay is a word I invented bye.

(I’ll edit this tomorrow).

from wallpaper to heartbreaker

The last supper. Yes from a million years ago. That is how behind and busy I’ve been, I flew back from Holland on Jan 16 and it’s oh look, February 16 – it only takes about a month for me to “do things”. Shall we then…

Lovely place, she.

Punk rock linen service.

I miss this place. Everything about it.

And that guy.

I love this restaurant, we’ve dined here before on the patio over summer. The food is quite good. We were the only people eating here and likely the first customers for service that day.

It is always a good sign when amuse bouche is brought out. These were wasabi something or other, sorry don’t remember it is too long ago.

I look psyched.

There is a hotel above this place too, it’s very boutique yet un-pretentious. Well maybe a little.

I had rabbit uh, something. Doesn’t matter not like you can go eat it anyway lol. I like how they went goth with it.

Some kind of steak, sure yeah.

He bought me this necklace in Germany from a weird renaissance faire we went to in the springtime and I left it behind for some odd reason.

SIGHING my brains out right now haha. They even got the olives right.

A glass full of feelings.

It rained a little bit too like the hugest cliche buzzkill ever.

I bought new boots today cos I got tired of looking like a skin. Although I do admire the look and overall aesthetic there too. I think something black is due, and why not make a little wardrobe upgrade?


Weird vacant vestibule area betwixt the hotel and resto bathroom and coat area. Good place for a mirror.

I uploaded these in a frenzy and have barely looked over anything. I’ve scattered shit around.

It will be one year in March. Time feels differently gauged in a long term thing’er though.

They brought out extra steak, we thought it was funny.

I am trying to remember what the hell this is, it’s not tartar. Hopefully there’s a pic of the menu coming up. Bf might remember. That brown ball is a date I’ll tell you that though.

Oh my god I forgot how much I love fries. And the dips. Dutch are big on dips.

He was making fun of how sad I saw, I think I cried a billion times.

The thoroughness of these pictures are hilarious to me right now.

Here’s a receipt from a buncha crap we bought. Tell me what we bought.

Guess we had a salad too.

Which was quickly massacred from that.

And he had mushrooms.


I must have enjoyed my hair day.

This was tartar, I loved it.

Okay we get it.

V lovely.

Okay, pumpkin time. Til next round in Amsterdam. PEEEEACE.

Last night a blogger saved my life

HI! God. I have missed blogging but I just couldn’t. I had to write an overdue thing (I have still 2 more other things to do but am taking tonight for myself to blog that’s that) and had been putting it off for various (and real) reasons and so if I blogged I’d be feel sheepish. Which sucks a little because I have found that blogging actually helps me do the things that I need to do because I get it out of the way, the nagging guilt bubble pops and then I can do the legit shit. Sigh anyway, here I am now and enough of the explanations.

I also had to go through these winners and try to figure out where I left off. I know I put some on my tumblr, I almost just blogged a bunch I already did weeks ago. God can you imagine that, two posts with identical pictures but wildly different captions and rambling stories? I bet you actually can imagine that.

This feels like a lifetime ago. It was I guess. There’s so much immediacy in the world and now now now news online that we don’t really talk about things that happened last week and no one cares at all after a month.

My hair seems so much shorter too. I don’t know if I posted this and it’s not even exciting, it’s just a, moment in time kinda thing.

We are on the way to Germany and this is going backward in time, it was my last day and it had that last day vibe all over it.

It didn’t snow once while I was there and it barely snowed in The Netherlands at all this winter, only in certain areas and only a teeny bit. Breaking weather records this winter, the mildest in centuries or decades.

Ah you can see a windmill in the mirror. I am so sick of winter and my dry hands, my lips are always dry – so dry it started bleeding at the mall the other day wtf thanks.

Car rides when you have a camera you just snap away.

Hmm. This was my last day, the Germany thing was my last-last day I dunno but this was my last day for real. Who cares ya ya but this was the last meal. I’m gonna make that its own post because I don’t want it lumped together with my boring car photos that I somehow stretched into 4 separate posts.

This is me right now btw see how quick my hair grows now that it’s not platinum?

Me today also. That shirt I bought is a bit (way) too big I felt like I was in a night gown. BRB with more!


It never ends well for addicts. It’s bigger than Miley, it’s big news that resonates and a major bum out. People care when celebrities (magnificent actors) die, because we have intimate and cerebral personal (fantasy) relationships with them more than others we know in real life. But more so because celebrities are 8 billion times more magical than people we know and like so why would anyone give all that awesome up and die for? That is the grief we feel when peanut galleries smugly chant, “who cares” blah bla etc. Guess what I care. I bet he was depressed huge time, had demons, tried to drown and silence them. Someone that talented just knowing it, and living life so recklessly is definitely crazed, out of control – right? People are affected by this. People go mad in the winter. They go too far.

Anyway, to say something positive about his life and talent would be inconsequential in comparison to his brilliant mystique IRL. I enjoyed catching up on my Philip Seymour Hoffman films this summer and was actually in the middle of a bit of summertime sadness when I watched his 2010 indie weirdo cult bummer classic entitled JACK GOES BOATING. Then I watched the wonderful, beautiful a late quartet – a drama, showcasing the depth and range of his emotions. He punches someone out in that film. The Master was great of course and movies are great because at least we have that.

Just look at that face, that sad face. How delightful is that in an actor. It so is. He’s real. A real inspiration also.

Death is scary, the older we get the more death surrounds us. It is sobering. Maybe it’s good to all clean up our acts?

Anyway, Philip Seymour Hoffman – you were really fucking cool and surely will be missed, nor forgotten. It’s touching to know how saddened people are by this in a really emo way. A close family friend’s father passed away on the weekend as well, someone I have fond childhood memories of and my Papa recently died too, and I miss my bf like crazy, and it’s winter, blah. Life is heavy sometimes man. RIP. You just gotta pay tribute where it’s due here’s to you.

I know you’re not in this part of the flick but your presence added to the overall vibe of this movie that I loved very much.

Not to mention, that hat, hair, scarf and figuring out Matt Damon’s trickery!

This is how exciting my life is

I uploaded this late last night and forgot about it. Just an example of the crap I send to my bf. And it is called Rocky is busy because that’s what my dad said to the neighbourhood kid once (who cut our lawn) when he came by to see the cat.


Shameless self promo time!

PS I TWEET FOLLOW ME @raymitheminx


Yeah I dunno either. Enjoy!

oh yeah I paint remember


Happy to receive your response. Please permit me a sentimental moment.

In a way I have grown-up with Raymi The Minx. I first came across your site in the early 2000s. At that time I was living in Halifax with my boyfriend (now husband), studying at DAL, and following Matthew Good’s political and cultural commentary online. One day he referenced you in a post and I clicked the link he provided. Your page has been bookmarked on my browser ever since.

Initially I was a fan of your creativity and style. But I have been inspired, and remained loyal, because of the resilience, strength, and audacity you have demonstrated while sharing your life journey.

For over two years I have been an oncology/palliative health care worker. It is a challenging, heart-breaking, and rewarding career. Though there are days when I feel numb to all the emotions I encounter, there are other days when I feel it all: grief, joy, remorse, love . As cliché as it sounds, my job has been life-changing. It is a constant reminder that life is unpredictable.

That is why I am sharing all of this with you. You have given your readers so much over the years, yet I assume many readers, like myself, have mostly remained silent in the comments section. So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude; it has been a privilege to read/view your work.

Now that that’s said, on to business. I have no idea about painting prices, so I’m going to bid ******.

I live in Toronto. If you don’t want to ship it I could pick it up somewhere. I’d also love to buy you a coffee or a drink, or at least shake your hand. But if that’s not your thing, that’s cool. I won’t be offended.

Thanks again,


Nicest email award! Ok lets set up a meet and drink and art deal then! That price totally works for me too, good bid :).

Gosh, the internet is full of amazing people yeah? Not just people who are full of it. I love hearing about the lives and histories of my readers.

Btw I forgot to blog-mention about the tv people who wanna meet me. I hope weekends are good for them.

I’m up for the 2014 Canadian weblog awards in 3 categories also and they are Lifetime Achievement (I still haven’t won that little bastard yet), Life (nor that) and Travel (a new category for me!) so in a year we will know the outcome of that.

I am done wiping the dust off of my shoulders meow.