oh yeah I paint remember


Happy to receive your response. Please permit me a sentimental moment.

In a way I have grown-up with Raymi The Minx. I first came across your site in the early 2000s. At that time I was living in Halifax with my boyfriend (now husband), studying at DAL, and following Matthew Good’s political and cultural commentary online. One day he referenced you in a post and I clicked the link he provided. Your page has been bookmarked on my browser ever since.

Initially I was a fan of your creativity and style. But I have been inspired, and remained loyal, because of the resilience, strength, and audacity you have demonstrated while sharing your life journey.

For over two years I have been an oncology/palliative health care worker. It is a challenging, heart-breaking, and rewarding career. Though there are days when I feel numb to all the emotions I encounter, there are other days when I feel it all: grief, joy, remorse, love . As cliché as it sounds, my job has been life-changing. It is a constant reminder that life is unpredictable.

That is why I am sharing all of this with you. You have given your readers so much over the years, yet I assume many readers, like myself, have mostly remained silent in the comments section. So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude; it has been a privilege to read/view your work.

Now that that’s said, on to business. I have no idea about painting prices, so I’m going to bid ******.

I live in Toronto. If you don’t want to ship it I could pick it up somewhere. I’d also love to buy you a coffee or a drink, or at least shake your hand. But if that’s not your thing, that’s cool. I won’t be offended.

Thanks again,


Nicest email award! Ok lets set up a meet and drink and art deal then! That price totally works for me too, good bid :).

Gosh, the internet is full of amazing people yeah? Not just people who are full of it. I love hearing about the lives and histories of my readers.

Btw I forgot to blog-mention about the tv people who wanna meet me. I hope weekends are good for them.

I’m up for the 2014 Canadian weblog awards in 3 categories also and they are Lifetime Achievement (I still haven’t won that little bastard yet), Life (nor that) and Travel (a new category for me!) so in a year we will know the outcome of that.

I am done wiping the dust off of my shoulders meow.

Drawing a Nuit Blank

rape me from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

PITCHFORK MEDIA also caught wind of it now. HUGE!

LOOK FOR ME DURING NUIT BLANCHE HERE I’ll be belting out Smells Like Teen Spirit over and over again until I throw in the towel. Gonna be wicked. The Juicebox kids invited me as a notable, we habitually engage in intermedia fuckery together (they also won a yacht fishing trip on my uncle’s boat at my 10 yr anniversary party) so I know it’ll be a slam dunkeroonie. I’m going to dress exactly like Kurt. Or maybe polar opposite and go Tinkerbell.

The above video is about 3 or 4 in the morning at the Central and I am balls to the wall obliterated, Teppei is on drums, clem is filming it and there are girls dancing all over the place. Meredith’s comment upon watching this was, how’s that feel? must feel great! It did and does. My tights are all slashed here and this was after a shift I believe. Good times that bar, my Kingdom for 8 months. The shirt is a gift from an internet admirer, it’s from UO before anyone else wore puffy sleeves, before they arrived at H&M or Lady Gaga’s adoption of it. FTW! ME!


Hey Raymi!

We’ve met a few times through Exclaim / Torontoist / Juicebox. And we
won a trip on your uncle’s fishing boat last winter at that Wrongbar

So we have this thing that started as a joke a few years ago and now
it’s real: we’re doing an art instillation for Nuit Blanche that
consists of us performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” over and over and
over again for 12 hours.


It’s happening at the Toronto Underground Cinema (Spadina and Queen).
Nuit Blanche is Saturday, October 1, and runs from 7pm to 7am.

We’re looking for a few BIG NAMES!!! to come by and sing one or two
reps of the song. In return, we offer the opportunity to be a part of
something outrageously stupid.

Any chance you think this is bizarre / funny enough to get involved?
The plan is to have “notable folks” sing at the top of every hour. We
don’t need a firm commitment, since it’s obviously kind of a
clusterfuck of an idea, but if you’re in town, planning to walk around
that night anyway, and want to throw your name into this mess, let me
know. We’ll iron out details closer to the date, and if you can’t make
it or just end up not showing up… It’s fine, since we’re playing the
song 144 times no matter what.

Let me know what you think!


it’s the noise what scares me

my curls before i played with them too much and the aborted outfit.

our countdown was counted down by an iphone. don’t say it, i know, I KNOW and “happy thanksgiving?” did i hear that correctly?

countdown to 2009 from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

enjoy the massive double chin and my end of nite gross sweaty hair and how pathetically terrified i am of opening champagne bottles. fil was mad cos it’s one of “his” “things” and he has “so few things” he says and actually speaks in this video, we only opened it so we wouldn’t be complete new year’s eve losers.

champagne from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

art show closing party TONITE remember!

COME COME COME COME COME! i have some fresh zits on my chin for you to look at, snakebite zits.

painted it anyway, i’m sure someone will take pity on its fucked up leg, someone who smokes lots of weed and is missing eyeballs perhaps?

butterface is now complete.

i didn’t want to change my blog around today so i could work more on art which actually means yes i want this extra procrastination gift so i let the nerdery convince me of taking the leap today but i at least have come up with some new painting ideas. (in my head) (in the shower) (like half an hour ago) last minute creation has always been my style. give me weeks and weeks to obsess and stress and fear and be uptight over some thing i’m supposed to do and then the nite before/day of i’m sitting on the couch hunched over like a crazy spazz.

wow. disgusting. i’m disgusted. “you” “people” “are” “disgusting” “wild” “animals” “holy” “gross”.