so rich so pretty, the best piece of ass in the whole damn city

girl gang stance.

melodie raymi doll.

my feet are mangled from dancing goin’ steady to pieces. my freestyle burlesque hustle was very good saturday nite. worked those shoes in for sure. have blisters to show for it.

do not fuck with me hahaha. mel was ripped from hanging in the sun all day, i was frazzled for sure too. we went into act tough mode. we don’t give a fuck and have the best times together.

guide to raymi outfit: (i am also taking credit for this pose, what do they call that in the fashion world when you position the model?) get a tan. get a buzz on life. shortest shorts ever, the pockets could be pulled out but that’s not for everyone i understand. bikini top under tight see-through shirt, any colour. the simpler the better. if it’s a deep-v (neck) shirt then you don’t need a dangly necklace, keep it cute to go with your flintstones pebbles hairdo. shoes can be anything. always throw an extra shirt in your purse and a cardi if there’s room and sunglasses for the bike ride home in the morning cos you never know where the party’s gonna take you.

if you have longer hair pull out the front bits, it’s more playful and the best of both worlds. up yet down. frames the face in an adorable way.

check this hot way out my league jew what’s up. demanded he meet me in the west end from king club land and it was his first hipster maniac experience. pretty funny. got him railed and forced him to loosen up. take the button down off guy. good good.

now as if this didn’t depress me. hahaha. i am going to die alone a spinster i just know it. as if i’ll last that long.

on our way out i said ok if i was a cunt i wouldn’t suggest this but because i love you and more importantly i am a girl’s girl i recommend you adding suspenders to that (melodie’s) raymi outfit. i almost changed my entire look when i saw them hanging up in lucas’ room. doin’ it next time. i introduced melodie as my twin. people think we’re sisters all the time anyway. we are so alike you get a contact high from being around our witch hippie energy vibes.

story time!

we’re out front of the gladstone cooling off sharing some dope and this crazy hyper chick comes up a mile a minute droppin’ a story on me and then goes wow no sense of humour, she’s so spazzed out i don’t even have a second to react so i just laugh and melodie says no no she has a great sense of humour anyway she has this dude with her that infamously steals people’s shit, i don’t know this at the time, melodie goes hey i know you and he says don’t talk to me. TOTAL DIVA BITCH. i didn’t hear him say that don’t talk to me thing to her but all i see is my girl getting irritated which is all i need to know (i go into protective lesbian mode a lot and at the drop of a hat, i have your back) and get that he’s going diva so i say hey hey dude are you being a fucking diva right now? that is SO 2008 which humbles him into silence, he’s trying to grab at my dewbie and melodie swats his hand away and i can tell he’s about to go all obnoxious drunk asshole rant on us so i cut him off at the pass and give it to him straight. being nice is nice don’t be a dick, it’s not cool or funny or pleasant. i was mostly incensed by the cliche catty that dudes blatantly and frequently pull out and i’m putting my foot down. WE KNOW YOU’RE GAY AND FASHIONABLE AND THAT’S BRILLIANT AND OUT OF SIGHT DYNAMITE BUT CAN YOU STOP BEING A PRISSY PIECE OF SHIT DRUNK also hello grabbing guy’s dicks is sexual harassment what gives you the right? why do gay guys lose it once they get drunk? so he grabs hot jew friend’s dick right as he shows up right after practically body checking me bee-lining at him as jordan arrives. not cool. claire hugs him and i realise oh great he’s not a stranger. do i make a scene? yes i do. i say that your friend sucks and some other dumb shit, total overreaction but well-deserved as later on at wrong bar AFTER HE PISSED ALL OVER THE FRONT OF IT melodie arrived seeing emma screaming in his face and prior to that there were like 4 complaints about him all nite long. i wish i saw the emma scene, she had a broken arm not in a sling so i bet with her other hand she was probably pointing and stabbing the air with her finger and when she’s hammered you can’t understand her cos of her brit accent. i hope she gave it to him good. anyway guy, you fucking lick.

sorry claire i love you happy birthday!!! shrug!

i felt like i was so mad i could shove him. then i bumped into the girl again he was with and she was like my friend took off and my dog is locked in our car. brutal. blew it. don’t get me wrong, i love me a good diva, a diva’s diva, one who has rights to be one. i do not reward shadyness.

on a sidenote the other day meredith was being cutely bitchy in front of her friends to me and i said woah woah what? and she goes what i’m a bitch! not to me. done. dealt with. and meredith isn’t a bitch at all was just being one. difference. so, you can be a diva or a bitch diva but don’t direct it at anyone or target people, namely me, cos i will blow the fuck up about it. lately i’ve been talking about how nice i am which is incredibly hilarious when i throw it in-between all these stories about how mean i am. sorry for having standards?

new shades.

another thing lately, because i too am a hyper pack as much into my day spazz i end up meeting a lot of people and some of these people are women hanging around the people i’m meeting and so i get to deal with a shit ton of passive aggression. daily. do you know how exhausting that shit is? frankly, very. so now i do not tolerate any of it like in the story above, though it’s a lot harder with women cos it’s so under the radar cattiness. one way is to just talk about it while it’s happening to whomever else is present over top the person who is so fastidiously attempting to vibe you out. i just go OH BOO! booo. yes i’m going to fuck your boyfriend, be scared. be annoyed. suck it up baby you are a dime a dozen and i don’t have time for your shit in fact i have no ties to you in any way whatsoever so you see this? this is my back, turning to you right now. sometimes you just have to be nasty back to them. this isn’t even a case of oh raymi you’re insane and making this all up like how i used to blog the minutiae of a bad dining experience people start to think that it’s you imagining the bad experience when they read your blog for years from texas or some small town where they go out never so do not understand that the higher the frequency of going out in a city, the more chance of bad experiences. of course there are many great experiences, but those are boring to talk about.


emma is in the flower dress, check her busted arm. aw. check my elizabethan baby-powdered roots hair i think that was like the last day after a stretch of many of not washing my hair hahaha.

the prick is in town

here’s something i said that was funny and quotable yesterday that meredith reminded me about over text just now, we were climbing the 4 flights of stairs up to pauper’s patio and grossly sore from it and i wondered aloud if these stairs knew that we rode bikes. holy thigh killing stairs.

ok maybe it’s only funny if you hear me say it. or if you ride a bike across a city multiple times a week, and then climb stairs. the same muscle exhaustion you feel from both activities. i think i’m going to have massive tank thighs by the time summer’s over if i’m not careful. ew gymnast thighs. gymnasty.

check out this space.

they had a table back there with cloth draped over it for everyone to write on and i drew a lightning bolt with SWEAT GUSH/GUSH SWEAT written beside it and beside that a question posed, which band name is better? everyone was gushing sweat at the time so it was apt. i drew some stupid shit too of course.

it was an insanely odd and fun experience. they had name tags and security wearing vests like what do you think is going to go down here exactly? nerd-worries i think. i know a lot of friends woulda had a blast here. glad i went. bumped into adil and many others.

time to clean up my act son.

knock knock. who’s there? SATURDAY!

this is why we blog

tuesday nite at work i peeked in here and my mind was straight BLOWN city. looked forward to going through it all evening long. anyway, ready set go.

notes and ziploc baggies galore. this was with a little tank top with an image of hands doing that stupid heart sign which resides on my left breast that a rummy up the street pointed out to me just yesterday. nice heart he said. thank you, i said.

oh so thorough.

!!!!!!!! prayers have been answered. the other shoes i bought that are so not dance shoes kill me, bought inserts for them, special heel blister band aids, a strap busted multiple times. these things are so soft and comfortable i’m gonna start wearing them around town, second skin-like.

i LOVE THESE. goes well with my punky brewster princess surf hippie look.

also kinda ballet. oh the sneers from other chicks, the double takes and the dudes dig them. sorry but yeah, not sorry.

such a good name too. have to be careful putting them on though, i dunno about you but i can be a bit of a spazz. i foresee a busted ankle if i don’t take my time yanking them up. you know when you throw on a pair of torn at the knee jeans really fast to answer the door or something then you put your foot through the knee hole and completely rip the pant leg right off and now you have shorts? that kinda careful. this just in BE CAREFUL GUYS.

um, DUH.

i like that all these shirts he sent are teeny tiny.

like this guy, it’s an xs. looks bigger obvs. so skin tight. saved my ass tuesday nite sweat factory at work. i wish we could just wear bikini tops there while working in the heat.

this made me so nostalgic. i had a red gallaz skate shirt i wore all the time when i was 20. i have a hard on for red.

pretty much all of these have been consumed. except for the pills (chromax), which i’m taking daily. melodie says they’ll help with my sugar cravings, blood sugar. hopefully. the nuun stuff i threw into a rum drink last nite. radmad always mixed booze with electrolytes out on the town, helps counter-act/prevent some of your hangover.

basically gatorade?

oh fuck you hahahahahhaa.

perfect. pill me up batman.

i was just thinking the other day i should start running (from what?) but these will also be great for dance rehearsal.

so now at this point i’m thinking there’s going to be money in the ass pocket…

nope, just an ass pocket. holy greedy i know right. i am an animal. he started it man.

how is this supposed to help my dieting ways? i ate a few and gave the box to brosz7.

i was like i hate mint chocolate ever since i shoved a junior mint up my nose as i was stuffing several of these into my mouth. guess what, i am full of shit.

do we have the white coconut one in canada? that thing is so gone. straight inhaled it, maybe only half, shared it with lucas and mel and brosz7. when something is so good you should always share it but only if you’re uncertain as to when you can get your hands on it again. as for the orange chocolate bar, i gave it to melodie. sorry sports fans, not into that mixture and i’m good with mixing every flavour under the sun.

i gave this to melodie.

good point. i’ll get it back off her in five years then.

i’ll give it a whirl. the sex wax confused me. smells amazing. i think this entire package is just a giant come to los angeles manipulation. clever.

this spazzed me right out yesterday morning. had prior to coffee. i’m going to keep some in my purse for road vodkas and then i’ll climb some power lines and get thrown in the drunk tank.

there is nothing more horribly offensively boring in this world than golf. sorry. i will not humour listening to any man talk about it. unless i’m there sitting in the cart drinking a beer, no way dude. golf was invented as a means for men to ignore women and then bore us to death. fuck off then go golfing for the day you giant baby then you come home all exhausted and drunk. golf and car washing, women avoiding activities. anyway, this pilot still texts me. two years younger, dangles free flights my way. fine. make one happen, then we’ll talk.

this thing looks adorable on me and it fits so well, very tiny. i think running clothes are so obnoxious and pretentious and nerdy. since they decided to make exercise sexy, i dunno. it’s such an unnecessary extra to buy jogging attire, like you have all these clothes already you make everyone else feel like they’re wearing rags when you run on by in a two hundred dollar breathable gortex vortex whatever the hell these things are made of jackets. i love it and i hate it but most importantly i am not a fucking geek. also, running is free yet i can’t afford to run cos i don’t have the extra disposable income to buy fancy pants with fancy pockets for my fancy stupid water jug or the mini-water bottles or the belt for the mini-grenades water bottles what is this ‘nam? you look like a goof, stop it please. i think it irritates me most to see joggers in packs. like oakville joggers, running room joggers. i severely hate followers, that’s the issue here. i have no respect for that and you can easily sniff them out from the ones who are jogging for themselves, there’s the runners who are addicted to it and then there’s the desperate needy clingy runners who are literally running to fit in. hilarious.

last nite mer and i went to a party at 720 bathurst, pre-renovation annex wasp nerd white people party it was incredible. hoola hoops. some guy on one of those scooters that fold up over your shoulder dressed like a gypsy. the music was pretty awful but good awful. you know it’s an older crowd when you hear disco and shit from the 90’s. it was pretty great to see all these people i recognize from the past five years of my life living in the annex all in one room. when nerds go wild. it was sweltering in there too. i danced ghetto and got a few dance fans out of it. thanks taras and joshua for getting us on the list. the tickets were sold out.

then we went to pauper’s roof patio to inhale some food and check out university boys and a guy from the dating site showed up i am SO GLAD i brought meredith, holy fucking misrepresentation city. he’s wearing a jersey, kinda looks nothing like his photos at all. one of the first things he says is he gets kicked out of the skydome for having a mickey on him. colour me unimpressed. but only because he got busted, what an ignoramus. also, meredith works there so it’s extra funny he got all into her like she gives a fuck about stadium attendance. he had a friend with him too who totally got that i was psychotically irritated. then jersey wearing moron mentions hooters wings and i said wow, drunk all day, kicked out of the game, hooters, so many pluses going on here! i was shoveling wings into my mouth the entire time which means, fuck off, basically. poor sod. he was nice enough but yeah, crossing a line through that name for sure. he asked ten times what we had been doing that nite and on the tenth time i snapped DUDE I ALREADY TOLD YOU WE WERE AT A PARTY AROUND THE CORNER. i was pissed he ate up our hour before last call, cock blocking us like mad and being a giant loser.

meredith and i are great wingmen. im blond and tall and flat. she’s chesty ginger and small. it’s like, what spice girl do they like. come for the blond, stay for the red and vise versa. i wish she didn’t have to work today. i also wish steph and sass were here. i also wish i had a lot of money and a yacht and a nice house in the country with a fire pit. ok fine bye.

ps. it’s not that i’m striking out bad, i’m just really picky now. a guy can meet all my criteria just fine but then he’ll do or say something or have a way about him that just makes my skin crawl.

look good now, die later

ran out of time for a full-fledged post. these are my new dancing shoes that came in this sweet care package from LA. you might puke diarrhea from jealousy over it once i blog it all. intense. thanks christian!

i’m late for a party and i’m wearing day time hot weather clothing, now it’s cooling off. annoying.

i felt like i had all these cute little anecdotes to share and now i’m all tapped out. maybe it’s cos i talked melodie’s head off when she came home. brosz was here earlier helping me with my laptop. it’s still infected. as he was poking around he was essentially applauding these nerd hacker’s handy-work, even referring to them as “they” like he knows them? cool matt, clap away but you still have to help clean this thing up as i am useless. he accidentally saw a penis picture too hahahaha. i asked him to describe it. why do you have a penis picture? i dunno some guy sent me a penis picture why the fuck do guys do that, not my fault. feel special cos i was explicitly told that it would be bad if the photo got out. special penis picture apparently.

i’m jacked on energi powders and electrolytes and other stuff that came in this package. no drugs or money unfortunately.

yesterday at work i slipped on some water near the bar with a pint of ice water in each hand, landed on my ass and knee respectively, sloshed a bit of water on myself but more or less lebowski saved those beverages and the band playing went ba dum dum chhhhh when it happened. passed the glasses off to some chick plopped myself up grabbed them and off i went to deliver them to some custies.

ok that was your cute anecdote.

did you notice the heat is making people crazy?

dating site update: one guy names himself MR ADVENTURE. i wonder if he likes adventure? i wonder if he is extremely original, i bet he’s a fucking trail blazer. can’t wait to not even open that message up.

aw i’m mean.

oh my fucking christ

can you see this stupid thing yet? the worst, just the worst. you take a week off from everything and then get forced to confront it. good fucking show, that.  the best is 4000 of the same email, tweet, fb message asking me if i know my blog is messed. really?  I WRITE ON THE GODDAMN THING EVERY DAY OF COURSE I FUCKING KNOW. thank you for adding to the stress pile and sorry for yelling. i am so behind i want to puke. my computer was infected too. tricky spam. the climate of late has been icing on the sweltering shit cake too.

look i held an iguana bearded dragon in streetsville.

the guy it belonged to was kind of a nutcase. you’d have to be to own one of these things and wear it on your shoulder. cool story.

so what have we been up to? well as previously mentioned we went to streetsville to hang with some old townie buds, not a bad time. drove back to the city cos they were all bored. really? this is a mini-toronto break for me why are you wanting to go baaaaaaack ugh fine i’ll take that fantastic voyage.

i went to cobourg and the weather was great. that forecast couldn’t have been more inaccurate. not complaining. i’ve loads of photos but now that my computer is mangled i can’t preview any of them. yes, everything has fallen to shit.

i give good grill.

I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. looks like i’ll be wearing my hair up all summer long. it’s too short for this heat. i look at old photos of my long hair and sigh my head off. yeah yeah it had to be done but still, no more mermaid for the time being just straight pebbles. another good news thing is i’ve put on like 15lbs out of nowhere. very fucking pleased about it. you do not want to be my friend right now. trust me.

hung brunch with everybody on their fake best behavior and cottage passive aggression sunk in way too soon which is most brutal for someone who is constantly the new girl everywhere they go. always on always smiling while inside, DYING.

oh perfect i’ve just discovered my laptop’s sound device is no longer working. incredible. you have no idea how much this glitch has messed with my game. hey hi there here’s my business card but don’t visit my blog because it’ll blow up your computer no really i’m legit. barf.

so anyone with laptop sponsoring hook-ups do let me know i am fully in charity case mode right now.

i joined a dating site. i know. desperate. after hearing billions of stories from my mom and all her coug girlfriends being addicted to it i figured what the hell. i can’t keep picking up dudes off the street or in bars or insane asylums. i figure it’s alright cos you know what’s up straight off the bat instead of playing eye tag all nite long in some shitty hipster dive with a guy who turns out has a girlfriend anyway, why waste my fucking time hombre?

i have loads of messages piled up i haven’t looked at cos i’ve been too repulsed by the state of my laptop and blog so who knows what’s waiting for me. i’m getting by on looks and charm alone over there, no raymitheminxing which will be great for you guys. date stories blog. i only joined a few days ago. went on one date last nite and it was really good. i say no more for now.

mer was my boyfriend last nite for the sex and the city sneak preview screening. she won us a gift bag. that movie was, um, totally shitty and totally fine. you pretty much get exactly what you expect from it. outdated slang, way too many unfunny puns, retarded unrealistic outfits, stupid soundtrack, a plot that relied way too hard and long on united arab emirates. meh. if you’re going to experience that one way or another eventually you may as well do it surrounded by all of toronto’s media PR who the fuck are these people type crowd instead of renting it in secret and watching it in a cave. i never watched the shows, i am not that type of girl, though i could be? whatever, it was a fun time pouring vodka out of meredith’s flask into our complimentary diet cokes, shoveling gift bag chocolates into my mouth and popcorn, snickering and heckling our way through it. i could watch a dumptruck reverse in slow motion for an hour and be perfectly content.

i severely doubt any kid is happy that their parent shops here.

here’s a dumb story before i go.

so on friday it’s awful gorgeous out right, i decide to walk to grab some ganj for the weekend in my beautiful blue maxi dress i have not taken out since i bought it around christmas time. on my days off i amble. it’s free, it’s a good thing to do baked, you cruise and be cruised. my plan was to also walk to union and grab my bike and ride it home in time to pack to go away for the weekend. i figured it might be the only sun i see all weekend long. so i’m walking listening to my zune, feeling great, i make it through bellwoods and just as i’m hitting dundas i notice my left white canvas shoe has blood all over it. my blood. from the inside. soaked through. what. the. fuck. no i did not notice the wet blood feeling i thought it was just sweat as your feet get moist in those guys sans socks. also, the pain was all focused on my right toe cos i stubbed it on my dad’s patio a few days prior. i sit on this bench out front of that delicate fancy diner on dundas feeling like a total scumbag and try to assess why the hell my foot is bleeding and from where. couldn’t even find the site wound there was so much blood and it didn’t even hurt. at all. baffling. i go inside and attempt to clean it up only making it worse, spreading the stain. these shoes are fucking toast.


when the course of your day is to revolve around walking, you kind of get a little down about a thing like a blood-soaked sweaty white canvas shoe. also by now my heels are starting to kill. everything’s breaking down. i am slightly annoyed. so i hit the market, get my stuff and decide to walk down to queen/spadina and buy a new pair of shoes. i have zero patience for kensington market vintage shoe browsing with a bloody foot, i need sandals stat.

i looked like this. didn’t even notice the hipster ad campaign. kinda funny. drink expensive beer and people will think you’re not only a hipster, but a yuppie hipster at that. anyway i get to ardene at queen/spadina go straight to the flip flop wall of fame and grab a red straw thatched pair for five bucks and chuck the shoes in their trash. i am then consumer victimized by this nice white sleeve over-sized drapey looking shirt so i try it on over my dress and decide to get it then of course get roped into buying a necklace too (men, this is how these things happen with us women and why we come home with parcels full of shit. not our fault, it’s the savvy marketer’s) because ardene has 2 for $20 or 3 for $30 whatever all the time those a-holes. i can barely tolerate looking through their atrocious cheesy clothes for another shirt so i choose necklace route. takes like ten minutes to decide which one, narrowing it down to this wispy antique gold feather delicate little guy over the handful of keys necklace. i pay and on my way out bump into caitlin whom i barely recognize, we chit chat, i tell her my bloody shoe incident explaining why i am in that ridiculous store in the first place. i also really have to go to the bathroom, bloated as hell. performing any task when you have to pee is just, ugh. so i walk to letterie next door and remember i left the necklace i was originally wearing dangling on a hook by a mirror, i go back to get it, caitlin is still in there and shoots me a you are insane look.

i’m in the john having the best most bladder-relieving piss of the century and what should happen? the feather necklace i was just conned into purchasing around my neck? explodes into pieces all over the floor at my fucking feet. do you know how annoying it is trying to move around in a maxi dress on a hot day in a public restroom to begin with but then your necklace falls to pieces without you even touching it? i collect it all and by this point I AM PISSED. sorry, “slightly irritated” all the while i’m getting numerous messages over my blackberry about this stupid blog virus (which has bummed me out pretty bad to be honest). i march back into ardene like i fucking live there now just as caitlin is walking out and i’m all, don’t even. no kidding she’s just this isn’t your day is it? i put my hand over the counter in front of the clerk and let the chain necklace remnants speak for themselves. request the other necklace i wanted more in the first place and walked over to union thinking now if my bike is stolen i am really going to lose my mind here. it wasn’t. sorry to disappoint you.


if this virus thing ever happens again just follow my retarded life on twitter for awhile.

oh man these dating emails are priceless. check it:

Hello, Please read his full message, for you see I am a traveller from the future where you and I are together and married. I know this is hard to believe, but our children save the world from an alien attack, And so I have travelled back in time to ensure that you and I get together…

So please for the love of the world send me a message back! Because if you don’t the world as we know it will come to an end!! Or if you just feel like talking just send me a message back :)

endless material!

you and me and streetsville

click for close-up of the good stuff.

oh hi there you’re still hanging around? nice to see you.

well, some memory lane was had yesterday. stories from days of yore were shared. was refreshed of many a tale starring your fearless hero performing many idiotic tasks. i blocked out tons of these happenings. mostly they’re all me skipping curfew and then the ensuing shit storm of that which i pulled the plug on wanting to listen to any more stories thereof. buzzkill city.

recounted the first time i tried blow and had a panic attack not knowing what it was. on a school night too! ha.

it was bizarre and surreal and nice to see my old hood and old faces knowing a slew of them don’t recognize me at all so i could stare away freely. anonymously. having all this background info on a guy walking by and him none the wiser. old hardware store customers. town crazies. wanderers. delinquents. so much time has passed and yet it was like it stood still. i was happy to see random familiar faces mucking about around town like oh so-and-so is still alive. good.

it’s always interesting to find out who’s banged who, naturally, and good to know it all happened after i left town.

i’m feeling the suburbia lately and feeling it feeling me. big fish, small pond. oh yes.

i’m scanning my computer right now because its got some viruses. yes from my blog. fucking shit. ugh. sorry if you get it be careful. the nerds told me it’s not infected anymore so feel free to come back and browse my bewbs scare-free.

i’m going away this weekend. don’t forget the brew/booze store closes at 5 on sunday so you better make it in time cos that shit’s closed on monday.



sorry if you’re getting an anti-virus thinger on here i likely approved some spam comment i shouldn’t have, i’ve got the nerds on it now.

in other news it is gorgeous out. grabbed a poor john’s coffee, some organic free trade beans from good catch, walked down to roncessvailles hair-pin turn down to king to no frills and blew 18 bucks on fruit and yogurt came back here and blended the family and walter the landlord some smoothies. recipe:

-pint of strawberries

-two bananas

-one kiwi (they weren’t exactly ripe yet, woulda thrown in a couple more)

-half cup vanilla yogurt

-handful of blackberries

-soy milk

-oj/cran juice a few dollops of

-6 ice cubes

sooooooooooooo goooooooood. walter says you can pay big bucks for that “downtown”. haha awesome.

today i’m goin’ west for a trip back in time to nostalgiaville. excited. patio partio sunshine, small townies, old friends. i’ll be filing that under a fuck and throwin’ a yeah in for good measure.

oh and i finally got my period. that’s like every 50 days now? word.

they call me mellow yellow.


i made everyone wave at me a few weeks ago “for our facebook” heheh. i love awkward waving, it’s my specialty. in a few background/music videos i’ve been in, my awkward wave is captured. go sit on the central’s patio today it gets the best sun and then you can move up to the rooftop patio for more, lasts there longer.

time to wash my hair, haven’t since sunday. i’ve been flinstones pebbling it. such a time saver.