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look good now, die later

ran out of time for a full-fledged post. these are my new dancing shoes that came in this sweet care package from LA. you might puke diarrhea from jealousy over it once i blog it all. intense. thanks christian!

i’m late for a party and i’m wearing day time hot weather clothing, now it’s cooling off. annoying.

i felt like i had all these cute little anecdotes to share and now i’m all tapped out. maybe it’s cos i talked melodie’s head off when she came home. brosz was here earlier helping me with my laptop. it’s still infected. as he was poking around he was essentially applauding these nerd hacker’s handy-work, even referring to them as “they” like he knows them? cool matt, clap away but you still have to help clean this thing up as i am useless. he accidentally saw a penis picture too hahahaha. i asked him to describe it. why do you have a penis picture? i dunno some guy sent me a penis picture why the fuck do guys do that, not my fault. feel special cos i was explicitly told that it would be bad if the photo got out. special penis picture apparently.

i’m jacked on energi powders and electrolytes and other stuff that came in this package. no drugs or money unfortunately.

yesterday at work i slipped on some water near the bar with a pint of ice water in each hand, landed on my ass and knee respectively, sloshed a bit of water on myself but more or less lebowski saved those beverages and the band playing went ba dum dum chhhhh when it happened. passed the glasses off to some chick plopped myself up grabbed them and off i went to deliver them to some custies.

ok that was your cute anecdote.

did you notice the heat is making people crazy?

dating site update: one guy names himself MR ADVENTURE. i wonder if he likes adventure? i wonder if he is extremely original, i bet he’s a fucking trail blazer. can’t wait to not even open that message up.

aw i’m mean.

7 thoughts on “look good now, die later

  1. hey! I just came back to read your blog. i used to be mega addicted to this and had dreams (non sexual) about you. Now they’re back! Sorry! Does this happen often?

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