people are asstards and everyone is connected and everyone has someone and something somewhere somehow and who cares really because everyone is the walking wounded, you know, ‘course you do.

dedications are overrated.

all the things you think in the shower are the right things.

the contribution to other people’s madness and/or contributing to the madness of others.

celebrities are neurotic about ridiculous such things as green m&m’s being removed from their bowls and all white hotel suites because we make them that way with our ever-lasting wanton worship and it gets to a point where-in they write songs about being jenny from the block and they seem like whiners and we get all annoyed at them when really we just want the rocks that they gots.

and so on…

how do you get over you?

first you have to get over your childhood and your parents’ childhood and their parents’ childhood and that is it basically and if you have parents you have to acknowledge their good intentions and if you have bad parents you just have to acknowledge them and say ok you are bad to me, i am not going to take it anymore and then go and find some nurturing friends and love them a hell of a lot and if you don’t have any parents at all and you never ever did, i don’t quite know what to sayto you about that right now because it’s not my place to say bla bla blee about not having parents, regardless, i feel your fucking pain and i wish i could take it away.

how do you get over you?

well, if the person(s) who shot you into this world had good intentions with you, good.

if they had bad intentions with you, not good but it’s alright, ’cause that wasn’t your fault, all you gotta do is be a good person, be nice to others and know that the best you can is good enough.

life is your most valuable asset.

ps i still have not smoked any weed since early july and i drink occasionally but not very much, i quit drinking irresponsibly and next is smoking and oh yeh i don’t do any other drugs as well

pps it’s not that easy but it is possible

this guy is pretty good and asked if i was actually in the US virgin islands and i said yes and then i said make me a banner and some junk.

i caption this saynotoslut.

raymi has been a little PC these days, well, not really, she’s still a fatmouth vulgatron but on a way lesser scale. what i mean is, she’s all done grown up and now she is concerned with little chillens not dressing like hookers on jarvis, whatever.

she has this jobthing now and it is going quite well but she is a tad bitter ‘cos her friends don’t call her anymore and she has done given up calling them. there’s this unspoken just show up rule applicable to everyone here, you know, ‘cept when raymi shows up the walls move, but not in that rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwr I AM HERE type way like it use to be.

when she shows up it is like, oh great, competition, wonderful. clap clap.

but it isn’t fucking like that. i don’t want your fucking shit and i don’t want your fucking shit to fucking want me all you have to do is pretend i exist for three seconds and make a call.

stepping stoners.

yeh so raymi tries to avoid these places cuz these people are there but all roads lead to these places when yer a bitter misfit and all you want is a tonic and a familiar face and perhaps make like we’re both not tranquilized for various reasons plaguing thy heart and head.

i should stop typing in the third.

being a “cult icon” is not what it is cracked up to be, you have to be full-on famous or just a no nothing nothinger, either way when/if you get big, everyone is going to hate you, so fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.

Dear Lauren,

Glad the drawing on the banner at the top is back, who did it?

Otherwise, what up? The rest is gone. Well I’ll miss your bloggin’ but

I know it is a pain in the ace for you a lot of the time. Hope all is

well, and good luck with whatever you’re up to. Stop by mine some

time. I think you were a big influence in getting me into it.

If you look at my archives you can see when I discovered your blog.

Even though you shouldn’t look at my archives because they be sucking

so much. I still don’t know what I think of it, or blogging in

general, but it’s a nice outlet sometimes. I think there’s too much

thinking going on about it anyway.

So it was nice to have met… if you’re over it. If

you’re not and you come back sometime then I’ll be there. Either way

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Lauren.

All the best.