Hot? Tub party!

Hey pals. I bet your hot tub sitch in the old backyard is pretty dope and you’d like to cash in on that. I think you should. Just submit a picture that’s all you gotta do. Ya gots til December 20 to get one in to me me muh me and be in the running for $500. YOPPPP! Yep. But here’s some entrants so far, you think these flippin’ geeks can beat you? Well they might if you don’t step up.

Go here to ENTER the Hot Tub installation Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!! I’m your judge BTW I’ll be narrowing it down to three and remember I am very easily persuadable. What does that mean? Who knows! Good luck and TGIF!

Without further ado, some entrants in the running for $500 and not you! Weird right? ENTER!!!

Oh, isn’t that just nice THANKS FOR THE INVITE PAL. Clem I can only imagine what disgusting sh- you got up to in this thing. Good luck bro.

I have no idea who this is so I don’t care as much so nice shorts Jimmy. I like the plant.

This is my godmother’s holla holla holla holla!!

AHh you look inviting!

Daaaayum who is this? I am on my way.

Interesting, interesting.

Yo mom.

Alright I guess the rest are on their way. Peace out munchkins. ILU. Story time later on of the trubs I got up to last night? Mwah.

I am 12 years old today.

My blog just turned 12. Back on November 28 2000 I decided to start a thing called “a blog” using a thing called and haven’t turned back since. Love you guys. Keep it decent, check ya later with more insights and frights. PS. Happy Birthday Dad ILU2!!

Me at 17. 12 years ago. Ah-duh. Oxford mawfuhs!

AND why not come to Puerto Rico with meeeeeeeeeeeeee! In January. Seriously.


Also enter this Jacuzzi Hot tub photo contest asap you have a very good chance of winning. Take a picture of your hot tub, enter it, win $500. Easy peasy!

Run the show

Yo guys “what is up”? Is that a dimple? I think so!

Sick of Movember pervert faces yet? lol. Sheldon sat beside me at the game yesterday. I almost punched someone’s lights out for his dad. All us social media folk were grouped together thanks to Shannon. Love that girl.

I kind of looked like a lesbian idiot but whatever.

Rebeccablugh was my date. Yaymi my teeth look white. I whiten them like cray but still don’t feel like they are white enougn. My dad said there is only so much enamel we have on our teeth. I’m supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow but I’m not going cos I won’t be out of town by then so, sorry mom have fun.

That looks funny to me. Like ants, or exercising grasshoppers. The world through my eyes can be awesome.

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Nomadic Raymi chronicles

This chick looked like Anne Hathaway to me. I saw her all week long and needed a pic before leaving and finally got one last night. I took the train back first class this morning at 6:45am. I had two breakfasts. The first being McDonald’s the second being the breakfast they serve to the fat cats on train which I just picked at, my eating remorse is something fierce after 5 days and nights of feasting. I didn’t make it to a museum this time but as one pal said, a museum of food I attended instead. By now you guys know how much I love to eat so this suited me fine.

Even though I seemed before like I ate a lot that’s because I only always showed what I ate and nothing but when I was actually combining with that a hell of a lot of restricting. But not this week. Zero restrictions. I check my stomach/body in the mirror obsessively now and can’t tell if it’s regular Lauren bloat or if I am fatter but I am still in my skinny window well enough but outside anymore and I will be too big for my constitution to take. I at least don’t have hardcore eating guilt like old-me would have because I am still in the eating mood, guilt-free forcing self to enjoy it mode which makes you a little less fat than if you were stressed out of your mind imbibing eating. This is a Lemon princess bar. For princesses. French people eating like princesses. Marie Antoinettes. It made me giddy to be around like we’re going on a spectacular eating adventure together no holding back and everyone’s going to love it. I had a wonderful week spent with great people.

We had two bottles of this phenom wine during our four course Italian meal. I didn’t even take pics of the pasta it was so much food. Then we went out and partied. Naturally.

So much red meat and red wine I am lucky I don’t have the gout. I could feel, or obsessed that I could feel my insides, various organs responding to all the excessive f-ing dining I was doing like my stomach was having its own heart attack perhaps, or is that an ulcer over there or what’s this pain from back there, drunk push-ups? Okay good.

They were not in to me taking pictures here at all, with flash, so this shadowy mysterious bird is a cornish hen and it was RIDONKULOUS. Later on at one of the bars we went to I took a flash picture and they got bitchy about that too so I was like I am not letting you people control me and Ari. was like good for you, totally on my side. You can take a few flash photos in a restaurant at your table because I said so.

The best here was the octopus salad which I have a photo of on my phone cos it takes better night pictures albeit still grainy in quality. Anyway who cares blog, who cares.

Meat I forget the name of but we got the last one of. Score.

This bottle stared at me and I it, for days, until I got the text to crack it open and this was a lovely me-time afternoon I’ll say haha.

Just me and this old bat. I saved some for the others don’t worry.

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I’d love to say that I am being productive while out here, but I’m not. I planned to write. Instead, I study. Compile.

Tonight is my last night. Then the bender continues in T-Dot. Here here.

Everyone I’ve been spending time with has been on a food bender. It’s been lovely, indulgent, fattening. Delicious wine. Or, délicieux rather. Everyone is singlish and eating, happy. Small-knit group of fashionable hip modern people, everyone is good crazy, loud and expressive and very very nice.

Spending time almost exclusively in pretty, charming, and grand old Montreal has much added to the escapist fairytale dream too, and with the addition of Christmas ornaments, lush garlands of white lights everywhere you look beautiful glowing gold in the face it makes you feel lonely in the most loveliest way.

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Meet Jacuzzi G I R L!

Something to warm up your Mondays with. My new Jacuzzi hot tub quest: In the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Market! “…Who’d like to get in a Jacuzzi hot tub with ol Raymi Bunny? Fun times to come! Jacuzzi hot tub girl challenge accepted.”

Check out my adorable post and the reason why I built an outfit around my designer bathing suit Friday evening haha. In that case always remember to bring a second shirt because your first one will get wet.

I like this outfit so much I’ll wear multi-variations of it for weeks.

Sorry (you’re welcome) in advance. ps. who’s a Mosista? I am. Meet Ms. June!

Get a calendar while you still can. Right here. Or talk to Caron.