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Hot? Tub party!

Hey pals. I bet your hot tub sitch in the old backyard is pretty dope and you’d like to cash in on that. I think you should. Just submit a picture that’s all you gotta do. Ya gots til December 20 to get one in to me me muh me and be in the running for $500. YOPPPP! Yep. But here’s some entrants so far, you think these flippin’ geeks can beat you? Well they might if you don’t step up.

Go here to ENTER the Hot Tub installation Photo Contest!!!!!!!!!!! I’m your judge BTW I’ll be narrowing it down to three and remember I am very easily persuadable. What does that mean? Who knows! Good luck and TGIF!

Without further ado, some entrants in the running for $500 and not you! Weird right? ENTER!!!

Oh, isn’t that just nice THANKS FOR THE INVITE PAL. Clem I can only imagine what disgusting sh- you got up to in this thing. Good luck bro.

I have no idea who this is so I don’t care as much so nice shorts Jimmy. I like the plant.

This is my godmother’s holla holla holla holla!!

AHh you look inviting!

Daaaayum who is this? I am on my way.

Interesting, interesting.

Yo mom.

Alright I guess the rest are on their way. Peace out munchkins. ILU. Story time later on of the trubs I got up to last night? Mwah.

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