right left block left right block

um so how about that bus beheading eh? yikes much?


anyway, on to peachier things, or rather, more bacony things, last nite’s dinner.

maple bacon boner.

me this morning.

chloe came by to drop off some books, borrow new ones and jam out to wii fit before heading to class.

fil and matt bought new lenses for their cameras today, FASCINATING. then we went for sushi at rolu. the sashimi there is kinda crap, too fishy, i like mine super cold borderline frozen so i can’t detect any taste. the service was bad too.

then we rode these horse dogs to the lcbo.

here i am hula-hooping, i am getting worse and worse at it and i do not appreciate being insulted daily by this fucking game, i go up .6 of a pound and they are like you gained weight do you know why? and list all these reasons (snacking, over-eating, eating at night, not exercising, eating too fast, indigestion etc) none of which are DRINKING EXCESSIVELY or KILLER FUCKING WEED MUNCHIES so i just click i don’t know.

i made a video but cut it short, this shirt is way too tight and constricting and the sun blaring me in the face and my hot hair, dumb dumb dumb.

i snagged a copy of the harold and kumar sequel so once fil is finished his 30 minute work-out off we go to laughing land.

omg august already, 2007 archives baby!

why do i bother with these posts you wonder? well, it’s a sneaky way to bump up hits, yeah it’s all from the same people, but each extra hit is like one less sigh of depression in my life if for but only a few days. seriously, you guys bump my hits up each day an extra 4000 when i do these archive round-ups. also, i think it’s handy to be organized, plus it gives me something to do, and i get to see how fat i was a year ago. also i get to re-read dumb things i wrote and sometimes they’re pretty fucking brilliant i can’t believe i ever wrote them.

handsome furs at lee’s plus a total douche gets up in our shit. follow-up pic and email regarding said douche.

so after my physical yesterday to cope from hours spent with my crazy mother we hit the mall.

august 2006 archives part II

no confusion allowed!

yes the only reason to leave bed is to piss and get wasted.

dress thing pics.

pour some crazy on me, salvation army wedding dress-up.

now, because i have a life and you don’t, here are my groceries.


postsecret rip.

everyone is fucking weird and blows the annex’s whimsical out of the sky

i can’t believe i know rene russo’s name.

i forgot to complain about how my entire life everyone has been saying my name wrong

good news, we think i’ve been sleepwalking.

that fucking chipotle mayo secret magic sauce gets me everytime.

me and cid sing paranoid android

f kitchener


nirvana sing-a-long in the car, youtube losers love to argue with me about.

what is it about the beach that makes gross old people make out like they are on ecstasy?

k i’m bored now part II some other day yeah?



here i go, when i’m about to do something my hands freeze into claws, attractive retard on the scene look the fuck out.

making friends with your own harajuku slave means lots of pictures YAY.

sass brought her dad to the show.

so smelly hippie kids set up camp all around us and they’re all talkers too, we last a good ten minutes or so, matt is fuuuuuuuming, they’re behind us, i turn and say can ya guys shut up thanks? in a jokey way right during an explosion of them all talking at once over the candy one of them bought at dollarama and i turn back around facing forward then the one with the fugly hair for a dude says you could have asked in a nicer way and matt goes well you could behave in a nicer way at a movie then the kid says nothing, a few pause beats then the light bulb goes off in his head yeah and i appreciate the smoke (matt’s smoking) and matt snaps oh really? You like that? dude, just for you I’m going to smoke twice as much. hahahahhaha. the kid says nothing. i felt half-bad for saying shut up instead of be quiet it just fell out of my mouth and sorry it’s hard to ask you nicer to be quiet and not really a fucking priority of mine when you failed to show me the same courtesy so why should i whisper politely in your ear to keep it down? should i sit here silently fuming over how obnoxious you are and refrain from all tone in my voice when i finally tell you to shut up? you are rude so you really have no right to expect manners coming your way. ps. you all had wicked BO and we were here first, go set up somewhere else and talk all you want.


haloscan is fucked right now, your comments will be moderated once the shitnap is over.

lesbo laundry loner

i wanted to test out a little theory i had regarding the amount of warpaint i have on (meaning, clean-faced, new make-up, not last nite’s raccoon eyes halfway down my face) when i go downstairs to bust a load (ha) but no one was around, so instead PHOTO/VIDEO OPP!

first the requisite crap vogueing.

angles angles angle.

this looks like the set-up for a terrible porno.

OMG eco-friendly detergent you guys!

gross i just went down to put the laundry in the dryer and then to check on our bikes (over the weekend some joker moved them from our parking spot, as in, tried to steal them but gave up halfway thru and dumped them elsewhere in the garage, then someone put them in the common bike area. my grandpa’s bike is locked to fil’s road bike which looks flashy and cool so they tried to do a two-fer, but my grandpa’s bike is now out of alignment and hard to move, i’ve since locked the bikes together in opposite directions so you cant wheel them along as easily, or at all)(mom please keep your mouth shut about this to dad for once in your life i don’t need the stress) and walked through a cloud of this ‘mos cologne, the entire parking garage is drenched in it. sick.

update – i have to go beat laundry nemesis for folding territory in 15 mins.

chronicles of laundria upate!

the progress that was made last week has been undid!

she had three dryers going for minimal things in each at 30 minutes, coulda had everything in one at 60 mins but nooooooooo and then she’s down there using up the entire folding table, when her machines still had ten minutes to go, my drying cycle ended first, she knew this, i knew this when i went down to get some things out of it so they wouldn’t shrink a half hour ago, so she runs down ahead of me and my machine to grab the table, now i have to fold up here in the heat.

sass found another raymi/sdtc poster.

check out this genius

so last nite during the screening of eternal sunshine of a spotless mind in dundas square this sketchbag prophet decides to interrupt one of the best scenes of the movie when we get a glimpse kiki dunst’s sideboob. thanks whistling asshole. security did dick all too, yonge/dundas is a delicate scene for real.

it was great when he picked up the unplugged microphone hahahha.

i’ve also got video of him weaving through the crowd before this little performance took place, if only i had a crystal ball for crazies.


fil says i have to wear a bra now, he’s tired of dudes checking out the “jiggling” he says, uh there’s not really anything there to jiggle. and ps. sick word! so i said sure yeah i’ll wear one IF you come bra shopping with me, select a few and pay for them. short of that, N-O dice. i’m too flat to have to worry about sagging. though, now that the seed is planted i’m a bit paro. THANKS.

oh hey there who’s your friend?

cid is an emotional wreck when we are away, then when we get back he is clingy and bitchy for days.

fil shot a band yesterday afternoon at gibson and it was catered by a bigwig corp so he brought home lots of leftovers hell-o dinner. bacon round 2 will have to wait ’til tonite.

i couldn’t decide on an outfit for dundas square movie nite.

pool injury, he swam into the doggie ramp and it scraped him hard, we all laughed of course, didn’t know it was so serious!

fil nixed on the belt, if it were a bit tighter and less cliche maybe…

i miss my belt :( fil has this awesome belt that was his uncle’s, he won’t let me wear it though, too precious.

when did my head get so tiny?

matt’s lime chili something from salad king blew my fucking face off hot then i stupidly licked my fork and had a second wave of heat.

oh man, the scene here last nite, too good. it was like special nite or something. i’ll do a separate post on it.

who can’t wait for pineapple express?

well i guess you’d like a story or whatever

dress now a shirt what else is new

so we went to the pour house w/ pitt last nite, second time since this little incident (scroll down) when i said we are boycotting that place. we had to go cos pitt left his blue jays jersey there after last time‘s huge embarrassing piss-up. anyway, the same amy winehouse bartender was working last nite. luckily when you walk into the pourhouse there’s a set of stairs leading down to the washrooms and then another set that takes you up to the back of the pub and you can fully avoid the entire bar, being seen, totally stealth. i felt anxious but resigned to staying for some drinks. thankfully didn’t make any contact with the bartender whatsoever. our server said pitt’s jersey was MIA and i stepped in and basically said well then someone who works here took it and fil slow-mo shakes his head at me to shut up, i don’t care, the server had just finished saying they were probably going to fire him anyway which in my books is a play for our team (for fucking once) and secondly, after the anxiety-rush i got from looking at that bartender, i do not plan to go back there FOR REAL. hear that jeff/pitt? i am also boycotting hanging out with pitt when he wears team jerseys cos he always takes them off and forgets them, or i end up babysitting them as well as him.

eventually server turns up with pitt’s jersey. we also laid out some nic cage impressions, a bit rusty. pitt thinks he knows how to impersonate david bowie, so doesn’t. more like austin powers impersonating david bowie.

this story blows.

jade had a growth spurt.

still cute as hell though.

oh yeah i also am toying with an idea ripped from duane‘s 24 hour blogathon, to try that out, and the charity i will be donating to is ME. the first time i do it isn’t to make a killing, moreso to whet your appetites and prove to you just how addicted you are to my garbage blog. the second time would be for making monies. think, from early morning til evening, multiple blog updates, like, an obnoxious amount. awesome? thoughts?