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lesbo laundry loner

i wanted to test out a little theory i had regarding the amount of warpaint i have on (meaning, clean-faced, new make-up, not last nite’s raccoon eyes halfway down my face) when i go downstairs to bust a load (ha) but no one was around, so instead PHOTO/VIDEO OPP!

first the requisite crap vogueing.

angles angles angle.

this looks like the set-up for a terrible porno.

OMG eco-friendly detergent you guys!

gross i just went down to put the laundry in the dryer and then to check on our bikes (over the weekend some joker moved them from our parking spot, as in, tried to steal them but gave up halfway thru and dumped them elsewhere in the garage, then someone put them in the common bike area. my grandpa’s bike is locked to fil’s road bike which looks flashy and cool so they tried to do a two-fer, but my grandpa’s bike is now out of alignment and hard to move, i’ve since locked the bikes together in opposite directions so you cant wheel them along as easily, or at all)(mom please keep your mouth shut about this to dad for once in your life i don’t need the stress) and walked through a cloud of this ‘mos cologne, the entire parking garage is drenched in it. sick.

update – i have to go beat laundry nemesis for folding territory in 15 mins.

chronicles of laundria upate!

the progress that was made last week has been undid!

she had three dryers going for minimal things in each at 30 minutes, coulda had everything in one at 60 mins but nooooooooo and then she’s down there using up the entire folding table, when her machines still had ten minutes to go, my drying cycle ended first, she knew this, i knew this when i went down to get some things out of it so they wouldn’t shrink a half hour ago, so she runs down ahead of me and my machine to grab the table, now i have to fold up here in the heat.

sass found another raymi/sdtc poster.

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