Hi don’t care have we met


Yesterday I dropped into this pizza place that I thought I hallucinated the other day when I ran by it. Dolly Parton and many other ecclectic things adorn this newly opened locale and why Dolly Parton? “Because she’s awesome!” I love this place. Son of a Peach. Please forget I told you though cos I want it all for myself.

And I haven’t even tried the food yet. They have sparkling ON TAP. It’s like the Pizzeria Libretto of Burlington. They don’t even know the power to which they possess yet. They’ve been open ten days. More on them later I’m sure I’ll be going a lot.

Went for a run/walk with mom yesterday. I decided to get fit, or just exercising again cos like, I old guy. I’m gonna challenge myself. Funny how the second you declare a diet you become insanely hungry all the sudden. Worst.

Ah gad this was whimsical as all hell. I love my neighbourhood and the reasons for choosing where I chose become more and more apparent to me the more I leave my reclusive little Raymi cave.

Wearing a dress on a windy day takes balls. Beige underwear too sorry tmi.

Being familiar with a particular place your entire life then living there is also quite unique. Maybe borderline surreal. I really enjoy the feeling of newness.

Like discovering a new place that meets and exceeds your expectations next door to where you live.

I’m saving Spencer’s for a semi-special occasion. No big deal really, just want to be dressed up and not tired as hell or go on some stuffy holiday.

A hipster tumblr music video should be filmed here.

I am running out of time now I have to cut this short and we’ve only just begun.

Hi mom.

Spring fevarrrrrr.

Can someone tell me once and for all if we’re gonna have a nice summer weather-wise or not?

I gotta go! Lemme know if you wanna hang in this beautiful naybe of mine some time.

Have a great night. -worst blogger ever

Thank you for thank you

HEY! Sorry for being a liar and “living my life” aka not blogging. Here’s a music post to make you like me again and if I remember/have time, I may slip some selfies in here and/or of other. You guys could help me (blog) in part, by asking questions in the vomments and guiding my Raymazing ramblings along the way. Just saying.

This is Röyksopp – Vision One from the album called Junior. I know nothing about this band but I know that after the 40 second mark this song kicks in and you should let it take you on an internet adventure while it plays in the background.

I subscribed to Arts and Crafts on Youtube and this one got blasted to me today I also feel like one day my ex (which one haha) and I hung out with the Timber Timbre guy on the island and if you have been an avid RTM reader all along, you’ll know that post and tell me if I’m right or wrong.

I’m on a big Mad Men kick right now and immersing myself in the music of the series plus I don’t know why (although I fully do) I watch it when I work full time in the same industry it’s like, no break at all but I really love it passionately. I think it both inspires and keeps me sharp. To see how sexist it was back then and how Peggy Olson works her way up from secretary to jr. copywriter to her own office to… don’t tell me cos I am not there yet I’m only on season 3 but I am glad to finally get into the show and hopefully catch up to the final season before it wraps.


Just when you thought that band FUN had its final fifteen minutes, Marshall Mathers was like NOPE. New Eminem thoughts? It’s nice he could come around and forgive his mom and have a reunion in the driveway of his gated community as depicted in this music video.

Picture break! I still have to tell you about Ellie Goulding.

Now if this new MJ with JT doesn’t make you miss Michael Jackson so bad and wish he was alive still then you’re a dick. So good right. Beyond the grave music is typically a little miss rather than hit and mostly flourishes from our collective fangirly blindness BUT this track I’m certain is legit good and will only get better the more we listen.

I got into Paper Kites today. Then I found several of their songs I really liked so instead of multiple blasts I decided to just make a monster post.

Here’s another Paper Kites one.

This one’s a work lurk video. I’m always like wow I hope no one walks up behind me when I am looking at their specific thing I jacked.

This one starts one way then builds into something completely better. I find throughout the day I require different tempos and whatever-junk. Music and writing copy go together like peanut butter and jelly with coffee poured all over it. I have decided to eat bigger breakfasts so I don’t have to wait until lunch to be smart and overcome writer’s block.

I recently re-watched Youth in Revolt (Michael Cera) again and this song plays when he’s fleeing the cops and running fast in slow motion through a forest. Love it.

Here’s a faster one if you need a jolt. I think all of I Heart Sharks sound like this but I haven’t clicked on other tracks. Youtube seems to think it knows me now and recommends me tracks they think and they’re right usually but it’s funny how at home vs. at work I like music better or less.

Work bestie sent me this aka my better dj half. She’s great.

Even your Gran has overplayed this Major Lazer song which is why I am always overjoyed to find numerous remix variations of tracks I kill. This particular song brings a lot of memories to mind and it’s incredible because those memories, although seemingly recent, aren’t. Music memory transportation at its best. Like basically every song you know tells a story. Plenty.

Me break. Funny that I only brought crazy pants and my work pants to Toronto. Way too self conscious to wear these out in public in the day. But then I did when I left the city by train on Sunday. I enjoy how the yellow aligns with the yuppie night lights.

We saw Ellie Goulding and it was so increds that I can’t even believe it happened. You know what I mean? Damara had the tickets and I was like sure. I love a ring leader. We are also going to Beck!!! I have a lot of videos of all my fav songs and pics which makes me seem obsessed.

This song is like pressing NEXT on life. It makes me happy. Work bestie sent it.

This is a good jam for obvs reasons.

One more before I go. This is an enjoyable Lana remix, and speaking of music here are some rad Almost Famous quotes.

DJ Tanner out.

(ps. if you can decipher what I meant by my blog title you win $10).


And BTW there’s a new Viral Raymi Bunny Playboy Energy Drink V-Spot out (I owe them billions). I actually hung out right where this photo was taken at Salvador Darling last Friday with Damara after the concert. I pointed to this saddle stool and said, I shot on that. We had a good time. One day I’ll tell you about it. How many times do I say that? Oh whatever. What do you want to know anyway?

Oh look I’m not finished yet. Here I am in 2009. I semi-target this year cos that is when I started to look good again and my hair was so long. This was on the Gibson Bus at a country festival in the west end, I took the streetcar there and met my ex who was shooting the show and we hung out on the bus and I think that’s the day I became friends with Holly McNarland, man she is awesome. I haven’t seen her in awhile and I could write pages upon pages about the people I have met along the way in my charming life and I truly hope to some day.

Don’t even get me started on cottage envy. This is another #TBT. What is most crazy of all is, this lake is right around the corner from the cottage and neighbouring lake that I grew up summering at and meanwhile my ex was just around the corner from me all those years of all the lakes and wide open spaces in all of up northern Ontario. This was also the weekend MJ died and we danced to his tunes while waiting in line at Weber’s and it was the saddest most surreal thing. Kay bye.

the lover isn’t listening.

I realize I might be depressed. Ha. I was trying to figure out what I use to do to feel better, or instead of going out, and it was blog (talk about myself). I derived enough friendly satisfaction from it that carved out more online social intake. But when you blog less, people interact less. When you blog you end up hearing from all of these long losts, out from the woodwork.

Or maybe it’s spring and I do not possess special powers. Whatever the fuck it is I’m running with it. Waking up with options on a Saturday and then kinda being into none of it, shows me I am bumming right now and the only way to get out of it is to get out from under it. Blog session begin.

Where to even start Doctor, hmm.

Well, I know we’re not in it alone and everyone I seem to know is borderline glum right now. We are all sick of the weather and the last week in weather was, ballistic. Abysmal. At least my vocabulary is expanding.

I think I am addicted to weird and when I’m not doing weird I am blue. I think loneliness drives you crazy too. And love.

When I took this picture a bro (southern man) said I should buy it. I looked at the price tag. $300. Yeah sure I said, I totally need this. It was the dumbest exchange, and there was a bit more to it, but it was something none the less.

This was after the greasiest brunch on the sweatiest sunny afternoon. Oh it was good.

An outright fantasy compared to the shitty weather here. I wonder how my mom is doing, she just got back from a cruise with my Nana yesterday. The first thing she mentioned was weather. Oh please, you don’t even know lady.

I can’t even think of little stories to tell you when all day all night long I am constantly thinking and climbing through delightful little dramas but, when I sit down to do this I clam up. I think because there is so much more to always say, and you can’t so you try and tell stories around it instead.

The party don’t stop no it won’t stop.

I am considering going on tinder out of sheer boredom. That is probably a turrible idea. AT least Ellie Goulding is next weekend with Tegan and Sara.

It’s been a big week for someone though. Look at me looking at my mom AHHAha. Rob Ford personally invited me to City Hall. FACT. I didn’t go because I knew it was for some kind of up to no good kinda thing. Cray knows cray. However I did not know that was the kinda darkness. I feel bad for addicts. That is all.

AT least I have the lake in my face everyday.

And I live close to town. Which I never go to. Because the weather. We have bikes we plan to take all the way to Hamilton along the beach, barrangas, it’s gonna be a great summer.

And I started running again. Jokes I haven’t but I will. Along the mansions of Lakeshore while composing my next story about 6 months in Mansions, from the time I was 20. It was amazing. Lindsay Lohan was on my street and we locked eyes. She was filming portrait of a Teenage Drama Queen. I exploded loudly out of my house slamming the screen with my longboard while she was on her bicycle and I ruined the scene because she looked at me. It was awesome. I just came back from Los Angeles for a month and here was Disney, all over the place.

Busy work week with more busy on the way. Busy busy busy :). I love where I work and who I work with. We had a beer yesterday and watched motivational youtube ads and shot the shit. I am starting to dream more and more about work too it’s interesting. Haha. It takes me awhile to feel accepted or not feel hated at all times but I like where life is going and I am very happy about the work I get to do for the clients that I have and sometimes I have to pinch myself. I have work friends too and they are hysterical. We have so many crazy ways of blowing off steam together, we are a great unit support system blabbity blah worrrrrrrrk. Lol.

It’s probably definitely why I don’t have a life anymore because I am so fulfilled there, intellectually, stimulatingly (not a real word) and so I don’t feel the need to go out anywhere after work. Tan, groceries, lcbo, home, internet, occasional travel, global crushes, sleep, rinse repeat.

Writers are known to be monastic in a sense anyway. That’s what Natalie Portman said about ballerinas when she was training for Black Swan. You’re welcome. I just don’t want to die a spinster so there’s an underlying present anxiety at all times churning beneath my surface and I fancy myself a catch, the laziest fucking catch so I’m doing it to myself really.

I noticed my white skin was making me look like the crypt keeper so I did something about it. When you’re so wasp white your dark undereye circles become more pronounced so tan it up bitches.

My desk is a little PeeWee’s Playhouse. What of it bro.

Uh, guys.

Do not get me started on Metro.

There will always be the arts. Writing is infinite. Not to be a goon but I guess I am dating writing. And buzzfeed. Sometimes Jezebel those annoying fucking feminists!!! Haha. And my pen pals. I started watching Mad men too and it is mind blowing to be a copywriter watching that shit. I love it. I love life. I am just a morose entity and need a full time babysitter boyfriend. Though I need a lot of distance too. I need local friends who aren’t stupid young boys only. HAha. This blog post should have been called I NEED.

I need to hit publish and edit all the things I just said now.

I might upload some videos. Have a great Saturday!

Raymi Love

EMAIL OF THE DAY. It arrived in the dead of night and took my breath away. Ps. I’m an Aries and thank you so much for this and for giving my musical taste the accolade it most deservingly deserves.


I am your long lost rando pseudo lesbian admirerer! I just wanted to say hi as it feels like it’s been a long time! Happy belated birthday to a fellow Pisces! Not that I’m super into astrology… but perhaps that’s why I feel particularly connected/relatable to you.

I just wanted to thank you for posting your current fav music choices. I have discovered a LOT of awesome new songs/bands through you. Shovels & Rope? THANK YOU! I love them! I recall you posted Alexander’s “Truth” a long time ago and I probably played that non-stop on repeat for about a month. Tanks!

I’m still travelling and still trying to figure out who the fuck I am and what the fuck I should be doing in life. BUT… I am feeling like I’m getting much closer to finding answers or at least discovering an inner female confidence that has been dormant/suppressed for so long. Perhaps it’s been partly based on my own struggles/observations… but I am becoming more and more passionate about spreading love and support to young women. I feel so much compassion for us gals and everything we have to go through. It’s a bit scary (as perhaps you can relate) to want to put yourself out there as a strong/feminist/bitch/passionate/no bullshit/vulnerable/sensitive woman… without getting overly criticized or mocked. I don’t know. I feel like women hold SO much intuitive power and it gets suffocated and stifled in so many ways. I sometimes wish we could just reach out and have a big group hug and let each other know that we all think/feel the same shit and it’s all going to be ok. I’m hoping to create a website centred around spreading self-adoration for women.

Anyways… just want to say hi and let you know that you are SO awesome. While we are around the same age… it has been amazing to watch you grow up/change/develop over the years. It has given me hope that we can really be whatever we want to be and you never really know what’s around the corner!

Sending you lots of love your way! :)


I think you are just wonderful for sending this. The rest I will reply privately. I’ll start blogging more meaningful shit again eventually. I promise. Being true to women and defenders I have always largely been behind. I will totally support your girl power website.