the west coast lurves raymi.

i always wanted to be a spy like matt damon.

today my project is to take pictures of all the shit i’m going to sell you’s guys.


1. the shitty ebay blog

2. raymi’s garage sale

i gots, lite brite, vintage playboys from the 60’s, original slinky from the beginning of time, some clothes and panties (drrty? sure. why not.), raymi merch., crappy art, uhh furniture, everything. i’ll host yer junk too. i’ll do the tracking/selling. i get a percentage. u take care of yer own ship./handling. and then there’s more. u can bid on stuff or u can barter. i swear. it’s great. and then on my new site, $1 – $5 galleries and $5 video halls.

won’t that be special.

and enough of this raymi sucks bullshit. relax. and someone please tell me who linked my small town slut article, the one that lead u hear. im too fat and lazy to wait a few days for google to get its shit together.

and if you didn’t get a chance to check ithinkmanic yesterday, you definitely should to-fucking-day.


download me saying something dumb.

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gossip about raymi’s stds art show a dude she fucked who is famous and other artshow plans.
i’ve added so much shit to ithinkmanic i think i will puke now.

boring fucking controversy penis

i don’t fucking need noboday. durnit. no nuthin’ fuck yah. porn pron porny mcpoooooooorno porn porn PORN! just wait. well nothing. yeh.

raymi’s picks for the rest of this shitty week:

this kid is so gaaaaay.

ok sure

attu sees all


this guy is still awesome



bill and ted effin’ rule.

this place is so fun i’m going to barf.

some uk pop page

no concerts planned currently.

8:03pm update. i finally showered. spent 20 mintues trying to brush the tangles and shit out of my hair. skids rule.

if i don’t shower/bathe today, it will be 6 days since i last did that sort of thing. i bet you can’t tell my smell from these photos. i got this other three trillion dollar camera and i’ve yet to do that software downloading uploading everything etcetera etcetera… at the midtown last nite, me and the droogs were violently obnoxious, had an impromptu pool table photoshoot, all the while trying to get the fat big boobed chicks in the background, greek italian wedding style. well, they were all fat and greeked out. meh. boring. i got the blond girl to hump and snuff-style cleavage bluff for the exp. camera, nice lil videos. they’ll call for a nice chunk of change. just you watch.

for some reason you’s guys think i am really lazy and canadian, or whatever. i do a heck of a lot more than you know. so shut up. thanks.

you wanna know what i’ve been up to? fuck. well. cabs. cold. slush. booze. food. magazines. shopping. spending a lot of money. still no assistant. planning mega-fucking-awesome-art show party for my birthday, march thirty firstish. going to LA then to mexico and san franny. not sure which order. uhh. other things. always writing. pictures and people. i can’t help it if i am an expert on everything. this culture. i own it. nah nah nah.

this has been the most manic week ever. and i think i am banned from my psychiatry services, temporarily. they don’t return my calls. i missed my last two appointments. nothing has been done to resolve the situation to my benefit, thus far. too bad. my psychiatrist could have had a celebrity-psychiatrist badge or something? naw, more like dope dealer junky strung-out skids supporter. all in all, nice dude.

i am going to do it with justin timberlake. all over town. i bet i’ll fuck him. i bet you a lot of money.

me a few minutes ago. i put make-up on top of my greasy unwashed face. parkdale likes it. i’m a gutterslob. and i am floating.

bid on this artpiece you rich useless fuck.

no one really cares, anyway.

why is justin timberlake such a fucking genius right now.

i am so manic so manic.

it was the coffees.


anyway, many an epiphany all nite long. i have the dark circles to prove it. to be transcribed once i remember them all. some i wrote down in the book. i’m glad i did.

i’m writing over here for today. more pictures too.