I want a spa-nsorship

Happy Halloween! Did I scare you??

I sloshed fake leftover blood on this bridge saturday night and it’s still there and looks crazy scary. King/Atlantic bridge near liberty village. I’ll go take pics in the day, or you can.

Heheheh. I found this in one of four bags of costumes from Haunted Harem and then took it VERY seriously VERY fast.

No drowning on my watch.

I want to go for a double dip but I already have my war paint on so I won’t look Jersey Shore enough at all, and a super single tan isn’t enough for meh but going anyway I think a glow will make me feel relaxed. Paddy gave me this suit thanks love!

Here’s my CJ Parker impression. I practised running on the spot like they did on Big Brother UK. I make a nod to PETA, a higher nice girl voice and that cheesy ecstasy raver hat, and bono shades.

Blog Slave (OG)(original gangster, I need a glossary for the nerds, do I?) and I watched my CN Tower video and he was like O_O. When we were doing this shoot I said now hang out the window and look at the CN Tower, now, look at me, I walked on the top of that shit! I’m fuck’n gangsta.

The house is trashed with girl stuff everywhere. I have to take so many weird pieces of lingerie to the dry cleaners or wash them specially by hand I bet. #stripperproblems. These are Porsche shades. Multi-colour lenses for driving, I wore them to metro last night. We had fun.

Summer time nails.

Doing push-ups sit-ups like Jay Mccray from #BBUK.

I guess I have the nards to wear this tonight. Girls are wearing superhero sexy costumes.

And there’s a bruise on my ass. See that feather, keep or exchange? I worry I will hurt myself but can be used in a dance.

Staying in for a night does me wonders.

Ok dinner and a tan how fab! My bruise is almost gone. I walked in to a table at the Beaver on the night of the delicious food show and fashion week and why are your tables black? So dangerous that is how I almost broke my toe in Montreal at the W. Being paid to party has its dangers.

Except for here I look dead-eyed THAT’S BECAUSE I AM! Haha.

Going to wear my pink scuba watch to keep the summer vibe strong. I wanted to be in New Orleans for today I was secretly going to go but it’s too late.

And my date for tonight is going as Courtney Love! A drag Courtney Love. I went as her last year! Perfect! I’m also going with an uber sexy famous videogamer chick. Ballin’!

The party isn’t upstairs outside at the Thompson apparently so I won’t freeze, I might will wear my teddy costume over this.

I would blog my boob job for fake bewbs. Think about it!

Aerobics moments. I let blog slave off the cleaning hook today cos he was a disaster hangover too, fine.

Ok plans have changed we are making neat spaccati fusili pasta it looks so old school rustic we bought it yesterday and sriracha parmesan tomato sauce mmm I like being a food snob. I’m only having a teeny bit though.

The people vs. Jessica Rabbit

Teddy bear nappy time.

I wanted her to win!

Paddy’s friend went as an internet troll, that ugly dumb mask.

Look at me climb the thing at 1:30 I remember thinking at the time it was dangerous, when I fully extended my legs and stood up IN heels clinging to the tiny bar but it was Iggy Pop of me and I don’t half-ass a thing. This is how we opened, walking through the crowd and playing with them, it was fun to be in a mask and naked, a major kind of bizarre confidence and forcefield surrounding me, horny awe from the patrons Hehehh.

Red Velvet’s Jessica Rabbit number. F-O-X. I am SO jealous of Pastel Supernova in this video getting to motorboat her.

Oh Red Velvet, you’re a prize right down to your foot tattoo.

Jazmin says we are super on point here but also doing it on a flat surface is a luxury, far easier than a wrestling ring. Which, we also nailed. Except my underwear shows at the end of this because I am a loser, of course. I am Liz Lemon. I couldn’t feel my dress from the gloves and I needed double sided tape I suppose. You can hear people criticizing, comparing and judging us AHahaha.

Oh my eyes so lovely rolled back in my skull like that.

Look at how much she looks like her!

My body is covered by the cat ears. Nice!

Mom don’t you dance like that? That’s the Kerouac groove.

I wanted her to win!

James Photobombed all my shots with the girls. That’s our Pastel Supernova on the left there. I missed her performance boo :(.

I love this generation, look at the p0rnographers. I’m getting stink-eye in like every photo too.

Paddy did Glory Box and smashed out of this robot box YEA!

It was a tribute to my shaking Beth’s hand at Portishead a few weeks back. That’s the Black Swan beauty helping her.

So funny and then hot. I’ll post the Set List and then you can see how insane we truly are.

I fall down the stairs at the end of this, Haters, Elyse, you will love it. Teacher goes, welp, I know what video I’m showing the boys today. HAHAHHA.

Coincidentally we both had asian themed dances, I did Kill Bill’s Ninja. Will post another time this is overkill enough.

Also got Jazmin’s rumba ooh I’ll listen to that album today, soca zoomba music dance cleaning party with blog slave.

I’m a sexy nice dictator.

Pastel in my pink nightie thing looks way better on her. I think I look crazy in it. Maybe with a Valley of the Dolls wig.

Out of all my costumes you’ve seen, which one should I sport out tonight?

Pastel gave me last minute tassel swinging advice. Bounce and shake, bounce and shake. I want to get a small C cup I think it would be good for business, I could give a fuck about confidence (or your opinions on the matter) I got enough of that already. I have two more years til 30 I may as well stretch them out. Seven grand is a lot of money though, I need a sponsorship. Will blog for boobs.

What a legend!

There’s a mega poster behind bar of this. I can’t wait to see an xmas burlesque poster.

More stink-eye and I look like the Queen and that’s not my arm.

Can’t tell if that’s a hipster costume or a hipster or a costume.

I look like I am flipping someone off.


K blog slave is here updating periodically.

Look I was voted best dressed at the brickworks picnic I went to by Toronto Standard.

OK brb i’m going to post my pamela anderson baywatch bathing suit photos now.

See you in Hell

Mom look it’s a little Lois beside us over there.

Doug rules.

That guy held out a PBR to me haha next time make it something that’s not piss water thanks. But I love that move, it’s classic strip club film starlette cliche and like the dude’s minds being blown and pyrotechnics and axl rose is going yaaaaaaaaah! Ha.

This one ends in blood. Glad I followed through with it. Careful this video gets very very racy. I commit. Go big or go home.

That’s Freddy Mercury. The Nurse put her bandaged face in my bum. I hugged everyone with my bloody body and definitely messed up a ton of outfits. What can I say I put on a great party. This was so so fun and such a success, again again soon! Def a christmas party. That’ll be hot.

People think they are exploiting me but really, I am exploiting them.

She was a babe. It is such an ego trip having babes gush all over you all night long, I am humbled by it.

During the opening some shot glasses were on the speakers so I dramatically kick/brushed them aside against the wall and all the dudes were like O_O. Hahahah so many funny things happened/said/overheard what a dizzy circus. Love it.

So proud of these ladies we did it! Good times and we also do private functions/events: raymiATraymitheminx.com. That’s a drink ticket in my bra.

And the best three piece set, seen here. I’ll be adding more and more to this post over the next hour.

I was a hot mess all day long yesterday. This has been a suicide mission week my brains are obliterated.

I went like this to get all my last minute needs: nipple pasties (with tassels), new fishnet thigh highs, that mesh body suit, the french red three piece. I almost bought a massive feather headpiece but it was too ugly. The customer service where I went was HORRIBLE and am now boycotting them, one girl was nice but the other my lord so no mention of their name. Zero taste-making for you. (no soup for you voice).

And they’re like we don’t do dancer discounts and I was like, honey childs I aint’s no strippuh! I like what I bought though and the three piece was only $56.

Last Halloween one of my costumes was Tracey, I went as a cougar.

I get to use my ticket again to do the other stuff up there and Jenn gave me hers so we’re going!

This is freaking me out again and again it feels like a dream. I don’t even get a moment to reflect on the insane things I do cos I’m already off to the next thing. Sean said the Beatles didn’t get to enjoy what they did for years. Good point, keep the momentum going. Thank god Renita postponed my tattoo to next weekend. Ok nappy time. Mmm I want McDonalds. We had brunch at the Gladstone and were disasters. It was really fun I like brunch! Being amazed by your own life is a nice thing and normal things blowing your mind. Have a wonderful Sunday.

I would kill for this right now it was a mini big mac same dressing but high end I had it all over my face like an animal from doing this.

See the burn mark on my arm that is where I am getting my tattoo. Hahah read what ti says on the screen.


I know I posted this already but I love it. Don’t I look like Fear Factor? Window washer?

Gonna upload a video clip. I better call my dad it’s Sunday phonecall time!

I did this yesterday morning, no, Friday morning. Everything feels like it happened yesterday and I haven’t blinked in a week.

I’m volunteering for this camp.

I went with hangover party face and was drunk still I think, definitely sleep-deprived, no food or coffee from nerves I didn’t want to crap myself. But then while up there I was like, mm I am so hungry fantasizing about deep fried junk from Jack Astors and that’s what I did with my new friend Sam. She’s had 13 face surgeries and is a survivor, she conquered her fear up there. I wish I was watching it at my dad’s right now but we are totally bagged I am going to couch surf in three seconds it’s going to be the p0rn0graphy of laziness. I still have blood on my hands and toes this morning Dave (crashed on our floor and James on the couch)(snoring!) goes WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FEET!!? Totally forgot about my blood. Go look on the wall in the dead center of the King St Atlantic bridge I sloshed blood all over the wall like a Jack the Ripper slaying. The motor oil bottle fell out of a bag, we ditched the blody sheet in a construction site too someone is going to be freaked out tomorrow! Forensics! We had to walk from Bovine cos not enough cabs out there it was the NYE of Halloween last night. It was cold but we toughed it, starving too, but for some reason didn’t get any snacks from the gas station?? Bumped in to Snake and had a funny wasted conversation in his mouse ears and nose and he told me to be friends with our old friends and I was like they hate me and he’s like no, do it! Then I told the boys who that was when he walked away and they were like WHAAAAT!!? SNAKE! but he was too far away. Haha.

I also have all of these to put up.

Girl Donnie Darko Emo crush

Wait til ya see what I’ve cooked up today. Jasmine and I are doing three solos EACH. Introducing our new burlesque irish rouge haired jewel RED VELVET and not to mention body like a pistol PADDY CAKES and some FAMOUS SPECIAL GUESTS to boot as well $300 cash dollaz in prizes for your costumes. This is the party of the night O_O AB FAB DJ PLUS Socialite Band Aid Allison DeeLite.

I hope you’ve rested cos you’re going through Haunted Harem Academy, through the MINX MUNITIONS Cabaret. Christina fuck’n Aguilera wishes she was this hot still. DOORS AT 9PM rsvp on this FB invite to ensure entry this is the NYE of Halloweekend party. xo Raymi The Minx. Ps. I walked on THE CN TOWER YESTERDAY MORNING. You don’t know the meaning of brave. Hope you like polo whips. mwah.

Plus you get to see this again:

but with red velvet

And im pouring blood all over my seemingly naked body at the end of my last solo a la Carrie at the prom and our opening act is the opening sequence from Nightmare before Christmas I LOVE IT!!!

AGH!! Wait til you see the video!

“I don’t think,” then you shouldn’t talk, said the Hatter.”

“I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland: Through the looking glass. My aunt gave me all of the proper volumes of these books when I was young, and Madeline. NOSTALGIA.


I ate two cheesecake pops. I eat like a pig I swear and I dance a lot and am hyper-active and totally busy everyday, stressed of course, so my metabolism is churning like bananas, stop telling me to eat poutine! Because I am like 4 times weekly no lie and it’s not that “other stuff” either so get that idea out of your head. I’m focused and driven and I restrict though, as equal parts as I am slothenly, I believe in a good life balance of all things evil and good. I am also totally bananas too, of course.

None of these will be in sequence because for the fifteen billionth time, my mom blasts her shots on facebook and I download them, that is our technology-exchange hangover dance I get assaulted with each Friday after a good coug crawl shit show piss up. We’re like the Kardashians but better. That’s what I said to my mom’s new best friend the guy with pink hair that Julio thinks isn’t the real Jeffree Starr, I dunno, I live in a PeeWee’s placehouse Dirty Jobs surreality time space continuum and it seems the freakier I get the freakier everyone else seems or it’s the lifestyle, guys, am I the chicken or the egg? Bok. SEE!

Fab right? My mom took 3445 pictures of them. I think they may show to my burlesque party on Saturday night at The Bovine. Who is coming? It’s going to be redonkulous. 9PM BOVINE 542 Queen Street West. HAUNTED HAREM BURLESCAPADE!

RSVP to ensure you’ll get in. Tomorrow may get cray-zay. It feels like NYE to me I dunno why?

Who wants to play chess with me some day? PAWNS!

I went as hipster Alice. That red shrug thing I bought in the hospital when I was visiting my nana and then I bought her an entire outfit to wear around hospital town (it was over holidays) and she said oooh you’re doing very well. She’s from Manchester and a total cheapskate, ha, some guy and I were stereotyping every british division recently and I go yeah well my nana is so cheap she made a christmas announcement for all the older cousins (my brother, cousin jeremy and I) that we were no longer getting presents ever again AHHAhaha like as we were opening our LAST presents gaha It’s ok they’re pensioners.

They called us media darlings. There’s social media darlings too. My venn diagram would have both overlapping and then in the middle a demon seed, capital ME. The week is getting to me so everything is funny and amusing at the moment, this blog will post will benefit.

Accidentally Bridget Jones’d them (the scene when she shows up in a bunny costume and her dad a priest) my mom was intent on her cop outfit (she is a 3 trick pony, it’s always cat ears or cop, seriously?) and I knew it was optional which in Toronto to-do society means boring smart expensive dresses and some pieces of flare which is why I let it happen and showed up myself like Cabbage Patch Braveheart.

Hi-jacked tweet wall with drunk tweets cos they kept cycle-rotating and I have never ever seen a tweet or any thing of mine on a board ever, I know right?

Jennifer is amazing, she treated us like queens, total VIPLEASE :).

Trying to find that headband of mine in this dump was what made me late plus re-cooperating from harth fest and tomorrow is Haunted Harem and today I walked on the cn tower. Sunday I fly to Jupiter.

Mom you have to wear that hat precisely like I taught otherwise you look stupid.

My girls terrified him off, well, maybe spellbound him a little, he came over and Lois goes We’re leaving soon thinking he was security then my mom fired 30 questions at him and I go yeah, that’s future me right now ahaha. We always collect party groupies and look at me I’m a flippin’ collectable doll representing some mysterious and unidentifiable nation, beer goggle kryptonite.

Classic horribly unflattering dances with Lois photo, we are getting good at this except this time at the hoxton and not at Emma’s Back Porch and it’s Sean instead of Philip. There are man cougs in our den too did you know? BTW they’re not actual cougs ok, the term has eclipsed its original meaning, it just means elder gals who still kick it. I went to Ultra once (and only once) and was gobsmacked by the geezers in there, and doing cocaine too, talking 60+ Yorkville/Forest Hill dripping in money I was like HAAAAAaaaay! I’ll find that post review. Getting in alone was difficult enough and I was also dressed like a complete sweaty idiot of course. I’ll write a poor girl’s guide to being an elitist someday.

Air keyboards!

Haven’t worn these shoes in ages, one sole is split halfway, when I was a server I wore them a lot. Had a good wipeout once with a pint in each hand and WHAMMO on some water I was going mach ten and neither pint spilled entirely BONUS the drummer smashed the cymbal for me as a “nice one”. LEGEND.

Charise can I get their contact? We were in a party vortex in the end, I gave them my car but you know how it goes.

Oh mom. Well, the thing with people investing in people who have websites or sponsor them rather I was told by a big wig dude that, there is a thing about “might get hit by a bus” clause which can also be applied to genetics. You could invest in my “brand” because I will have no cellulite ever in life, you will be long dead before that happens. My traffic is very high for a Friday and I didn’t even dance or show my tits. Next week I’m filming something for a sexy client I am so stoked, they ran in to me on Nuit Blanche and LOVED me on camera. This photo actually is amazing, I took it, the smoke, the fishnets, and the bodies moving beyond it is very retro homecoming dance.

Cheesecake tree adorable. everything was adorable, sophisticated and classic.

I love when my mom plays victim like this in front of strangers which instigates a fight thus proving my alleged horribleness meanwhile she’s pinching me under the table, spitting in my face (twice) at the keg (drunk/playful/too far) um, sixteen million other things, being a mom you know? I love her blabbity blah but it’s like hanging out with myself who is ten times more ADHD and zero filter, plus meaner. Mom you’re a bully!

But then true to form she’s also a very effective queen bee and gets people like these in her hive, and I would be just far too shy. She’s clueless too, I forget the pink haired guy’s name I spied him at Circa’s (RIP) opening night once and put him on my blog, but anyway, which one is Stephen cos that’s the guy that emailed me. I love this. Julio died when he saw these and how clueless Tracey the Minx is in a slutty cop costume, I knew this would happen I am machiavellian like that. I LOVE that they are fixing their hair at the same time here. Thanks for finding me my future soul mates mom!

I am being hit on here. Chillax nothing happened. He was a pup. Still got it! Oh and we were party Debbies because 1. open bar 2. I didn’t leave the house all day til quarter to midnight because I am a nocturnal lazy ass blogger, duh. 3. and my mom and lois hate going back to their boring suburban lives and we like to give’r. Mom can I blab the secret about the parking lot garage um, happenings? LOL. Omg teacher says I was black out loaded and slurring I totally lied about how many drinks I had and when I stopped to like, everyone today. Including my taxi driver. HAhahaha. I live in a fucking cartoon I know right? Socks are purposely uneven because that’s what Alice would do.

His aunt and Uncle so we weren’t the very last party revellers. I admired her pants earlier on. I love rich people because they wear pants like Eddy Murphy’s Delirious. See. And don’t give a fuh-uh-!

With Charise addition this is so YMCA.

Took me a little bit to get that Lois’ dress was actually legit Queen of hearts barmaidy. I love halloween because it’s the Barbie of slutty outfits.

Guess what guys, Lois is eligible. You have to be screened by Tracey and I though. Keep refreshing as you enjoy this hangover of the fabulous I have about 30 more to add, it’s Fridate blog date with the Minx!

… anne, bad look for you #fireball13 but i relate cos when my eyebrows are @bd_haircare tinted my face looks weird.

Omg I could just scream if my mom gets more gay besties than me. That’s it we are in a fight now. That’s how socialites talk, sorry, tawlk. Lol. Omg I want to be in an F Scott Fitzgerald movie right now. So posh.

OOOH if i wear eyelashes beneath my eyes it will cover my eye bags. Genius.

I like night’s end when the dance floor is clear a bit and you get every song you want played and there’s like a half hour window when you know that you are entitled to do anything you want and the security can’t help but stare at everything you do so then everything becomes brattier but you can’t help yourselves? Times that by 365 days and you have my life I guess.

They arrived before me and my mom called, hissed that all these very nice well dressed people were coming out NOT in costume and they were standing on the corner like floozies bahhaha BURN so I said phewf no way I am wearing “that clown suit” my disney raggedy anne slutty get-up. Also, if I am going to go out the night after an event (that of my own grand spectacle not to mention) I need to seclude myself in my sanctuary chambers all day long and do nothing, be undisturbed in order to conjure up the energy again, if I’m to go out at all. But I was no doubt disturbed all day long (ha don’t even, too easy) so I had to severely fight through the malaise and wont to loaf but Sheena’s Place is a great cause and if I had to party in the name of charity then goddammit I will.

Lois bought a print for charity, I told her to put it up at her restaurant. Her father brought pizza to Canada you know, Hamilton. Her restaurant is a fixture.

Julio and I are in a skeletal race, which is why I shove my arms behind him and Sabrina. Sab is a hot and sought socialite, I likey. Omg Sabzpr I just figured it out lol. I need to go to PR school.

They emailed me before I even went out, my mom made that much of an impression and chatted me up. Apparently behind my back she is super proud of me and talks me up all the time why can’t I be a fly on the wall for those conversational beat-downs instead of all the annoying nagging that I get? Mom tell me their names! They’re in my email I bet but I am afraid to open it cos there’s too many.

Nice photoshop skills mom.

Did you have a good time Sean?

We’re like the Kardashians but better.

I like my mom’s camera cos the flash makes everyone look like a four year old. See the flamingo up there? nice touch. I could reach one on the dance floor and showed off my new party skill to 2 people who barely cared. #FTW!

Mom what unsightly thing did you crop out cos this is a weirdly shaped image?

Wait so this isn’t the Hooker ball?

Hey mom their dress print is like our old couch no wonder you loved them.

That kilt makes me look like a blob. I bought it during a burlesque rehearsal break in kensington market last summer, two summer’s ago last summer (time flies) and then I never wore it.

Luhhhhv them.

Them too. Oh boy.

K it’s done kay thanks bye TGIF!

free falling

This was surreal. Pouring myself some coffee and will be back to rap a few with you kids cos I know you’re jonesing. I am totally Friday exhausted so don’t expect too much.

This is a photo of a photo. I am going to have vertigo nightmares tonight I know it.

Yes I look like shit, but I passed the breathalyzer! ZERO! WHAT???

That’s me out there. Ruling.

First time up EVER. Way to do it, go big or go home, crying.

I have conquered the CN Tower, what else is there to do in this city? I have a DVD of the whole thing so I’ll get that online somehow. Kristy our guide was hilarious and insane, the whole thing is gigantically insane, has to be, you’re on the top of the friggin’ CN TOWER!

Singing in the old bars Swinging with the old stars

Next time in blood.

Ten billion shots and growing i have to meditate before my next fantastic voyage tonight with the cougs and Reagan at the hoxton for the fireball and I am going as sexy alice cos it’s alice in wonderland themed. PUMPED. Tomorrow morning I am walking on the CN Tower so it’s not too late to make a donation so please email me about that I’m pretty disappointed in you Little Raymis with all I do for you here you can’t bloody seem to be able to donate to a good cause, I’m taking money out of my own pocket as well canvasing for donations in person tonight. One day this blog will be subscription based only and you will all be fucked. People (my friends) berate me for not going out to their things or whatever when I’m stretched thin enough, they can’t be bothered to come to my events or give a care about so why should help them?

Wah wah wah 180 photos colleague uploaded I’ll throw more and more up periodically until I bounce on outtie while having some celebratory wine and light salted lays. That is the chick who destroyed my tights ahha.

Meika is my roller derby girlfriend, by the end of the night the psycho derby chicks were all making out it was like whip it man that was a genius addition to the party I had.

All ready for take-off.

Gloves were a nice touch, one reason why we took the jumping into Jasmine’s arms part out because we were so slippery but also because I was laughing too much because to me Jasmine looked like a mortician or hearse driver with that hat and gloves and perfect quaffed Funeral Director hair so morbid I know but that’s where I was.

Yes, you would get more traffic if you did shit like this, but you don’t, so, you don’t.

Glad I threw my nipple pasties on, was gonna go full nipple commando cos I’m the flat one (they call me legs down south lol) but the dress is loose in the bust for me and you can see all inside it when I bend over plus, hello, it’s burlesque duh! Need to get new ones for Saturday OMFG I AM SO EXCITED! I am learning to be sexier and less hyper-active, oldies are hotter so I’m gonna stop trying to do my favourite top 40 hit every month LOL.

I had to change my stockings halfway through the night, so glad I threw that pair in my carry-on. A girl went by me and her hippie purse snagged my fishnets while she kept walking, it was really funny and before that my other thigh hooked on to part of a suitcase zipper hahaha, toast.

It’s really nice to dance with Bunny Angora again too. I think we are bonding and if she goes blonde, we’ll be blonding. That too.

RIP fishnets. You’ll see pics of the cute little culprit once colleague uploads them.

I’m afraid to check my phone and email for all the pics that are rolling in. Overwhelmed. Love it. I live for these days and reason why I blog at all, as much anxiety and nerves, I thrive on it. I love a production and if it’s not a spectacle I want none of it. Last night’s party was the funniest thing ever I am so proud of us, thank you to everyone for coming, taking part, helping organize and get the party running professionally. Bang up job. Yay to the (anti-corporate) underdogs! (Get me a corporate sponsor lol).

Not only am I the flat one, I’m the flasher. I’ve shrunken some more so my underwear is also loose. Once you get thin enough you can start wearing thongs and all kinds of ridiculous experimental stuff and be friends with Kate Moss. I ate half a pizza last night I have no idea how I woke up like a greyhound.

Showin’ the goods.

Poor Teacher, his life must be so rough, all this behind the scenes nudity, wonder what tales make it to his colleagues at lunch today ahhaha.


Just like a wittle baby.

I look wasted.

Yep not a bad day indeed.

It would have looked ridiculous on that ring, sloppy. Maybe we can do it at the Bovine, would have to lose the gloves.

And now I look like a Real Doll. Creepy. Hilarious.

I want to get a nude mesh suit from Miss Behavin or somewhere. I need a sex store sponsor, duuuuh. It’ll happen. raymi@raymitheminx.com

Bunny has a great smile, you wouldn’t know it though ahha. She looks like a young Eileen, my nana kind of funny and probably why I let her get away with bitchy comments directed at me all rehearsal long. I love this kid!

Jasmine is a true gem too. She approached me after my solo at Tattoo Rock bar and said I want to do what you do too and now we’re building a little dancey empire, I’ve brought in Bunny and she’s brought in Red Velvet plus there’s Paddy Cakes. I have to find the business card for that buxom chick who approached me at last Bovine show, oh and if Seska is around she is always welcome on stage too. MINX MUNITIONS is growing.

Oh boy I see colleague has added to flickr.

BRB kittens! What? Where? Lol.

if ya’s missed it

That’s what starstruck looks like.

we’ll be performing it again Halloween style Saturday night with Red Velvet plus many more routines. 9PM Bovine Sex Club 542 Queen street W rsvp and get your name down cos you know it’s going to be slammed.

Helping each other is hot. Shoulda seen us rehearsing in the ring, al the instruments bobbling and bouncing and I have never had more fun than dancing in the ring with the roller derby chicks IN THEIR ROLLERSKATES wile andy milonakis raps. Sean you are a legend for the wrestling ring idea. It was mayhem. Looking over footage now and laughing my head off. BEST NIGHT!

Hot nerd babe girls everywhere.