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I want a spa-nsorship

Happy Halloween! Did I scare you??

I sloshed fake leftover blood on this bridge saturday night and it’s still there and looks crazy scary. King/Atlantic bridge near liberty village. I’ll go take pics in the day, or you can.

Heheheh. I found this in one of four bags of costumes from Haunted Harem and then took it VERY seriously VERY fast.

No drowning on my watch.

I want to go for a double dip but I already have my war paint on so I won’t look Jersey Shore enough at all, and a super single tan isn’t enough for meh but going anyway I think a glow will make me feel relaxed. Paddy gave me this suit thanks love!

Here’s my CJ Parker impression. I practised running on the spot like they did on Big Brother UK. I make a nod to PETA, a higher nice girl voice and that cheesy ecstasy raver hat, and bono shades.

Blog Slave (OG)(original gangster, I need a glossary for the nerds, do I?) and I watched my CN Tower video and he was like O_O. When we were doing this shoot I said now hang out the window and look at the CN Tower, now, look at me, I walked on the top of that shit! I’m fuck’n gangsta.

The house is trashed with girl stuff everywhere. I have to take so many weird pieces of lingerie to the dry cleaners or wash them specially by hand I bet. #stripperproblems. These are Porsche shades. Multi-colour lenses for driving, I wore them to metro last night. We had fun.

Summer time nails.

Doing push-ups sit-ups like Jay Mccray from #BBUK.

I guess I have the nards to wear this tonight. Girls are wearing superhero sexy costumes.

And there’s a bruise on my ass. See that feather, keep or exchange? I worry I will hurt myself but can be used in a dance.

Staying in for a night does me wonders.

Ok dinner and a tan how fab! My bruise is almost gone. I walked in to a table at the Beaver on the night of the delicious food show and fashion week and why are your tables black? So dangerous that is how I almost broke my toe in Montreal at the W. Being paid to party has its dangers.

Except for here I look dead-eyed THAT’S BECAUSE I AM! Haha.

Going to wear my pink scuba watch to keep the summer vibe strong. I wanted to be in New Orleans for today I was secretly going to go but it’s too late.

And my date for tonight is going as Courtney Love! A drag Courtney Love. I went as her last year! Perfect! I’m also going with an uber sexy famous videogamer chick. Ballin’!

The party isn’t upstairs outside at the Thompson apparently so I won’t freeze, I might will wear my teddy costume over this.

I would blog my boob job for fake bewbs. Think about it!

Aerobics moments. I let blog slave off the cleaning hook today cos he was a disaster hangover too, fine.

Ok plans have changed we are making neat spaccati fusili pasta it looks so old school rustic we bought it yesterday and sriracha parmesan tomato sauce mmm I like being a food snob. I’m only having a teeny bit though.

8 thoughts on “I want a spa-nsorship

  1. Yes i really do appreciate the fact you let me skid by on photographer duty today. It is almost impossible to clean when there is a minx prancing around in a red bathing suit. But you are a great hangover cure


  2. happy halloween! :D

    this is random but i gotta say it, you’re an inspiration in a weird way. cause like… it’s cool to see someone who’s all sexy healthy and stuff sometimes, with the energy and whatnot.
    but also knows how to party and NOT be a boring health freak with no personality.

    sometimes i wanna get up and turn my life around and join a gym or something. but i have this irrational fear that it will turn me into some kind of horribly boring person or something.

    when in reality i guess it will just make me hot.
    anyway good job. :D

  3. Thanks megan. The key to success is hard work and determination and saying YES to EVERYTHING! If you don’t do it no one will. Blabbity blah I want to hit the gym more and get my tone back.

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