issa Raymbo vibe

Hey y’all hope you’re a superfan or can stomach a fuck ton of selfies. Both!

This is my David Bowie look. I posted a selfie years ago and an internet buddy responded in kind with a picture of David Bowie doing a dramatic looking off into the distance pose so every time since it comes to mind. Creative collaborators should always be looking over the fence at what the other guy is doing and taking some of that magic back with them.

I bought a new outfit and then we didn’t even go out. We made it downstairs to the bar then the mood passed. Whatever. No hangovers this weekend for it. I really like the green bomber coat I bought too, you’ll have to wait to see that didn’t take any pics of the whole ensemble.

I wish I got the skirt in a smaller size. Oh well. I got the small, I figured an xs would be ostentatious.

Feeling the black and white look.

Brown boots and black do not go I know the rule. I smash it but also I had these black heeled booties beneath my desk at work for a month, suede? I haven’t sprayed them I’m protective of them so they only made it down the road. I’m glad people didn’t dance all over them for sure they’d be toasted.

Someone bought a scale so now I know my number. I am pretty chill about my body these days as in I am fine with being juicy which is a nice and sassy way of saying I am kind of a sexy blob. Curves and all that are acceptably hot now thanks KardASSians. No really. Thank you. But I do miss my bike body and the endorphin rush that it brings and money saving cycle psycho insanity I receive. Last season I didn’t start riding my bike to work until mid-July so only got about that in shape which was pretty good but this season I’m taking my bike out way earlier than that. Let’s meet back here in September and see how much of a turbo-babe I am cool thanks.

It’s a bit big I am hoping once I start wearing it and shrink it mayhaps the sideboob will mellow yellow out. It fits fine as fuck everywhere else tho baleeee that. I got another cute one-piece to round out my collection. The Michael Kors (navy blue) one I got I don’t want it to get destroyed from over-usage and chlorine, kk.

Sometimes life is ruff.

I really like the rainbow filter. I come by the selfie honestly as I kind of started it. Facts. Anyway, filters did not exist back then and just cos I am egocentric doesn’t mean every selfie posted over the years has been stellar so now it’s a new toy to play with. Just cos women age doesn’t mean they age ugly or look ugly every day as an “aged” person. I have been told so many times what am I gonna do when I’m ugly, or lose my looks (I have one colleague/friend who has NO FILTER WHATSOFUCKINGEVER) and I’m like, “will still take selfies”. I picture myself like a quirky Yoko Ono Tori Amos weirdo sort, it’s not just about the beauty, the aged beauty but about the moment and feeling evoked therein, the outfit, the fashion… and as ugly as I may (soon to be/am now) there’s always plenty way more ugly than me. AND. Filters. As previously mentioned.

With the right attitude you really can wear whatever you want. Don’t worry. I get roasted on occasion when necessary. Luckily I am a caricature of a human, “a brand” if you will and I live in Toronto where anyone still playing this late in the game wrought with Peter Pan syndrome really can drag it out as long as they fucking want. Long story short, rock jeans like a ball gown and a ball gown like jeans and you can get away with it. Like the time I wore a bathing suit and daisy dukes at the casino. We went to check on the car where it was parked in the beaches, got in, and just drove. Won a lot of money too. Life is wild…

…basically this is to say that I slept over and all I had was the work shirt from the day before so I needed a shirt to wear lol. It was cold this day and rainy I didn’t have a cardigan or hoodie but I had the Christmas blanket hoarded at my desk which I wore like a wizard cape for a bit. It looked Raymazing.

Had a great time in a fabulous home in Oakchill last weekend with my mom. Thanks Tray! Love you love you love youuuu!

I tweeted everything while there. Marie goes, is that a bowl of diamonds? Yes. It is exactly that.

Julie said this was like looking into my future, this pic of mom and I. Well good. I’ll be a lucky woman if I get to age like me ma’am.

Next time I will make more effort in the clothing I pack. I can make it work but it’s always this thrown together garbage that if I wasn’t so fucking cool would be like who is this idiot? I am glad I bought that pink toque, it stops people in the street and they talk to me. One guy was like PINNNNNNNNNNNNNNK and I just went, “yes” then everyone around us laughed. Shit like that. There are comedians all around us. Embrace them.

Oakville is a special place to me. 1. I was born there. 2. I have hung out everywhere, know so much town gossip and history generations over it’s a nostalgic punch in the face everywhere I go. Like for instance, this used to be the Bearded Collie and when I was little I was practicing my dance moves in here with Sarah and I knocked a waitress’ tray as she went by me. It was a disaster. Then years later it was our watering hole for awhile and many, many, many other embarrassing things happened here okay not many just one that I am too embarrassed to recount for you now for some reason but trust me it was LEGENDARY. The worst. HAHAHAHAa.


A very magical place.

It was cold af.

The champers was flowing.

Gosh this super post just keeps going.

The service was slow, they were slammed so I get it. My order was messed up too. I was chill but enjoyed my table mates complaints about it all. When she walked away after taking our complex order I said wow there is no way she going to remember that? After 3 things my brain shuts off and I have to write it all down.

I said no hash browns. I got em anyway. They are so delicious I had to eat them. We saved some for the birds. I got cold slices of tomatoes later on which I didn’t eat. I said don’t you grill these? She said no as if I was insane. Yes. Because grilled tomatoes as substitute would be impossible…if you only…had…a grill back there.

It’s so easy to fatten up on weekends. Too easy.

Fed the shit hawks and ducks.

Mom wore my cat hat. Also by the way if you need your house painted, let us know.


When I christened myself as Raymi I knew then what I know now that it is the BEST CUTEST NAME IN EXISTENCE AND EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CALLED RAYMI.

My mom has mad fashion style.

Gotta have my pinks

Mom said we look snapped here. Snapped. Nice slang mom.

I didn’t have a bawth here. Should I have?

Corporate whimsy look.

Someone tried to say these cat filters are ugly. Um. This same person is full of shit. Cats are adorable. Illogic really irks me.

Proving a point.

David Bowie emo look. Yes I do work at work this is at the end of the day lol.

Water baby forever.

It’s the bandeau, relax.

Well, thanks for stopping by! Have an excellent Sunday.

I be bloggin

Omg like hi so like, yes, I have not been a good blogger for many, many months and now allow me to explain myself if you’d be so kind.

Recently I have been accused, gently reminded that, I don’t really blog any more. By multiple people.

Do you know how often I hashtag blogger in my Instagram pictures? EVERY TIME.

Here is what I am: a smug writer. A writer who doesn’t write but if you track me through twitter (you should) and Facebook (I mean what is wrong with you?) then you know I AM hella active online. I just fucking OD’d on blogging like 100% toxicity coupled by my perverse level of possessiveness over my privacy these days namely all the mundane things I have coloured the tapestry of my life for you guys with.

Everything seems so significant when stories and experiences pile up between journal-sharing them so it becomes overwhelming.

You can read between lines but also I shouldn’t care what you think and I really don’t it’s just that when I think period this all fucks up, goes to shit.

I made a monologue in my head this morning as I got ready for work about what I would say here then I didn’t have time to blog, no biggie, what’s another day, another afternoon, or week at this point?

I went out with Christine last night and this is someone who is my peer and writes, hustles, sells articles, keeps going and going for it, wrote a book, we even had the same agent and I just sat there, looked at her, listened, listened to her talk to my friend Ken about all her achievements and I felt, not dull not a cliche numbness just an opaque sense of dread because I was one of the writers she glossed over about who *might be better writers* but don’t hustle (her words not mine not insulting her so calm yourselves meow) and I think it was the last straw to finally turn the other cheek and update my blog. I mean SEO purposes aside, I take great pleasure in this. It has helped me in so many ways to talk about myself like crazy for fucking ever and so many people just GET IT so why am I choking the source?

Well, I gave Christine a billion excuses each one stupider than the last, just kidding, all valid but not real reasons.

I need to be happy.

I require a muse.

Too many people are watching me.

I’m tired.

My brain is swiss cheese.

I’m lazy.

I lack motivation.

And then, more darker reasons…

but anyway SEE I said it and I’m still standing so on with it. I pay for this frigging thing so I may as well exercise it and by golly might even REVAMP RTM so we can all give a fuck again and I’ll stop throwing my talent in the garbage and make hay while the sun shines you feeling me now?

The super post is what drains me. I need to learn to do the short and sweet blog posts so I’m not holding my breath typing like a damn monkey for hours, photo, caption, blathering caption, run-on sentence divulging every thought, feeling, opinion, food I ate, hoodrat thing I did, and so on so forth although everyone loves it. Sometimes, less really is more.

And, I still have the plan to make a podcast so you can get more of a sense of how crazily talented, sharp, and funny I am IRL I feel it translates a lot quicker than the written word which I do love it’s just my dream to combine the two okay? Okay.

I have to grab my laundry now and throw it in the dryer but this has been great thanks for listening ttyl xo your pal raymi always and forever!