Stop Staring Start Caring

I’ve been watching a lot of movies the last week. Period pieces depicting women with face. I don’t know if I am just a sucker for enchantment and turmoil suffered by that of a pretty face or if I am just really good at escapism carte blanche that I see myself as being capable of doing anything in life as long as I can make a few people fall in love with me for my face or feel sorry for me because of my face. As long as there is a face there is a way.

I am also re-in love with red lipstick again and luckily had a tube of alarm red revlon (not seen here obvs) in my purse it’s amazing how just that can change your whole perspective, feelings, self esteem.

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Loudawgs lifers now.

You are beautiful.

2 smoked lemon southern teas
. Delicious.

We had three pounds. This is the third pound.

We tucked in to some serious eating I love that my shirt looks like I have a huge stomach. Caring is last season.


ANd the night before.

Went to Sauza sin in the Distillery. Great times. Groovy times. Waiting on those party pics.

When Courtney was done with her costume I took over for her. One man’s trash, is another’s treasure. I am sorry this is how you are finding out I am really a man. Hashtag sorry.

RepTdotO and I. See my tons of effort. It is painful that I have 400 costumes at home. Tonight should be truly interesting then. #poletergeist.

Sergio <3.

Scene change!

Artistical moment.

Band-aid nail polish matchy. I wish my hand looked as nice as this right now haha.

She made us take the streetcar again. It was a nice relaxing time, we had a nice talk.

Tequila party. Hey Jesse.

Oh well, alright.

The servers had amazing painted on masks.

Bro was taking it in to be appraised.

Back to work. Had a decently normal and early night. Feeling well rested but Saturday rainy sleepy. Listening to a Parkdale symphony orchestra of sirens right now slurpin’ on some s-bucks. Fancy dinner party later. Then Poletergeist and right now I must interview my next PBE subject! Check it don’t wreck it, peace Raymensteins.

More ski show minx hi-jinx.


Follow me through the magical trade show. Lots to do and see, people to chat with and the province of Quebec to annoy lol.

No alcohol in this, fine I will drink it anyway. I went through the whole day coasting on coffee pizza and pop, pretty teenagery of me. Raymi Assimilates. It’s actually quite true: Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture: “pop trends are assimilated into the mainstream”.

The boarders all got mad hooked up. Make sure you check it out next year it really was a good way to get jazzed about winter, which I for one NEVER get jazzed about.

I am what you’d call a hype girl ambassadress. Can we put that on my next business card design thanks.

I like this guy’s look. I told him I liked his hat, he was like, sure, thanks. I am a hyper-complimenter when I am shy or nervous so if I compliment something unnecessarily about you, that is why. I like your pen!

My pants blend in with the snowboards.

Make it snow.

Stack of five dollar bills? And before I could say make it rain money he dropped them all over the place lol.

I love Quebec. oh look Bonhomme. Bon-us! LOLLLL.

Glamp it up.


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Rockstar panel notes

So as you know, last Friday I spoke at She’s Connected on the rockstar (without a band) panel. I have notes from it I’m going to transcribe because I have to feed the blog monkey something, right? May as well be this. I spoke last year as well. I find these conferences are great for many reasons. It’s great to know that not one brand in the room will deign to advertise with me and yet here I am speaking to these blogger newbs and telling them how it’s done. Whatever. On with it!


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