More ski show minx hi-jinx.


Follow me through the magical trade show. Lots to do and see, people to chat with and the province of Quebec to annoy lol.

No alcohol in this, fine I will drink it anyway. I went through the whole day coasting on coffee pizza and pop, pretty teenagery of me. Raymi Assimilates. It’s actually quite true: Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture: “pop trends are assimilated into the mainstream”.

The boarders all got mad hooked up. Make sure you check it out next year it really was a good way to get jazzed about winter, which I for one NEVER get jazzed about.

I am what you’d call a hype girl ambassadress. Can we put that on my next business card design thanks.

I like this guy’s look. I told him I liked his hat, he was like, sure, thanks. I am a hyper-complimenter when I am shy or nervous so if I compliment something unnecessarily about you, that is why. I like your pen!

My pants blend in with the snowboards.

Make it snow.

Stack of five dollar bills? And before I could say make it rain money he dropped them all over the place lol.

I love Quebec. oh look Bonhomme. Bon-us! LOLLLL.

Glamp it up.


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All good from the Raymbohood


Round two fight. More Ski show materialssssssssss. There’s just so much. The more you do, the more you hang, the more people like what you do and cover it for/with you, the more it accumulates. Can there be two of me’s yet please? Can I have that diaper wearing monkey Homer has yet thanks? Don’t you love it when bloggers complain? Me three.

I love interactive high-stimulus ish to do. Putting on a hat can stop the world. I didn’t want to mess with my hair too much so I didn’t pull it all the way down over my head. I feel like I know/should know exactly what character this is and from where it originates. There’s just so much beat and the pulse one can actually manage. Complaint numero deux and yes I know that’s not the right saying but you get the idea now dance.

This day was all about pants.

My co-horts for the day. DJ Hussy and Dan the MC. Solid set. It is nice to jive and meet with people who are just as “with it” “down for it” “a character” as you and let the hi-jinx begin. Also, being at a trade show event all weekend long people can get really interesting.

It was just totally awesome. It was a big real deal show, massive. So many vendors, so many people. I did the gauntlet several times and discovered new things all over the place, then every half hour a jib jam competition where I got to engage with the pro-stars, audience. Capital FUN TIMES. This is why I do what I do and love what I do.

The fake snow fights that I started, also fun/ny.

SIIICK. Lots of talent out there. And so young and brave.

All put to tunes that get your adrenaline surging. I am totally one of those crowd hysteria types where I go hyper bananas at the sound of cheering/raging/clapping. I like-it-a-lot. (Forrest Gump voice).


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Oh just some things I had did.

Alright newbs it’s trade show host time.

Going out as painted art was a neat idea I had. People interacted with me all day like we wanted, well, I wanted. Fun social experiment.

Sometimes I go a little bit far with it. #Diva. Give them the Raymi is what I always say.

Colleague just captures these moments and I can’t even recall why or what I am doing. Meh. It makes for good entertainment. I Think? Hello is this thing on.

What’s up Jessica. Plej workin’ with ya. Media Office coffee privileges holla!


Let the raymes begin. Ooh this show was a rush.

SO much adrenaline, tunage, bright colours everywhere, falling snow I had a really good time. Combing the venue, the stalls, the people I met, the looks I got. They hyped me on the mic a lot too, then more people talked to me after that I was in attention-getting pleasure overload.

I got to be her. The girl of my stupid dreams I invented. Don’t get me wrong I’m ubes shy so I ignored a lot of people too blaha. Lots of young shy boys so double-negative passing ships.


Yep there I am again.

The first time I chucked some t-shirts to the crowd my heart was pounding so hard too much attention but I made sure to not throw like a girl and then I went back to holding a snowboard award like a Canadian version of the teen choice awards ahahha it was awesome.

I am very good at just standing around looking extremely eccentric so this was the perfect thing for me to do on Sunday.

Going zen.

Nothing but hi-jinxing around all day :).

Best trick award handling responsibilities. Big times. One kid got sponsored by a brand of some sort who won the whole jib jam comp. Gnarly.

Make way.

Look what I can do. This is how you snowboard, right?

BRB Salad time with Bechnique.

TO BE CONTINUED. More footage here!!!!!!!

Best time ever

Had a magnificent blast yesterday. Trade show addict now. Here’s a few teasers just cos I dig yas. I have a writing deadline to get writ so come back later (or keep refreshing all day why not haha) for more TSS&TS coverage. If you missed it this year, I hope not. It was wild, lots of stimulation abound, perfect for a girl-bro like me. I made a lot of new friends, lots of friendly people and no bar either, not necessary.

We obvi had crazy times with you too!
The pics are so awesome! -my current profile pic MAY possibly be your pic of the moment, stef and I have been all of your wesbite this morning-basically being so unproductive laying here in our onesies. You are hilarious woman! keep the pics coming, do you have facebook?!

Good luck on your article laday!
hugs and kissezzzzz

My onesie best friends keep trying to lure me away to cozy town noooo yes noo yes. No yes no. okay back to work.

Like my new Polar Piece? Course ya do. They were selling like hot cakes. Hot cakes I tell you. Mmm. Hot cakes. Kay bye thank you very much! ME MONDAY LETS DO IT.

Shred the gnar. Righteous.

Pick me some winners

As you know the Toronto Ski, Snowboard & Travel Show will be gracing our fine city next weekend at The Better Living Centre – Exhibition place and it is a perfect opportunity to snag some great discounted snowboard, ski, anything gear because Canada’s largest Ski & Board swap will also be taking place. For Schedule/hours click this link. TSS&TS takes place October 11-14 boasting many things to take in over the weekend while you shop for snowpants. Zach Bussey will be live-podcasting Friday 6PM I believe so be sure to catch him with Meg, ever entertaining!

We’ve also got Daniel of @evolvesnowcamps on deck lending a snow campy vibe for us beginners and likewise the Girls of Summer ski-bootin’ around the Exhibition. I can’t wait. I will be judging the Jib Jam competition on Sunday. I like power, we all know this.

So far I’ve given away 5 pairs of tickets to the following keeners because their zest for winter sport is well-deserved. I have a few pairs left, hint hint, you know what to do. #TorontoSkiShow is the event hashtag, use it well and often, stalk to us there! Stalk to me at the event and see what silly outfit I am wearing. I will have to do some serious glamping homework.

Happy Birthday Papa! You’re a stylish pleasant man I love you. See you at T-Giving dinner tonight :).

So french and groovy widow’s peak. Good hair jeans.

Oh hi mom.

Tracey the Minx will be on the TSS&TS scene too with Lois. Fun times.

That is my uncle. Skiing at night in jeans. I remember every winter he’d do this a lot and take whoever with him, whoever was game at midnight or 2 in the morning. #FamilyRules.

Mom I want to come next time.

What is that an In Living Colour hat? I can tell it’s just reflected weirdly from the flash.

Okay peace. Congratulations.

@misscmissc its my 2nd year learning to snowboard, I need lady gear, not my boyfriends! show me how to be a hill bunny xo #TorontoSkiShow

Congratulations winners! Email me for ticket collection info and ps. The RBC race will be hindering/re-routing traffic during the show down around the CNE/Ex grounds so be prepared for that and react/drive/run/walk accordingly. Here is what it looked like last year. Pumped.