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More ski show minx hi-jinx.


Follow me through the magical trade show. Lots to do and see, people to chat with and the province of Quebec to annoy lol.

No alcohol in this, fine I will drink it anyway. I went through the whole day coasting on coffee pizza and pop, pretty teenagery of me. Raymi Assimilates. It’s actually quite true: Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture: “pop trends are assimilated into the mainstream”.

The boarders all got mad hooked up. Make sure you check it out next year it really was a good way to get jazzed about winter, which I for one NEVER get jazzed about.

I am what you’d call a hype girl ambassadress. Can we put that on my next business card design thanks.

I like this guy’s look. I told him I liked his hat, he was like, sure, thanks. I am a hyper-complimenter when I am shy or nervous so if I compliment something unnecessarily about you, that is why. I like your pen!

My pants blend in with the snowboards.

Make it snow.

Stack of five dollar bills? And before I could say make it rain money he dropped them all over the place lol.

I love Quebec. oh look Bonhomme. Bon-us! LOLLLL.

Glamp it up.


And then a big scary frenchman came over and was like please remove your hat and I guess Bonhomme was comforting me about it. Oh whatever Quebec you have boobs on the telly and my mom was born in Mtl so I am practically your leader.

But it’s nice to get some without hat and not to get perma-hat head for the rest of the day riziiight. Forgot to collect my pictures off their website, whoops.

Meanwhile there is death and gore and nudity sprawled across snowboard after snowboard all throughout the show.

Scoping and loving my pants, writing down for her the name of them.

Shoulda woulda coulda did’na.

I WANT THIS Polar Piece! Didn’t have an xs so I got the one that I got and I wear it all the time.

Oh colleague.

Lookit the swagger on red hoodie. He was pretty good actually.

I guess this is what spazzing out looks like. Like fun!

I convinced them of my awesome and they were like sure Raymi we’ll give you one. Colleague was impressed. Whatever I said worked.

The models Maddie and Stef are my new buddies now too!

See how it spookily zips up over your face like a body bag yikes awesome. Maybe for winter camping.

I’ll be back girls before colleague has to go and we’ll all be in onesies and then we’ll do the trade show gauntlet and mess with people.

Sold those babies like hot cakes.

I should have carried one of these over to Bonhomme for a photo.

How skinny do I look check.

Totally would love to wear those golden boots with these pants. I need golden boots just period, actually. Gold is hot right now.

Booth set-up was pro-star not no mickey mouse pop-up convention. Strobe lights, tunage, great brands. Give’r.

Thank you for reminding me that I was fungry.

Some guy is falling from outer space what, what the hell is going on?

So cool. It WAS super cool having this go on at the same time. A lot of booths had widescreen tvs playing it, experiencing a historical event with a crowd of strangers unifies us. Yeah you better believe I got deep with it. What a moment. Well, many of them. What’s the update? Still falling. Scary. I thought he would burn up in the atmosphere?

These bros were really cool. It usually starts with my pants and my colleague photographer partner in crime and me posing somewhere I am not supposed to be and on-lookers stop and watch. It’s fun.

Addicted to sneaking.

But when you have sneaking privileges it’s not exactly sneaking now is it?

I do what I want until people just let me.”

And as luck would have it, the boys at the top were just setting up to slide down, good timing Raymbo.

Jib Jam judge time.

It’s a miracle!

Lunch time.

No not me, them, ok me, but them too.

That is impressive.

Puh-retty good, pretty good.

Lots of great wipe outs too.

Pretty good invention for those thrill seekers without snow.

Lol colleague.

Okay it’s go time.

Alrighty this is the one.

Oh, my god. Hamming it up much? Maybe I’ll make this my new FB photo. Yes I will. BRB.

I think I just got ten times cuter. Maybe this is the better FB one.OMG look how cute this one is! Someone just pissed me off on Facebook about these so I am for sure wearing it out in public several many times now.

Sam Crenshaw nose and all.

The more the merrier.

Colleague said he liked my new friends. He would.

Alright, this idea isn’t really working lets lift me instead.

And that is how it’s done.

Now we make our move. They let me steal them for a photo opp.

Come to my station now ladies.


So if you just show up in three’s in jogging suit outfits you can get in to anything anywhere ever.

I thought the boarders deserved a little eye candy treat for all their hard work. See how generous I am.

Here I am discovering a second set of pockets. NICE.

A little Beastie Boys homage #RIPMCA

Maybe a little bit of pretend snowboarding too for good measure.

Dopes for life.

These are great poses!

Pleasure working with you.

Look how slimming these things are, I love the fit.

Join us Dan! Finally. Someone notices.

Lets take it one step further now.

Commit commit commit.

Hi just kidding those were not real binoculars!

Alright lets get out of here.


Are you getting this?

Then we found a brother.

I was over-heating like cray so it was time to take my polar piece off. And that’ all folks til next year xoxox.

3 thoughts on “More ski show minx hi-jinx.

  1. Snowboards don’t really get me in the mood for winter, because of the heights and all that. Matt and mountains don’t mix!

    Is Bonhomme an anthropomorphized snowman/lawn gnome? A Lawgnoman if you will?

    That was a great choice for a FB profile picture, not gonna lie!

    And, in conclusion, thanks colleague!!

  2. Bonhomme is the mascot of the province of Quebec, he is a giant snowman and he has a cane that you can pour booze down in to like Quentin Tarantino might/has done.

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