art close finale FINALLY

sass knows the moves to the mean girls jingle bell rock dance, i am like, so, shocked.

old man noel and kristin came!

awww sass.

awwwwwwww some more. i should have taken a picture of fil trying to read it hahaha.

porno sounds massager.

bowie was there.

my new anxiety buddy, well not new but just a new thing we have in common, hurray.

warm-up, i sang four beatles songs too. thanks for humouring that andrew.

the only things matt cares about are socks and shoes.

this moment is brought to you by LIKE A PRAYER just you wait for the video. warning, white chick dance moves. this is so humiliating but sorry totally what happens when like a prayer comes on, even though i requested it. i still love it though. at the end you can see how the gravity of the embarrassing dance situation finally sinks in and i am torn between ending the video or keepin’ on. ending wins.

i was really trying to embody madonna with my moves, her elaine-type shuffle thing then i got insecure and thought maybe people think that’s how i really dance. i have just been informed that the single ladies dance party was too dark on camera. PHEW.

my cousin vic came with an old long time friend of hers i remember them when they were little annoying dweebs that i and her older sister razzed on a ton, crazy to see her all grown up and she’s movin’ around the corner from us.

i was taught how to stripper dance compliments of ali and how to give a lapdance too and then everyone pulled out their stupid cameras and phones so we halted that. my thighs and abs feel really tight now!


andrew’s wife kari totally convinced him on this piece, i think the whole fam is happy about it. thanks guys you’re rather swell.

dan and his lady friend from mtl came out yay and bought me many glasses of wine.

a horny moment in time.

dave could not resist the cigarettes. ps. guess how many times we talked about my smoking rant post last nite, and we as in you guys. ugh. haha.

another reason why i do not smile.

big waitress moment like in a movie i screamed out fifty fuckin’ times. she sang keep on rockin’ in a free world amazingly. knew all the lyrics and everything i still went on up afterward. stupidly.

it was a great time, great great time, even when i was like fuck this lets go home, still great. sorry* if you missed it.

*not sorry.

art show closing party TONITE remember!

COME COME COME COME COME! i have some fresh zits on my chin for you to look at, snakebite zits.

painted it anyway, i’m sure someone will take pity on its fucked up leg, someone who smokes lots of weed and is missing eyeballs perhaps?

butterface is now complete.

i didn’t want to change my blog around today so i could work more on art which actually means yes i want this extra procrastination gift so i let the nerdery convince me of taking the leap today but i at least have come up with some new painting ideas. (in my head) (in the shower) (like half an hour ago) last minute creation has always been my style. give me weeks and weeks to obsess and stress and fear and be uptight over some thing i’m supposed to do and then the nite before/day of i’m sitting on the couch hunched over like a crazy spazz.

wow. disgusting. i’m disgusted. “you” “people” “are” “disgusting” “wild” “animals” “holy” “gross”.

dinner of champions

bailed on the land of talk/bsc concert cos i was too sensitive, fil went with matt, steph and i stayed in to watch bad santa and cried and talked over Elf in entirety haha. like bloodshot eyes crying then took pictures of it, too brutal for your eyes to enjoy, sorry. steph drank a micky of rye (fil says that is equivalent to eight and a half beers) and i had white wine, and zero anxiety hit me at 5am as usual i guess being exhausted from yesterday helped me sleep through it oh and the crying too. then fil came home to steph trying on my lingerie and hiding under the blanket on the couch, he drove to the show so he was not at our level of drunk loud talk laughing. i’m a bit bummed i bailed on it cos modest mouse guy showed up for a few songs but it was a nice bonding experience and we are homebodies so it wasn’t so bad. fil said i wouldn’t have been crabby at the show cos we had VIP passes and there was a section to sit and be away from everybody, oh well thanks for telling me that after the fact. when steph left she was saying funny things i can’t recall and i think she walked into a wall or something in the stairwell shouted IM OK and kept talking to herself as she went down the stairs and said hi to the dude who crashes in our lobby sometimes then i had a nice long deep sleep ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

didn’t even touch the swiss chalet leftovers so i guess i’ll have my rice with chicken sauce gravy for lunch today, ghettotastic!

now all i have to stress about today til tomorrow is art show catching up, did i tell you i have a dude who is going to perform, his name is andrew austin and he does a wicked cover of no diggity LOVE that song. ok i guess i’ll make a stupid flyer to remind you geniuses about tomorrow nite because you need visuals.

raymi’s swag bag

i was told not to open my special bag until i got home for fear of jealous media protest – the suspense oh the suspense. can you tell i got five hours sleep?

no champagne in those guys, sniff.

a wee sluggish.

loved the faeries so much, tons more photos for another day, this is just a teaser post.

fil and i nerded out over this oh you want that corona in a glass or bottle, glass? ok here you go. snicker snicker etc.

smells sooooo nice.

merry christmas skidfanie.

for you sass.

ok more later i’m still supes slow in the head i have to prepare myself for tonite’s stupidity.

date with the nite rockband

success! made it to the one of a kind show and sale after all, mad swag bag hook-ups, i couldn’t eat any of the fancy breakfast specially for us media whores, coffee pleased me just fine as well as some chill pills. it was great meeting people who are really pumped to meet you and your brain and mouth functions are set to zombie, i tried my best. i shall share with you this experience shortly. you must go and experience this for yourself though in real life, many great unique finds and you have til dec 7. i hooked up three geezers with passes, it’s the outing of the year for them, so cute and their daughter’s boss said he went in the 80s on acid ahahha and saw all these buttons with funny faces on ‘em and laughed hysterically with his friend for hours and the stall dude kept them there cos the big acid cafuffle was makin’ sales. good business tip, give someone acid and make them hang around your art stall, yeah that’s totally fail safe, nothing could go wrong because acid is totally predictable.

oh and another success the wine fridge went today wheeeeeeeeeeee!