dinner of champions

bailed on the land of talk/bsc concert cos i was too sensitive, fil went with matt, steph and i stayed in to watch bad santa and cried and talked over Elf in entirety haha. like bloodshot eyes crying then took pictures of it, too brutal for your eyes to enjoy, sorry. steph drank a micky of rye (fil says that is equivalent to eight and a half beers) and i had white wine, and zero anxiety hit me at 5am as usual i guess being exhausted from yesterday helped me sleep through it oh and the crying too. then fil came home to steph trying on my lingerie and hiding under the blanket on the couch, he drove to the show so he was not at our level of drunk loud talk laughing. i’m a bit bummed i bailed on it cos modest mouse guy showed up for a few songs but it was a nice bonding experience and we are homebodies so it wasn’t so bad. fil said i wouldn’t have been crabby at the show cos we had VIP passes and there was a section to sit and be away from everybody, oh well thanks for telling me that after the fact. when steph left she was saying funny things i can’t recall and i think she walked into a wall or something in the stairwell shouted IM OK and kept talking to herself as she went down the stairs and said hi to the dude who crashes in our lobby sometimes then i had a nice long deep sleep ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

didn’t even touch the swiss chalet leftovers so i guess i’ll have my rice with chicken sauce gravy for lunch today, ghettotastic!

now all i have to stress about today til tomorrow is art show catching up, did i tell you i have a dude who is going to perform, his name is andrew austin and he does a wicked cover of no diggity LOVE that song. ok i guess i’ll make a stupid flyer to remind you geniuses about tomorrow nite because you need visuals.