fil and i had a fancy dinner in port credit. we ate elk and duck and ostrich i think and bull as well. the elk was fuckin smoked and i felt like i was eating a fresh human’s organ or something. ik. i tried to ruin everything by bringing up a sensitive issue. when the waitress brought us our wine and showed us the bottle like they do in fancy joints i wanted to make a comment like oh how nice but all i could think of was OH HOW PRETENTIOUS so i didn’t say anything.

like alcoholics give a fuck about what their bottles of wine look like.


we rented house of wax and are about to watch it so be sure to tune in tomorrow folks for my full amazingly intelligent synopsis of it.

paris hilton, what a star!

when i am done showering i take all of the hairs that have fallen out of my head and stick them on the wall because it drives fil crazy and sometimes i even spell his name with my hair because i am a romantic.

i watched million dollar baby this afternoon and i’d like to give a special shout out YOU ARE RETARDED to every person who told me that was a good movie. ??? uh, i didn’t cry once, everyone in that movie talks stupid and really quietly so i didn’t get that she was paralyzed ’til like 20 minutes after she told morgan freeman that she was. when clint eastwood euthanizes her she doesn’t say goodbye or i love you and neither does he, i was expecting some big holy shit that was emotional scene but i didn’t get it.

if you want me to ruin the ending of any other movie you are planning to see just let me know.

be prepared to see five-hundred fotos of me wearing that fuckin’ dress.

canzine was awesome. i sat beside the brampton school of arts or something and every hour they got up and did this wheel spinning thing and everyone would yell out WHEEL OF BRAMPTON!!!!! it was funny. brian came all the way from savannah and brought me a bottle of gin and bought a bunch of stuff. thank you everyone for coming out, i’ll probably do it again next year except have more stuff to sell.

happy halloween

oh and it’s me and fil’s 1 year anniversary today. he just called from work and told me that he wouldn’t be offended if i cleaned something, like the bathroom sink. oh that was SO SWEET!


funny cats


i have to buy new shoes today and print out my story. i just want to wear my costume all day long and then everyday after that so i won’t have to wear pants anymore and therefore be having to pull them down to pee and whatnot and then pulling them back up again, SO EXHAUSTING!

i want to see this movie.

ok last time i’m gonna say it, tomorrow is canzine from 1-7pm, go to it, i will be there. i will have a table and i will have art to sell and dear raymi books to sign and a limited number of copies of my second book yet to be in print – MARKETABLE DEPRESSION and i may or may not be wearing my spooooooky costume. so come and see me, don’t be shy.