ok remember i said some stuff about a regular nite gig in Toronto? Well we have an official date now. mark it on yer fucking calendar.

JULY 11, 2002. WET HUSSY NITES in the city – MINX by Raymi – Get wet with Raymi…. or something @ the B-SIDE.

go go dancers hiphopsoulbeatsdj visuals raymi wetness…full details soon

words we don’t really say anymore but should:

teef (meaning to steal – thief sans the ‘th’ sound).

NOT (as in, “i like you. NOT!”)

babe (as in, “what a babe!”)

you wanted more. well here it is. ya pervy ole pervs. sounds too good to be true. but such is the life of genni. nimpho that she is.

i slept a lot this past weekend. and i didn’t watch no fireworks neither. too damn cold. i’ve decided i want one of those miniature doberman pinscher dogs. i will also call it Pinchy. It’s true.

oh yeh. losers posting repetitive insults in my guestbook-thing are a waste of my fucking time so i am terminating the privilege. i also have your IP addresses and i know who each and every one of you are. get lives already.

leafs won last nite. i hung out the side of my dad’s car as we drove down the street so i could fit in with all the other hockeyheads. i screamed all those gay leafs-positive comments too. oh yeh. this fancy site fark.com linked my drunk asshole article. i am getting more and more famous each day. check out the little comments people are making.

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