as usual we got up to no good last night

Found this article and decided to comment. I’ve decided to “play the game”, rather, play pretend like I know what the f- the game even is, or care. I have mad traffic, some bloggers make more money than me, the gloves are off and it’s time to dance. This is my arena, I’ve been coat-tailed to the top and as a friend recently said it was painful silently watching me hand the keys over to the kingdom over the past year I was like awww no WAY!

Here’s my comment:

Eleven years this November is how long I’ve been blogging.

“Bloggers are not typically trained journalists that understand the company/PR firm/reporter news continuum.” Wrong. Fully understand, it’s called shutting up in business and not burning a bridge. Bloggers sound off for no reason at all times for attention and it’s time to grow up.

You do not need 90 days to make an incredible event, it takes 30, choose your top 5 (or 3) influencers who then extend their network force, pay them, mash networks together, treat that project (event/product campaign) like a pyramid scheme until it is completed.

I am actually speaking on a panel in two hours on what a blogger is worth, this article is timely. Thanks!

What is a blogger worth? I have so much to say, I have trimmed it down to bullet points and Katrina said yesterday it’s not like people are going to give their trade secrets away. Oh yeah, why not? You can’t imitate this originator, or can you?


Mom got me these in Vegas. Mom and Lois spoil me, I’ll show you her (lois) tickle trunk treats when I have time. I haven’t seen them since our Rob Ford Dan Aykroyd tag team brap brap!

I love Katrina! She found a hotspot in kitchener called RAYMITHEMINX! That’s a super fan. Hi friend! Kat and I have been yammering away on twitter or my blog I forget (Do you follow me? You should I am psycho on it it’s fun @raymitheminx) the last little bit and it was a pleasure to run into her and learn of her hilarity in person, what a gem. I nicked her a triangle of brie for the road, there were 20 leftovers and all going to charity. She has kids and blabbity blah I am Robin Hood go melt it on some garlic and jam and toast mmmmm.

Snooki glasses.

When I ordered my drink I requested less tart more booze.

Cammi said everyone at her table said I was beautiful so I floated over like an angel and said hi. I liked stalking Cammi’s tweets on the ticker screen and then seeing her three seconds later. Girl got mad style and twitter following get me some-a that! We sashayed down the catwalk together in May. Fierce.

Made Rosana’s night “Thursday night dinner and celeb-spotting @raymitheminx made the night” awww. Also that fine cat is Mark, #SCCTO uhhh this guy: co-founder & Chairman of Social Media Marketing Agency; ShesConnected Multimedia Corp. He just wandered in to the keg where mom lois and I were holding court and we hung out, he taught me a zen speech master trick I am going to implement today. Utterly top secret though. I was in the bathroom washing my hands and Rosana’s gf says, hey, do you, blog? I’m like HELL YES I DO WHERE IS SHE!? Ha then I snuck up to Rosana in a corner and tapped her on the shoulder like something out of Punk’d. It was a good moment. She, like many other little raymis in time of guidance often asks herself, WHAT WOULD RAYMI DO? She also said her and her friends try and decode my tweets when I’m up to mischief. I have sentence dyslexia and a big mouth.

We never stayed at the keg so late but I was bagged, it was nice once the sea of suits mellow out and head back to their homes. Seeing CEOs smashed and smash wine glasses one after another is also totally hilarious, plus the dudes lining up to try out their pick-up lines. I had SCCTO non-partying guilt but I wanted to work on my notes and visit with the girls.

My mom has 200 photos and is taking her sweet princessy ass time in uploading them so you will have to wait. I’d have had them up already if it were my camera, which I didn’t take cos I assumed colleague blabbity blahhhhh.

Argentinian chicks.

One for me and one for me it would be awesome if molson could sponsor raymitheminx tv. I feel like every ridiculous publicity stunt i’ve engaged in the past has been an insane waste of time for not filming it, and i am not saying that in a phoney delusions of grandeur everything I say is comedy type way (even though it is and i am a professional entertainer) but, it’s just more fun, that tv thing. I want a video blog. The options agreement to my life rights is expired so I’m a free agent now.


I always fly Harth Air

We have roller girls on the bill now too. Check out Jazmin’s Solo from our last gig at The Bovine.



We do weddings. You’d be surprised how many receptions request live entertainment now, and in front of the kids too, so exotic and progressive.

Bunny and I danced together with the Harlettes. yes that is similar to Harth Airlettes. The Harth boys are to blame, coincidentalish name, so we’re called harth air (air is sharper than airway) and I had to add something dancey to it so you’d know we were flight attendants. If you had a better idea than “lettes” you should have spoken up.

Maybe I can fly Harth to Germany cos I’m big in Düsseldorf! look!


I’m Robin from Germany.

A few friends of mine and me are running a Hardcore music print fanzine. The main content is hardcore related but we even have metal, emo(core), a bit rock and other stuff. Besides this we are reporting about environmental topics and lifestyle.

We even have a huge online community and seperated mens only and girls only.
In the girls only area your blog has been linked from time to time.

So I thought, why not to do an Interview with you.
I don’t really have a script right now, but I think it might be interesting for some of the people down here about how your blog went that big and especially the person behind all this.

if you like that Idea. please hit me back


Robin Outspoken

Düsseldorf in Germany


I Have been dying of curiosity about what they are all saying about me over on that forum, getting traffic to tumblr and like bananas. Guten Tag! Can’t wait!

Wonder if my Gulag had anything to do with it too. I’ll blog a video of Jasmine Valentine’s burlesque performance from SO LONG SUMMER up here in a moment along with more photos of the HARTH HIVE. Sean said they spoke to ANDY MILONAKIS for twenty minutes yesterday and I can’t spoil anything else. I can’t believe this is happening. I am going to take the boys to yuk yuk’s next week for a night out VIP RAYMI style. I must convince Alkarim to allow me to groom/exploit him more, he’s our Jeff Goldblum! The entire Harth cast of characters are a dream. What’s next, toadstool hallucinogens with Joe Rogan? PROBABLY!

This was the day I taught them all the meaning of respect.

That’s something our Uncle John used to say to us as kids and hold us upside down at our grandparents. He’s a genius, can write symphonies, writes symphonies, right?

EARLY BIRD HARTH FEST TICKET SPECIAL 1. You will have to pay extra at the door 2. That will suck for you 3. email for MEDIA* GUEST LIST ONLY. *influencers too.

Speaking of androidTO I have been full on functioning like a robot the past two weeks, one massive project attention after another, after another, I feel like my brain is being rewired from workload expansion to the large variety in the types of projects ranging from music, tech, burlesque, blog, tv, charity, green conscious, foodie, blogvertorial, public speaking, pitch writing, parties BOOM. A hater said recently that I just flounce around and say that is work. HA I wish. From sun-up to well past sun down I am go go go, not to mention documenting it all then blogging it, covering, sharing. It gets exhausting.

Someone said I should be an Iron Fist model. He’s a BMX bike guy so he would know. I told him to write to them and say any lie necessary.

Wanted to eat at nunu yesterday but they were closed so we went to the beac. that place is such a cave, like the raven, my earrings, and poem.

Prosecco is too sweet for me.

While I blogged in Burnoutington, Teacher picked up candles from JYSK. He said it’s like ikea and home outfitters. He bought cushions and tea towels too. YAY NEW STUFF HOUSE PRESENTS!

Hat head day.

Bye for real now!




Anyway brb after Stella and I go on a thinking cruise together.

Froyo Love Froyo Love i would give the stars above

Yesterday She Does the City Maven Jen and I had a trip to fantasy treat world to catch up on life and plough through buckets of Yogurty’s while posing as inconspicuous celebrities in the Froyo Cafeteria and I wanted to check out the newest location at Bathurst and Eglinton. These places are multiplying :) hot diggity.

Now lemme show ya how it’s done I’m a regular and, you may recall I’ve treated myself to some Yogurty’s before. I am a Yogurtease through and through.

I left half my makeup at my dad’s so Jen and I had to share. I don’t think she was clued in that this would be an invasive Rodeo Drive-by paparazzi yogurt spree.

I love their branding. Ha ha in my emails to Jen about Yogurty’s as I was selling them to her I was like, Heck, their website design is miles better than come along and see for yourself.

Heheh nice and candid, she’s like, where am I? Heaven, Jen.

I like this futuristic Hello Kitty Jetson’s Cafeteria. Kids these days sure are lucky and luckily I am never planning on growing up. Also I look like a banshee ghost sleep walking in a nightgown or a crazy eccentric lady from the annex. Plus a wizard. Did you get all of that?

I got espresso and wafer flavoured yogurt, topped with cookie dough cubes and cheesecake cubes, some crazy white blobules, strawberries, white chocolate shavings, caramel sauce. Last time I tried to be as healthy as possible. This time? Not a chance.

And for dessert I had Burger King.

Red velvet, ooh. Also the name of one of our new dancers.

This time we filled 3 tubs for the same weight/price as TWO during the last visit. Coming out to about $20. Decent.

Our paparazzi joiner’s meal cooked by cheflette Raymbo Bright. You will eat it and you will like it and you won’t die cos I made sure not to put anything peanut-related and it’s all kosher too in case you have cultural allergies ;).

Appears as though I transferred all the topping’s weight over to my tub. I was going for aesthetics and building a princess sugar mountain.

Jen and I were competing for the best looking Yogurty’s design. She just didn’t know she was in a secret challenge.

This made my day. Happy place indeed.

Classy stylish Willy Wonka of the future, right meow!

No two cups will ever be identical, like snowflakes, full of white chocolate. Quite the indulgence. Looking forward to taking my niece and Mary Lynne to the Burlington location, future Little Raymis that they are.

Didja know that Jen has like 5 sisters, 4? Millions of girl cousins too, they’re all kooky, hip, sweet and endearing then add all the SDTC cult crew of girls and that’s one strong urban female force yeah? Jen and I have been buddies for almost a decade. She’ll be sitting at the head table for my last supper portrait someday hahaa. How funny and fast is that idea going to be ripped off, not like everyone has ripped it off tons already. (Just remember that I said it here first).

I had just pumped chocolate fudge onto paparazzi’s Mt. Froyo.

Ok I don’t feel so bad now, Jen added gummy worms to her dinner. What is this Elf? That’s not food ahaha remember the smarties in the spaghetti? That movie just gets more hilarious with age.

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.

First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.

And of course I notoriously love when he yells out I PAINTED A PICTURE OF A BUTTERFLY! on the phone. Ok back to reality now, Raymiality.

Dear Diary, I have found a new replacement for men today and it is called Yogurty’s. Love, ALL WOMEN.

I was just going to take back my previous silly joke but then I looked at a picture of the following.

And then we prepared to tuck in.

I performed a holy feminist voodoo food courtesy sparkle blog princess prayer of thanks and we were off. Heaven on BB UK is totally out to lunch and gives thanks to the stars and egyptian god of the sun and other ridiculous stuff, Teacher says she is saying AMON-RA which no one has chanted in over 4000 years. THE SUN KING! I LOVE REALITY TV. I think Raymiality TV is just as niche/neat sounding as Raymitheminx TV, yeah?

Wizard humour. LOVE MY BLINGY Butterfly. That’s two butterfly references now.

The paparazzi said Jen had an aristocratic thing going on. She has a nice smile too.

We gossiped up a storm, talked shop, and toasted cups to our excellence. We are lifers.

I guess blogs are a kind of sentence in a way, I am sentenced to life. Could write sentences for life, omg I tricked myself into this. Do you like my earrings? I wanted to match Yogurty’s. I’m a fan girl. Ps. @yogurtys on twitter. They’re ramping up a sweepstakes Ipad contest this Saturday all you gotta do is LIKE them on Facebook and you’re entered but I don’t want you to do that because I want to win it ;).

The quality of toppings are top-notch. Shavings of chocolate, actual shavings not splinters of chintzy stuff. Oodles of flavour in everything also it’s neat how the strawberries turn frozen throughout your eating experience from contact with the yogurt. I notice everything because I am obsessive like that I am like a Hello Kitty Woody Allen. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LOVE ME.

Blaha I forgot to ask Jen what she thought about this yogurt, I think the empty tub was enough plus I was too conceited about how I had decorated mine with the utmost of deliciousness. Yes my competitiveness is exhausting, no there is no off button. Maybe for Ten thousand dollars I would go away for a month.

Next time I am hiring a hair and makeup team and not forgetting where I am. It’s hard though cos you are lulled into a dessert reverie and it feels like bubblegum therapy.

I liked that kid’s ride. Refrained from sitting in it.

I obsessed about these I passed on buying in Miami but then the same jewelry store was in San Diego so I got a chance of redemption. I blew $100 there and got a lot of stuff.

Cool attracts cool.

It’s easy to pretend to be listening to your girlfriend with diva shades on and a spoon in your mouth. Perf Girl’s night out Homebase.

Or a setting for a hilarious heist chick flick.

On your way out don’t forget to pose by their built-in red carpet back-drop.

I propose a contest for facebook for best customer catwalk. Win a Yogurty’s party.

Actually, no contest. We win.

I was copying Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory licking the snozzberry wallpaper. (Please don’t lick the walls of any Yogurty’s establishments, thank you).

Was just searching for blueberry properties (I know that schisandra berries are a super fruit according to my cleanse coach jeannette) on the internet then got seriously bored (buzzkilled) by wikipedia and still didn’t figure it out BUT I learned this interesting tidbit: Canadian exports of blueberries in 2007 were C$323 million, the largest fruit crop produced nationally, occupying more than half of all Canadian fruit acreage.

Um how much do you want to eat an Oreo cookie with fluorescent yellow icing the size of my head right now?

Just let me pick you up it will be a good idea I swear!

Next time, ball gowns and a new location. XOXO

ps. blog title is a play on FOR YOUR LOVE By the Yardbirds. I was a mod back in the mod club days in Toronto, but I was too cool to admit it. We’d dance to Mark Holmes’ (platinum blonde) spinning for your love (It’s just nice that the yardbirds post-humously endorse froyo, thanks guys!), and she’s a rainbow, taxman, all the good classic moddy tracks.



I’m doing stand-up here.

That was a hard pose to nail.

Sean can you hurry up and get the issues out.

Ripping off Maxim.

And French Vogue.

Ok au revoir.

Someone f’d with my livelihood today and emailed a client maliciously and LIED about me. Is that wrong? What do you think of that? A TROLL. Someone not in the real world at all, a hater reader stalker liar! I am in shock still. Disgusted and helpless. Do you think me using my body in business warrants a witch hunt? I don’t care what you say that is at the very root of every raymi whiner’s issue. I work my balls off. I have integrity. Deigning to go so far as that is disgusting. Like Eyeborg said, in life when I am dealt a bad hand I just play better. Thank you for lighting a fire under my ass. I am talking at on friday at 1.45PM: MORE INFO HERE come witness my Jerry Maguire mission statement moment of insanity in time and get a sampling of my legacy. MOM & LOIS REGISTER HERE.

Also there is the Harth fest android TO after party that Jazmin Valentine and I are hostessing as Harth Airlettes with Andy Milonakis OCTOBER 26 7 PM: EARLY BIRD PRE-PURCHASE (DEM BITCHES BE CHEAPER) TICKET LINK UP IN HIZZLE: HERE.